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Gaurangi Mishra

Abstract Classics Inspirational

Shit Gets Old

Shit Gets Old

1 min

Being a girl is not at all easy.

 She has to face a lot of stuff, rather ill-stuff since the day she got born.

 Either they kill her or if they let her live, they never are placed equally.

 Equality still remains on paper and not in practice.

She plays all her roles with love, affection, and gratitude; be it a daughter, sister, lover, mother.

The anti-feminist society can never weigh the pain and harassment she had to go through in her life.

Sometimes it just becomes hard to even breathe

Girls are usually not considered as an asset, rather a liability.

She is harassed, raped, molested and slut-shamed by all different kinds of sick minded people.

Still she never complains, she knows how to sacrifice and for whom!!

Salute to all those women out there.

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