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Somewhere in a place unknown, in a place where the air lingers of death and the spirits come alive, in a place where gravestones turn into scary gargoyles and fear lurks in every corner. In a place where bodies lie rotten, This place had a regular visitor.


Like every introverted person, Rick was busy in his own world while munching onto his chocolate bar. Jessica having a crush on Rick always clung to him.

"Can we please talk about your secret place!?" She exclaimed nervously.

"Oh yeah sure. But promise you would keep it a 'secret' okay shhhh!!!" replied Rick with a very soft voice.

She nodded earnestly.

"My secret place is a dark area. You would definitely get scared to even step inside. It has headstones that look scary. I have bats with red eyes flying around. I hear evil laughs sometimes, Although I visit it everyday." Rick explained.

"Oh!! Even I have one secret place you know. It is-----" she stops abruptly as the bell rings and Rick rushes to the class waving her goodbye before she completes.


That night Rick is preparing himself to sleep. He arranges his headstones shaped penstands, he switches the bat lamp light on and the tubelights off and sets the alarm on 'Witch's Laugh' tune for the morning.

In a few minutes after he had settled in his sleep, Jessica pounces on him in the dark with a knife in her hand. "I'll take you to my secret place, shhhhhhhh."

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