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What Is Real?

What Is Real?

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"Welcome to our special ward madam. Basically our patients who have critical conditions stay here." Devi, the ward boy of the hospital patiently greeted Reporter Anita to show her around. Anita is a Reporter from Prothom Alo. She is here to write a documentary on the hospital premises and the treatment environment here. Walking through the corridor, she stopped in front of an unusual room and eyed the ward boy to explain to her the situation.


Blood dripping from her nose. A petite hand got the hold of her messy bun. Lips, swollen from the hitting. Eyes widely open with agonizing pain. "Wow, Alik. You really know how to pull out the pain in paintings." Hira pushed him a little with a pleased smile to pat his shoulders. She started walking around to the other paintings while Alik stared at her with a mesmerized look in his face. "Am I dreaming? How can a girl this beautiful go out with me?"


As usual, Sapna sat on the chair with a frustrated face. "Still no job. Hah?" asked Alik. 


-"Don't be sad, man. My life was like that. Everything will get better, I promise."

"What happened, Srijon? She hasn’t responded to your love yet?" Asked Alik. 

"Aye, leave it, man. Tell us about your new catch. She hot?" asked Srijon. Suddenly Alik blushed and nodded his head. To change the awkward air, he shouted at the maid, Kolpona to bring some coffee for his friends. 

Sipping the coffee, Sapna started with wary eyes, "We are your childhood friends. We know what happened with you when you included Rochona in your life. You can't handle this kind of thing." 

"Yes, sir. Ouff! I still can remember the horror. Be cautious." Kolpona shrieked. Alik felt the urge to slap her summoning all his might. "Shut up! You bloody fool. Leave my room right now." 

Alik took a little moment to pace himself. Then he turned to Srijon and Sapna. "Listen, you know, sometimes you just click with someone and everything falls in the right direction. This has happened to us. Me and Hira."

"Okay. Then let us meet her. Let's see if we can see her or you made her up as you did with Rochona."

"No, she is real. But I think, she's just not ready to meet anyone." Alik clasped his head with his hands in confusion. "Okay, then why hasn’t Kolpona met her yet? She's your maid. At least she should have seen her when she came to see your paintings." Alik was really puzzled now. He could hear the indistinct talking of his friends but couldn’t focus on what they were saying. Hesitantly, he decided what he must do to make his friends believe. 


"Hira! Hira! Open the door." Alik knocked the doors incessantly. 

"See, no one's here. Again this imaginary friend. Oh my God, Alik. What will we do with you!", there's tension in Srijon's voice.

" Wait, she must be in the shower. I have a spare key to her house. Let me see." Alik emphasized. He opened the door. He felt someone just rushed behind him from the door. However, he was excited to introduce his friends to her.

"There you are Hira! Meet my friends. This is Sapna and Srijon. My childhood friends." Alik found her in the balcony with airpods on.

"Where is she? I'm not seeing anyone except for the cactus in the railing. Or are you dating a cactus now?" pinched Sapna. 

"Ah! Sapna. Stop toying with me. This is Hira. My girlfriend. Look, Srijon! At least, you tell me you can see her."

"Hira, see, these are my only friends. They are a little bit skeptical about your existence. Haha!"

"What? Who are you talking about? Who're your friends? There's literally no one here except you and me." Hira shouted looking around.

"I mean, please stop. Don't play with me guys. You..."

"Stop this nonsense. There's no Hira. Nobody can see her. Stop making imaginary friends, you duffer."

"Honey, don't screw with me. I'm Hira. Oh my God. I'm real. Here, touch me."

Suddenly, The voices all at once started talking. Everything got blurry. Sweat rolled over Alik's forehead. His panic attacks started to get real bad. He couldn’t handle the voices, the shouts, the revolving images of the house. He saw a knife on the fruit bowl and picked it up. Then everything around him started dancing, the images of the house started swirling around him, and then it got darker. He lost his consciousness. 


"After waking up, he saw the whistling police jeeps standing outside the house and the dead body of Hira lying beside him. Nothing else. In the court, he said that there were two of his friends. But no other body was found. There was no motive or evidence of other people's involvement. His description of the events and psychotic behavior insisted the court to think that something's not normal. His options were either jail or a mental asylum. So here he is." The ward boy took a deep breath. "After consulting the psychiatrist, he revealed he had one maid too. But nobody has seen her not even the neighbors." He added. " The doctors have diagnosed him with multiple personality disorder. From his childhood to adulthood, he worked as a servant and brutally treated (Kolpona); then for a while, he was unemployed (Sapna) and before falling in love with Hira, he was rejected and insulted by a girl in his college life (Srijon). So, maybe he had strong frustration towards those feelings and each of the memory created a personality inside his mind." Devi finished his story of the famous patient of this mental hospital with a sigh. Everyone, here, knows his story in too many details. 

Anita looked sadly at the tiny bed and held one of the bars of Alik's window. Suddenly, the man behind the bars clasped her hands tightly and whispered, "You won't understand madam. A great deal of cacophony is here." Alik pointed a finger to his head. Seeing the frightened face, Devi pushed Anita and said her to leave. 

Then Devi fixed his eyes to the patient and thought, "God knows whether you act real hard to make everything a drama or this is your illness." A little smirk appeared and vanished all at once in Alik's face. The smirk struck Devi but he couldn’t figure out whether it was casual or something else! 

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