Quest For Friendship

Quest For Friendship

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I carried on with my quest. I kept questioning people give the answer but to no avail I couldn't find what exactly I was looking for. The meaning of friendship. I am Sandhya. An amateur photographer and a budding author. I was looking for inspiration for my first book; amongst my friend circle and family. Once I was strolling through Nana Nani park, a pleasant place where I had enjoyed my childhood years. The monkey bar was as usual surrounded by kids, the slide was a topic of argument for the kids as everyone wanted to go first, the sandbox was filled with toddlers weaving their imagination into sand; but at the see-saw I observed a child sitting alone.

"Why aren't you playing with others?? I approached him.

"Didi, my best friend is at home today. So I cannot play with anyone until he come." He replied stubbornly. I was amused by his faulty language as well as by his loyalty towards his best friend. I asked him what is a best friend.

"Didi l,you don't even know that much? How did you grow so tall then? Best friend is Aayush. Aayush is caring and always plays with me and he always tells me about his day." Just then Aayush came running towards him. "Sorry sorry I am late." The kid greeted his best friend very heartily. I requested them to pose together for a picture. Pretty impressed by the kid's perspective on a best friend; I bid them goodbye and went my way. I jotted down his sentences and thought to myself how simple was the definition of a best friend to a kid;without any selfish motives. All you had to do is be affectionate towards your friend.

Walking on the jogging track I saw two girls sitting on a bench. I politely sat beside and asked, " Are you both best friends?"

"Who us?? Well we aren't just best friends. We are family." One of them replied beamingly.

"Of course we are the best of friends. Who else would I torture for fun if she won't be there?" said the other girl teasingly while elbowing her friend.

I told them about my quest. It happened to be that they were sisters. Sisters by blood. A five year gap between them didn't make much difference in their life. 'Having a best friend doesn't mean you need someone from your school, college or workplace, everything you need starts from home.' quoted one of the girl. I took a pic of them and returned to my jog again.

These two hadn't met somewhere out of house. They were real family. Friendship to them meant being with each other and being there for each other irrespective of the age barrier. This was also noted down by me.

I was tired after a 15 min jog and sat near the fountain for rest. Two teenagers were sitting parallel to me. I approached them for the same query.

Pulling the guy's cheek the girl sweetly said, "This idiot over here has been my best friend since 7 years. We have been friends since childhood and now my teenage years,he is the only one whom I can open up my heart to without any hesitation, and..."

Interrupting her, the guy continued "Not only could I open my heart to her but also could trust her in all matters. Be it the smallest or the biggest things happening in my life. That's all what a best friend means to me."

All three of us smiled broadly at each other. They posed for a pic together and bid me adieu. I found those two really cute. They had found a true friend and love in each other. I wrote in my notebook, 'Before a relationship it is important to become friends. Friendship is dependant on trust and respect. It is a warm feeling which makes you feel important. Friendship is a strong bond of love and care.'

It was almost late evening when I decided to return home. While returning back I saw a group of old men laughing at the corner of the park. Their toothless mouths couldn't take away their beautiful smiles and laughs. I mannerly made a conversation with them about the answer I was hunting.

"Are beta dosti ka toh kuch nahi kehna hota hai. Ek dost woh jo Veeru ki tarah jaan kurbaan karde aur ek dost woh jo Bisaan ki tarah puri zindagi aapke naam karde." (Referring to classic India cinema movies Sholey and Yaarana) "Friendship cannot be defined by how much you talk or spend time with each other my dear. Me and Chauhan here were batch mates in college. After college all of us got busy in our life's need swaying to wherever our destiny blew us; after years now I met him and after all this time we haven't changed at all."

All the elderly had similar stories on their lives, on how they couldn't spend a lot of time with their fellow companions but still their feelings of friendship remaining constant with the changing times.

Maybe during that generation, due to lack of technology people were connected by hearts and not by social media sites like we all are today. I was touched by their warmth of 'true friendship' and felt the void of today's 'virtual friendship.'

I reached home after what I thought was a really productive day.

"Hello my humble subjects and Queen could you kindly serve me tea? The king has finally returned from battle." My father joked as soon as he entered home.

"A Queen doesn't listen to orders. Provided God always help those who help themselves." Mom replied back with a tinge of sarcasm in her voice. One more element of friendship appeared before me. Within the bond of marriage resides two friends trying understand each other better.

At the fall of night, the sleepless me scribbled and scrabbled in my notebook.. pages by pages... Writing down earnestly as much as I could. At almost 2:30 am I was done with the final script. 'Friendship through the years.' was the title. (I wrote about a boy and his friends. I made sure I moulded the story in such a way that all the stories I heard from others had made an appearance.

I started with)

'Friends are people-whom you count on.

Friends are people- who believe in you.

Friends are people- who love you from all their heart.

Be it a small kid to a grown up being, a cute puppy or a ferocious lion, everyone shares friendship with their fellow companions.

Why doesn't the flower resist when the bee sucks all it's nectar? It is because friendship is also about sacrifice. It's it about how much you want the other person to be happy. So a message to all my dear readers -Friendship is as precious as gold. Learn to value it in every fold.'

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