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Death's Diary

Death's Diary

3 mins

'Does everyone know that feeling when nothing seems to be going right? All you want is to be alone in a dense forest or a distant place with your dog. You feel so complicated about anything and everything going on.You want it all to go away but still nothing changes. It's similar to the situation-What if you fall in love with someone become really close to them at the beginning but slowly they start to fade away from the deep chambers of your heart and all the emotions start to seem void. You seek solace and quietness. A new something feels like the only ray of hope to escape the small world you yourself created.'

That's what Suhana wrote that day. That fateful day. To me it was more like figuring out a puzzle than reading a note. In the hustle bustle of the Mumbai city, a small, shrill voice seeking comfort would hardly be heard. That's the sad reality of the world today. No one really understands the battles other people fight before showing a every smiling face.

Suhana, a 27 year old software engineer was hardly happy those days. She was trying to escape all the demons around and inside her. They were gobbling up her confidence, her self esteem and most importantly her happiness. The harsh thing is that she asked for help, but all she got was taunts and fake considerate behavior. Tired of all this she finally wrote that note. I was pretty confused that should I knock her door or just ignore her like I did with the young cancer victim who had a firm mind filled with zeal.

Suhana was always bubbling with energy and enthusiasm. I couldn't even linger around her because of her good vibes,But maybe our friendship was meant to be. Her life was perfect, a life that anyone would desire. A huge house, good job with fat money, beauty or whatever. You name a privilege, Suhana had it. But somewhere along the line in this journey of life, poor Suhana didn't seem to find ease in anything. I wondered how loneliness crept up to her.

"You see I am not someone who likes to lurk in the shadows but someone who gradually approaches a person and stays with them for a while until they have a change of mind or a meeting with you." Loneliness replied. I was shocked by the bitter truth in his reply, finally I learned that how some of my friends including Suhana had traces of loneliness left behind.

Suhana was a warrior I must say. She put up a good fight before finally coming to me. Her friends had loneliness too, if only luck and positivity would be walking besides, they would connect and understand each other. They would be happy. Then... I would have never met her.

I wish that people in this world would talk to each other, not like annoying chatterboxes, Oh no! But like real listeners, act like strong support systems for their near and dear ones, be a human with a pure, caring heart who is a boon for everyone he knows.

I wish for people to not put their ego as an obstacle on the road of their relationships.

I wish they have positivity and encouragement to always hold their hand and guide them.

I wish for them to have unbreakable deep bonds of friendship and love.

I wish for them to celebrate the gift of life.

And lastly I wish all of them meet me on their destined day and not a mere second before that.

-The Grim Reaper

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