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Sayandipa সায়নদীপা

Horror Thriller Others


Sayandipa সায়নদীপা

Horror Thriller Others



4 mins 288 4 mins 288

Sugandh is enjoying nature while sitting on the veranda of this government bungalow. The dusk is approaching rapidly. Actually, it’s the typical nature of jungle. Sugandh is very happy today; rather he is feeling proud of himself. Finally, he is able to confirm the deal on behalf of Agarwal Constructions. It was just a week ago when Sugandh came to this bungalow with a special mission. His boss Mr. Vineet Agarwal gave him the challenge to convince the tribal people of this area regarding the benefits of industrialization in this place. Sugandh has taken a week to wash the brains of these innocent tribal people. Actually, it was their leader Manglu whom Sugandh has bribed to convince others. Agarwals wants to open a hotel amidst this beautiful jungle which is surrounded by small hills and fountains. It would be really an amazing tourists’ spot. But the tribal people of this area were preventing them from cutting the trees. However, now the path for the Agarwals is made free of thorns by Sugandh. No one can snatch his promotion this time. Tomorrow labourers will come for the work. “Uff what a relief...!”

“Sir Coffee.”

Sugandh startles at the sudden breakage of silence. Caretaker Batuk is standing in front of him with a mug full of fumed coffee. Batuk is looking depressed.

“Batuk are you okay?” Sugandh asks while taking the mug. Batuk remains silent for few minutes, and then he mumbles, “You are doing wrong sir. You have to pay for this.”


“Even if the tribals did betray to Banwa Devi but her dearest children, her trees will not.”

“What nonsense! How many times I have to tell you not to drink in the evening?”

“I am not drunk. I am warning you with my fullest sense.” Batuk doesn’t wait for Sugandh’s reply. He immediately leaves the place.


Suddenly a strange sound begins to come from the jungle. Sugandh has been preparing to go to bed. But the sound makes him alarmed. What’s the matter! Have those fools changed their mind! No.. It’s cannot be so. I can’t allow anything like this.

Sugandh takes the torch and rushes toward the jungle in hurry. Throughout this whole week he had to take this jungle road for many times, so he knows the road wee. But still, it’s night at jungle. Unbreakable darkness is everywhere. However, Sugandh manages to come to the huge banyan tree of the jungle. Tomorrow the work is going to begin with this one. No, nothing is wrong here. The strange sound has also stopped. Sugandh smiles within himself and turns back to leave; but suddenly his foot get stuck to something and Sugandh fells on his back. He cries in pain.

   Few moments later he manages to get back to himself and he returns to the bungalow. Batuk has noticed him limping from the window, so he immediately rushes to him with first-aid box.

“What happened sir?”

“Nothing to worry about. I was just having a walk after dinner but suddenly I fall on the ground.” Sugandh doesn’t want reveal the actual thing.

“The woods are dangerous at night. You should not have gone out like this.”

“Okay, okay. Can you please check my back? It’s paining.”

No sooner than Sugandh turns around and puts off his shirt Batuk screams in a terrible sound.

“What happened Batuk?”

“What is this sir?”


Batuk controls himself and mumbles, “Your back is injured badly and...”


“So strange... your wound is exactly looking like a sapling.”



“Maa... what are you doing here?’

Sugandh is not expecting his mom at his place by this morning.

“Your colleagues inform me that you are sick, so I have come to visit you.”

“Oh maa, it’s nothing. You should not take the trouble to come here.”

“Shut up. Have you looked yourself in the mirror! You are getting so thinner day by day; I can count your bones now. Have you gone to doctor? It seems like something is sucking the sap from you.”

“What!” Sugandh tries to laugh but his voice does not permit. He stops and turns back to go inside his bedroom.

But suddenly his mother screams in terror, “Oh my God! What’s this reddish wound in your back Sugandh. It seems like a huge banyan tree...”

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