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Oyetunde nasirat Ayoka



Oyetunde nasirat Ayoka


Romantic Short Stories

Romantic Short Stories

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They captured me. They'd finally managed to take me after five long years of trying.

I of course was not willing, after all, they'd only captured me because I'd snuck out to join one of the battles. After one of them managed to knock me out, I suppose my helmet must have come off as well, revealing my true identity.

When I woke, I was being dragged by two Greek soldiers through their camp, the way knew was that they all wore their armor and cheered as I was brought to their leaders tent. It was by far the biggest and most lavish tent, the one where Agamemnon resided.

When we arrived I was shoved to the floor harshly and I growled at them, you see, I was bound at the ankles and wrists and gagged with a coarse cloth. I struggled to stand up only to be pushed down again.

"You will bow to the king!" One soldier snarled at me.

The men in the tent laughed at me and my state of discomfort. In the center was Agamemnon on a grand wood chair that served as a temporary throne of sorts, and all around him sat the other kings, some of whom I could name, such as Odysseus.

"So here we are at last," Agamemnon chuckled as the laughter died down, "finally we are graced with the presence of the great princess of Troy!"

"There were many cheers as he said this, but in less than three seconds they all quieted, and were staring at the entrance of the tent behind me. It was a stare of hatred, respect, and fear, causing to wonder who had just entered.

I heard quiet footsteps walk around the soldiers and me, only to come to a halt mere inches from where I was kneeling. I kept my head down and my long hair fell around me, and was lying on the floor a bit.

Then a calloused hand gently gripped my chin and forced me to look at whoever this mystery man was. And I knew the moment I saw him what his name was. It was the most feared name in all Troy, even my brother Hector flinched at the word.


"What do you think Achilles?" Agamemnon broke the silence.

His shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes fit his overwhelmingly fit body so gorgeously, making it clear that many women bended to his will, making me wonder why he was looking at me in such a soft and sentimental way.

"She's all that I'd hoped for and much more." His voice washed over me in a way it shouldn't making me legs jelly and I was thankful to be on the floor. "Take off the gag, I want to hear her voice."

He let go of my chin and I felt one of the soldiers remove that cursed cloth from around my head. The first thing I did was spit at Agamemnon's feet, which very conveniently hit a bit of Achilles' leg too. The spittle was red with my blood from the corners of my mouth where the gag had worn through the skin.

My action earned me a slap from the soldier that made my already weak body fall to the side with it's force. But from my now cloudy vision I could see Achilles hitting the man so hard he flew back into the tent wall and collapsed to the floor unconscious. He then came to my side and helped me back into my kneeling position for some reason.

Agamemnon ignored the entire exchange and looked at me as though I hadn't spit at him. "Now how is it that a man could ever let a woman, especially one with looks from Aphrodite herself such as you, onto the battlefield?"

"Easy." I rasped. "They didn't know."

"So you tried to do a man's job, and look where it landed you." Grinned one of the kings.

"Actually, I've been fighting for three years now and I have only been captured once with well over two hundred kills per battle. And better yet, I was only injured once." I chuckled smugly, but this only got me more laughs.

"Of course you have princess, and I've got a dinner with your brother Paris tonight at sundown." Agamemnon guffawed rudely.

"It's true. If you don't believe me, ask Achilles here, he's the one who did it." I jerked my head in the direction of the man, which was a stupid move seeing as it got me another headache. He noticeably stiffened when I said that, and it was then that I realized it was only him and Odysseus that had yet to laugh at me.

"Oh really girly, show us then." One of the kings snorted.

Without even hesitating I removed my breastplate with my still bound hands and let it clatter to the floor, and removed my undershirt, revealing not only my chest wrap but also the long scar that went from my left shoulder down to my right hip. The room went silent and I smirked at all of them.

"I remember that actually." Achilles surprised all of us by speaking up. "I had no clue that was you."

"Well it kept me off the field for six months, so I hope you're pleased with yourself." I had actually only just recovered and today had been the first time I'd been fighting again, but my energy was not yet returned, hence why I was so easily captured.

"Put your shirt back on girl, or your husband may get jealous." Agamemnon dismissed my confession with a wave of his hand.

I laughed a dark laugh that made the men of the room shift uncomfortably. "If you know my title surly you know of my morals, I was named after the virgin goddess and I have stayed as she has. I have no husband, nor do I need one."

Now it was time for Agamemnon to chuckle and shake his head at me, as if I was a child who would not learn the lesson. A few more men joined their sounds of amusement with his and I must admit I was slightly confused.

"Dear, Darling, Princess Diana, I'm afraid you are mistaken, you see, I have made a folly with my good friend Achilles, causing him to abandon me and leave from his post on the battlefield. I asked him what I could do to to convince him to return, and do you know what he said?" Agamemnon grinned at me evilly, and suddenly I began to comprehend my predicament.

My blood burned with anger at the Greeks and myself, how could I have been so stupid to not realize the true reason why I was here.

"He said: I will only came back to fight if you will give to me the sister of Hector as my wife, the princess Diana. Why he wanted you I didn't know until I laid eyes on you myself, but a ransom is a ransom, so you are my gift to him. Consider yourself lucky darling, many women would give their lives to be in your position." The wicked king grinned smugly at him.

I growled at them and struggled to my feet only to fall back on side. How dare he give me off like I was his daughter! How dare he capture me! How dare he force me to wed a man who would go on to kill my people!

"I will never be bonded with any greek! Let alone the barbarian!" I retorted as I sat back up.

"Oh but darling you will, after all you mustn't forget, we still have your beloved cousin the priestess with us. It would be a shame to have to kill her as punishment for your defiance." The king mused happily.

That was it, I couldn't fight back. I couldn't do that to my cousin, even if we didn't always see eye to eye, she was family, and now I was responsible for whatever happened to her.

I had been beaten.

And the worst part was that the king knew it. "Now I'm sure you would like to break in your new wife Achilles, I trust you will join us again?" He said it as if he were a father giving his child the richest man in the world and he got all the money.

"A deal is a deal. You have upheld your end and so I will mine." Achilles answered, and before I could do or say anything, he scooped me up in his arms bridal style and began to carry me out of the tent to what I could only guess was to go to his own.

I attempted to put up a fight but I was helpless do to my being bound and all, and beside that I knew I was no match to him. As we walked through the camp hoots and hollers were shouted at Achilles as well as congratulations, and the occasional comment on what a catch I was. But Achilles merely nodded at them, and didn't even slow his pace. Soon we reached the outskirts of camp closest to the beach where a lone tent had been erected. It was distant from the others, but they also served as a barrier between him and any attack Troy could unleash, so he would be the last one they would get to. As much as I loathed to admit it, it was a good tactic, and very clever.

The tent itself was the largest I'd seen so far other than the one we'd just left, and It was also very neat on the inside much to my surprise. There was a desk, dresser, a chair, and a large pile of furs in the corner that must serve as his bed, all together, it was quite cozy, and gave a homey feel to the abode.

Achilles walked over to the furs and placed me down on them, then kneeled in front of me and began removing the tight binds around my wrists and ankles. I rubbed the red and bleeding areas gently to get the blood back in my hands and feet as he walked over to the dresser and brought back a bowl of clean water and a cloth. With expertly cautious hands he began to wash of the blood on the areas, and when he was done with that, he began washing my face, and I let him.

His motions were soothing, and though I kept a stern gaze on him the entire time, I enjoyed it thoroughly. All too soon it was over and he returned the bowl to it's place on the dresser and I began to study him.

Achilles was truly the idea of the perfect soldier, he was close to seven feet tall and was muscled in every sense of the word. Even his back had so many dips and crevices that I(for whatever reason) wanted to trace each and every one. With each movement had made you could see evidence of his grace and agility, but also of his power and strength.

Why had this demi-god asked for me? Chosen me to be the one he wanted to spend his life with, even if I'd never met him? I knew that there were rumors about me all over the Mediterranean, of my beauty and of my value, but for a man like him to believe those without proof and go so far as to capture me, it was unexpected.

"You've had a long day, sleep." His soft but strong voice came through the silence.

"Why?" I asked simply.

He turned to face me with a blank face, and I could tell he knew the meaning of the question. "I saw you when we first landed. I had gone to scope out the the wall, and I saw you looking out at the sea where we were setting up our camp. I knew you were mine the moment I saw your heavenly image leaning on the stone. At first I set about attempting to get to you through sneaking into the city but obviously that was unsuccessful. Then I tried to lure you out, but little did i know you were already out."

Then he looked at me curiously and came closer, "I must ask however, how did you not only hide yourself from the other soldiers, but also explain your absence to your family?"

"Simple, the troops stayed in the city, and when we did go out I said I was going to the temple for a day, or I was helping in the kitchens." I had no idea why I was telling him this, he was my enemy, right?

"And what of your injuries, how did you explain those?" He sat beside me on the furs.

"I faked sickness, and my maid took care of me."

"Clever." He mused, and suddenly I felt his hand lift my chin to make me look at him.

I screwed my eyes shut and refused to look at him, for if I did, I might begin to love him. I knew how these things worked, I'd heard enough stories and read enough books to know this. How would I escape if if I was tied here by love? How could I ever return home?

His deep chuckle at my actions sent chills down my spine, chills that I wish were not there. A moment passed and we remained in the same position, I was about to peek through my lashes before I felt his warm breath on my lips. Before I could react, he was kissing me.

It was short, but sweet, and soon enough he pulled away. My eyes fluttered open and he moved away from me, making me almost miss his presence.

"Rest." He told me in a soft voice. "I will return later with supper."

And he exited the tent, leaving me in a hurricane of emotions.

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