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Upasana Pattanayak

Abstract Children Stories Inspirational


Upasana Pattanayak

Abstract Children Stories Inspirational

Result Of Greed

Result Of Greed

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This is a story of a small town. Dinesh Mithaiwala had a very famous shop in the same city. He used to make very tasty sweets and of various types. Gradually the fame of Dinesh Mithaiwala spread far and wide.

Most of the people started buying sweets from Dinesh's shop. As soon as the income increased, the mind of the sweet seller reached the top of heaven. In order to get more profit, now he started messing in the measurement too.

One day a clever customer came to his shop. He asked for sweets from the sweetheart. While weighing the sweets, Dinesh started showing cleanliness in it too. But the customer was smart. He immediately said, "Weigh it properly brother. There is a disturbance in the weight of the sweet".

Dinesh said, “Sethji, what is there to worry about. Even if there is a slight disturbance in the weight, then it does not matter. You will have to lift a little weight by which you will also suffer less”.

"The demon of greed, who enters the body, makes the person mentally poor." - Upasana Pattanayak.

After listening to Dinesh, the customer decided to teach him a lesson. He took the box of sweets from Dinesh. But while giving the money, he handed over a little less than the actual price to Dinesh.

When Dinesh counted those rupees, he found that the rupee was slightly less than the cost of sweets. He looked at the customer. On this, the customer said to Dinesh, "Yes, I have deliberately given you a little less money so that you have less trouble in counting the money. Just as you thought of my good that I should have less trouble in carrying the weight of the sweets box. In the same way, I also thought of reducing your troubles a bit. That's why I gave less money".

After saying this the customer started laughing very loudly. By that time many people had gathered there. Then the customer narrated the whole incident to the people. Hearing the incident, everyone present there started laughing very loudly. He has lost his own cunning. But the customer left smiling.

"Due to greed, heavy losses have to be suffered in life." - Upasana Pattanayak.

Greed is such a bad quality inside a person, due to which the person remains unhappy throughout the life because a greedy person is always unhappy because of what they do not have. Whereas the wise man tries to fulfill his desires by being happy in what they.

"When greed is born in a person, it destroys his happiness and satisfaction." - Upasana Pattanayak.

"Giving charity is such a quality by which the demerits of greed can be put to an end." -Upasana Pattanayak. 

"One day everyone has to die, greed is of no use. Everything will remain on earth." - Upasana Pattanayak.

Moral - The results of greed are always bad. That is why we should always avoid greed.

"Greed never lets one become satisfied and happy." - Upasana Pattanayak.

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