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Resolving Your Karma

Resolving Your Karma

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When I was working at an online tutoring organization during 2004, one of my colleagues requested me to accompany her to visit a temple which was located on the sub-urban Chennai. I started early from home and reached the place as she told me. When I got down at the bus stop, I enquired someone near the bus stop how to reach that place. They told me that I must walk down the road for fifteen minutes to reach the temple. I started walking down the road and I could not see anyone on the way. I could see casuarina trees planted on the empty land. I walked among green fields and it was an enriching experience after a long time.

Finally, I reached the temple. Here and there, devotees were found worshiping in the temple. I walked around the temple and explored the place. I could see flowering plants like Arabian Jasmine, Hibiscus, Chrysanthemum, Oleander, Champa, red roses, paneer roses, tulasi, vilvam, and other flowers. After sometime, most of the devotees started to go around collecting flowers from the plants and filled the containers kept at the sanctum. They also filled containers with water for abhisekam and milk. Some ladies started to make strings of garlands for the deities. After attending the pooja in all sanctums, devotees finally gathered in the cow-shed where there were cows and calves. That was the first time, I attended a Gho Pooja. I didn't realize the significance of that pooja at that time.

Days later, when I started to read more information about Gho pooja, I realized what I had been missing all through those years. Gho Pooja is a special pooja that could help you eradicate effects of bad karma and get relieved of failures and unhappiness in life.

On Monday giving grass, food, agathi keerai (greens), banana to cow will cleanse us off mathru, pithru dosha.

On Tuesday giving water and food to cow will provide housing and land purchase opportunities. 

On Wednesday giving food to cow will give advancement in professional life.

On Thursday giving rice porridge to cow will remove purva jenma dosha. 

On Friday doing cow pooja will shower us with the blessings of Sri Mahalakshmi.

On Saturday giving grass and agathi keerai (greens) to cow will remove us from the shackles of poverty.

On Thuvathisi worshipping cow and giving food will provide punya of annathanam (offering food) to 1000 people.

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