Perfect Partner(s)

Perfect Partner(s)

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Night it is,

Bit darker than ever,

Maybe it's just because of clouds,

Or maybe there is something else.

Moonlight is little dim, 

Moon just turned a little bit more gray. 

I, the lone wolf, was known as a mad lover once, 

Sitting alone on the ground, under the marvelous sky, at the horizon, 

Was waiting for someone to come, 

Someone, whom I used to met here.

She was kind of an introvert, not the one who doesn't like to hang out with people like the extroverts, she enjoyed it but she was very choosy when it comes to choosing a company to hang out with.

I, the strict introvert, don't like much to hang out with people. I choose a book over people and music over talks, I remember how exactly we started to know each other, it was because of that book.

I was in the library that evening, was nothing much to do at home so I thought let's just chill at the library ( scary right?.. But I am just like that.) So anyway, I was in the library searching for something interesting to read. 

And suddenly from nowhere one girl came to me and asked me, 

"Are you looking for something interesting?" 

First I thought maybe she has hired as a new librarian but then there should be some costume or dress of librarian, but she wasn't wearing anything like that, so she can't be a librarian.

And my guess was correct, she wasn't a librarian, she was just a curious reader, like me and was noticing me from the corner since five minutes.


"Yes, I am. 

Can you help me to find something?" 

I asked eagerly. 

"You should try this one, it's an interesting novel about a murder mystery" 

I have always loved reading thriller novels, she had the same taste as me. 

So we talked about books that evening and it turned into night. 

I didn't want to leave that night, I wasn't craving for music, I just wanted to talk with her. 

Luckily she had the same idea about me. 

So we started strolling and we reached to the hill, you can say horizon if you want to, I guess it was the first place where Sun touches the earth every day in the evening, A perfect sunset point.

Quite a quiet place it was, perfect for us. So we just set there on a bench and talked, for hours. 

We talked about our hobbies and then about family and all the other stuff. 

I found out that she was just me, like a mirror image, except that introvert part though. 

I met a perfect partner that night, at least that's what I thought. 

We used to meet daily in the night after that day, I was so fond of her. I forgot about music all other things,I just wanted her, I was kinda started loving her. 

But as they say, 

"Destiny has its own plan for you." 

One cold night, I was waiting for her at the same place, we decided to meet there earlier at around 9 o'clock. I went there before 9 as I was always so excited to meet her. 

It was around 10 o'clock now, she hasn't arrived yet. I thought maybe she must have been caught up with some work so I called her but she wasn't answering my phone. I was getting worried a little bit. 

I thought maybe she is busy now so I went back to my home and thought about talking to her next day as it was quite late. 

The next day I went to her home, when I reached her home I saw an ambulance there. I went in and saw her lying on the floor. She wasn't moving. She was dead. I was taken aback, I couldn't utter a single word for a minute. 

Suddenly, I felt someone's touch on my back and I got my consciousness back. It was her mother, an old lady with dried tears in her eyes. 

"She had blood cancer. She didn't want to tell you this, she thought you will get hurt and will worry about her. She has left a note for you." 

I was still shivering because of the shock. 

She handed me the note, I wasn't in the right mind to read something at that time but this was from her, so I gathered up my all the strength left and read it.

// I know you have lots of questions and a lot to say, and I am so sorry that you are suffering all this because of me. I didn't want your beautiful smile to fade away after knowing about my cancer, I didn't want to fill tears in those sparkling eyes. And as you know, I am too selfish when it comes to dealing with my sorrows. Maybe, one day you will forgive me for this or maybe not, but I just want to ask you one thing, 

"Will you come to meet me once in a week, at the same place, at the same horizon when I will be shining so bright on the sky among the stars, as one of them?"

I have always loved you and I will always. //

I haven't missed a single day after that, neither has she.

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