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Silent Titan



Silent Titan


Penniless Prilgrim

Penniless Prilgrim

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It was a cold Sunday evening and Jonathan bid goodbye to his family and set out on a pilgrimage. Safely packing his baggage he walked the narrow mud path of the remote village eagerly hoping to reach the bus stand and catch the 6 pm bus to begin his holy journey.

With prayers in his mind and his little brown eyes sparkling with joy, he reached the bus stand. The bus was late and he was anxious but as he looked at the empty road. Far far away he could see a pair of eyes glittering and he immediately realized that the bus was approaching him. the bright headlights appeared small but clear. 

As the bus stopped Jonathan happily jumped inside and started his journey. He took out his purse and paid for the ticket and sat in a window seat and was enjoying the cold breeze kissing his cheeks.

The Journey was for 12hrs and the bus stopped for dinner. Jonathan did not want to have dinner outside because his mother had packed dinner for him and his little sister Jessica gave him a small pouch of all the little saving coins she collected over the last month. 

Jonathan opened his bag and had the dinner and looked at the little pouch which Jessica had given him. He thought to himself and felt sad because he always had small fights and realized he already missed his sister.

The bus started after the small dinner break. Jonathan was tired and wanted to have a nap. Soon he fell asleep. Suddenly there was a lot of noise and it distracted his sleep. He woke up and he could see the bus had stopped and he found many people entering the bus. All teenagers, barging in and being very unruly. Within minutes the entire gang of teenagers disappeared and there was peace and silence.

It was early morning and Jonathan woke up to find out that he had reached his destination. He carefully picked up his bag and walked out of the bus.

It was a cold morning and he stopped by to have a hot cup of tea. After the small refreshment, he looked for his purse and found it was missing. He immediately realized that it was the work of the teenagers. With no one to help Jonathan was penniless. With wet eyes, he looked at the sky and asked God " Why God? Why ?". 

Now not knowing what to do Jonathan sat in Bustand. Not knowing if he had to continue his pilgrimage or return home. Whether to beg, borrow, or steal money.

As he was sitting he saw a little girl smiling at him. It reminded him of Jessica. Soon he realized that Jessica had given him a pouch of coins. 

His hands desperately searching the bag, He knew it was the only hope. The cling of coins was like heavenly bells. 

He found the pouch and eagerly put his hands and started to count the coins.

He understood that it exactly had the amount needed to return back to his village. " My God what shall I do " was the question in his mind. 

"Should I continue with the pilgrimage or take the next bus and go home" was the question. He thought to himself and said, "I have come so far not to return without completing my journey".

So Jonathan filled his water bottle with water and started to continue his pilgrimage. he had to walk long hours. He started chanting his prayers and starting walking. His sister money safely with him. He did not want to spend it because it was his only resource to reach home.

After hours of walking, he reached his destination and had no energy left. He sat near and tree and rested for some time. After gaining some strength he gladly finished all the rituals and was happy and was also tired. so he spent the night under the tree and early morning he woke up to continue his 5 hr walk to the next bus stand.

After reaching the bus stand he could see a bus just leaving .he gathered all his strength and ran to catch the bus and after a struggle he somehow managed to board the bus and got a window seat. Gasping for air, his weak body was about to collapse. 

After some time the conductor approached him and Jonathan was so exhausted and he opened his bag and handed over the pouch of coins and whispered his destination. The conductor looked at him as if he was some weird animal.

It took a few hours for Jonathan to become normal. As he sat on the bus he understood that little things shouldn't be taken for granted. He also understood that " God will always show away".

Thinking of his family he had a sound sleep. The next morning he woke up as the bus reached his village and in the distance, he could see Jessica... He jumped from the bus and hugged her. With tears of joy in his eyes, he remained silent.

Appreciate the little things in life.

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