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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Silent Titan

Abstract Drama Inspirational


Silent Titan

Abstract Drama Inspirational



3 mins

This is a story of Jonathan and Jessica. They were married for 5 years they lived a wonderful life. Love, health, Wealth was always around them. . But something was missing in their life.

Everything was perfect but their joy and happiness was revolving around a baby. They dreamt everyday to have a kid. The stares and mocking of family and relatives killed them slowly. All the medical treatment was in vain.

In was a summer vacation and they had planned to go to Kerala for a holiday trip and also wanted to meet Jessica's parents who lived in Kerala.  

Jonathan and Jessica went on the trip and the wanted to go especially to a church. So starting early morning they reached the church at 12pm.

Jonathan and Jessica wanted to spent some quite time with God and wanted to pray and ask God for a kid.  

Jonathan went near the Altar to pray and Jessica stood at the door with tears in her eyes

As Jonathan was praying he heard a voice. He opened his eyes and saw a old lady with a wrinkled face with sparkling eyes. She had a rosary in her hands.  

The old lady to his surprise said in a bold stern voice " Kneel down and pray". Jonathan was surprised with her commanding voice and seemed so unusual for someone to be so commanding at him but he immediately obeyed the old lady and knelt down and prayed.

The old lady stood next to him till he finished the prayer. Then she came to him and said "Go and call your wife I want to meet her".

Jonathan didnt understand anything but he knew it was something strange happening so he immediately went and brought his wife to the old lady.

The old lady looked at Jessica and touched her stomach and prayed. Both Jonathan and Jessica didnt even give a clue to the old lady about their prayer intension.

The old lady looked at Jessica and asked her to come back to the church and tell the good news. Both Jonathan and Jessica smiled at the old lady and told,"we are just visitors and we dont know if we will again come to this church ". But the old lady insisted to come.

So they didnt want to hurt the feelings of the old lady so they just smiled and assured her they will come.

After sometime the old lady disappeared leaving a strong scent of flowers. Both Jonathan and Jessica could smell the flowers and the it was so strong.

The next day both of them returned from the trip and reached home. Jessica as usual every month took the pregnancy testing kit and checked. To her surprise she was pregnant. Overwhelmed with joy she immediately spoke to Jonathan and shared the joy.  

That evening both of them remembered the day at the church. The old lady's voice and her promise to them.

Jonathan wanted to fulfil his promise so he left Jessica at home and left to kerala the same day. The next morning he visited the church and spend few hours searching for the old lady. The asked everyone possible. . small vendors, shop keepers but all was in vain and no one had even seen an old lady.

With a little disappointment he met the church Priest and narrated the entire story to him. Both Jonathan and Jessica strongly believed that " it was a promise from God and God' s work".

 After a few months Jonathan and Jessica were blessed with a Little baby boy. They named him " AMARIS "- a hebrew word meaning "Promised by God".

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