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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Amanpreet Singh



Amanpreet Singh


He Will Rape Me!

He Will Rape Me!

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One day I went to my friend’s college to meet him. His name was Sunny and he was really awesome. He took me with him and started showing his college along with his sweet friends. When I entered his class, he allowed me to meet his sweetest friend. Her name was Arushi. She was sweeter than the lame explanation of her beauty by my friend, Sunny.

We all three talked for about two minutes. Two minutes were enough for her cute words to struck my heart. I had to leave thereafter even though I wanted to be there or else my first impression would be of a flirt. I came back home in my friend’s car.

As we arrived home, I said to Sunny, “I want to ask you a very serious question and please answer it very frankly and honestly.”

“Sure Rocky. You can ask anything you like.”

“Is Arushi your girlfriend?”

“No Rocky, she is just my friend. In fact, she seems to be a sincere girl and you know about me. I don’t want to waste my time upon her. Why are you asking so?”

“Actually, I liked her very much. I want to be closer to her if it is okay for you.”

“Sure Rocky, why not. You can even propose her.”

“Okay, done.” I said with a smile.

On the same evening, I searched Aarushi on facebook and sent her friend request. First, she didn’t accept my request for about two days. Then, when I started writing funny and cute comments under her statuses, she accepted my friend request. Time passed by and after a couple of days, we started chatting for about four hours daily.

We had come much closer to each other in two months. Everything was going fine until one day. Aarushi said, “Rocky, I love you a lot and you love me too. But still, there are many things we don’t know about each other. Especially, you don’t know the things you should know.”

“What do you mean to say? What sort of things?”

“Actually there is a boy whose name is Kanwar. He is mad for me. He can do anything for me. He is chasing me for the last about three years.”

“Do you love him?”

“No, never. I dislike him. But he is not ready to accept this fact. Wherever I go, he follows me like my shadow. Yesterday, he telephoned me and asked me who is the boy who is always commenting on your pictures?”

“What! He has your mobile number also! Why did you give him your number?”

“Actually, I didn’t give him my number. He took it from my mom.”

“What! It is even stranger! Why your mom is giving your mobile number to such guys? Is your mom mad or what?”

“Rocky, actually you don’t know the full story. I had a friend, Shalini. She would often come to my home for studying together. My mom also liked her very much. She became closer to my mom. One day she brought Kanwar to my home. When I asked her why she had brought him to my home. She replied Kanwar was a very nice boy. He doesn’t have notes for the upcoming exam so he came here with us for his preparation.”

Aarushi continued, “In the beginning, Kanwar seemed to be a good guy. He was not so good in studies but behaviour wise he was good. But I didn’t know he had ulterior motives buried within his heart. One day he proposed to me in my home!”

“What! How dared he!”

“Yes, I turned down his proposal but still he remained adamant. Then, whenever he would come to my home, I felt suffocated. Such things can’t remain hidden for a long time. One day, my mom came to know all that was going bad. She scolded Shalini for bringing Kanwar home and ordered her to stay away from him.”

“Thereafter he didn’t come to my home, but still he is always following me. He is texting me, telephoning me.”

I asked with anxiety, “Why don’t you change your mobile number?”

“First, my mom doesn’t allow me to go to the bazaar or give me money for that stuff. Secondly, I can’t keep a new number because my mom will come to know that still, my problem with Kanwar is going on and still that Rascal is in touch with me.”

“Why don’t you tell your mom and dad and ask them to settle the problem?”

“Rocky you can’t understand me. I can’t tell my mom and dad about all this stuff.”


“Because Kanwar warned me if I do such a thing, then he will rape me! Remember I have to go to my tuition alone.”

“But you have to say. In this way, you are increasing his confidence and strength. Muster some courage and take an appropriate action.”

“Rocky, you can never understand me. Now at least he is not doing me any harm and I can’t take such a big risk.” Her voice faltered and tears ran down her eyes.

“Okay. Sorry Arushi. I will try to find some solution. But you must get rid of this problem somehow. For how long will you suffer this mental agony. You don’t worry. I will handle all this.” I consoled her.

A few days went by everything went normal. One day I and Aarushi were talking on phone. Aarushi said, “Rocky, today my scooty fell flat on the way. It needed to be kicked hard to ignite its engine. I was in the bazaar and there was no one to help me. When I looked back Kanwar was standing on his bike his eyes fixed on me. Finding none else, I asked his help. He came and helped me. You know what! He stupid! He again proposed me.”

I retorted harshly, “He is not stupid, you are stupid! You know under what you are suffering from. He is the villain of your life and you are asking his help!”

“But there was no one to help me.”

“You said you were in the bazaar. You could have asked anyone’s help over there. You found only him to help you! You are a big fool!”

“I am very sorry Rocky. I will never commit the same mistake again.”

“Okay. Better not do that.”

She spoke up in a very sweet voice, “Now let’s forget about all this stuff. Rocky, now we have talked a lot on the phone. Now I want to meet you.”

“Okay Arushi. Where do you want to meet?”

“Coffee cafeteria.”

“Okay, sweety done.”

The next day, I was sitting in the cafeteria and waiting for my beloved’s arrival. I looked at my watch, she was already half an hour late. No phone call, no text, nothing from her side. I gave her a call but she didn’t pick up her phone. I was wondering if anything bad happened or what.

Luckily she entered the cafeteria but didn’t come to me and she cued me to come outside. I understood there must be a big surprise for me as I was going to meet her for the first time. She wore a white top and tight blue jean, looking extremely hot. I followed her cue.

There was a vacant ground behind the cafeteria. No one was there except her and me. I was wondering what she had in her mind. But the next scene made me gape and my eyes widened in terror. What I saw was Kanwar along with four other boys, Shalini and Aarushi altogether!

All passed dirty smirks at me. All the boys seemed to be goons. I understood in no time I was trapped, but I was too late. Kanwar caught hold my collar, “You were molesting my girlfriend!”

“Hey, I was not molesting her. It was you who was molesting her daily.”

“Are you stupid or what! There she is standing in front of your eyes. She gave me a call on my phone informing me you are the person who has been disturbing her for a long time.”

“Aarushi! Why don’t you tell the truth? Gather some courage and speak up. It is only the time to face the evil.”

Aarushi said in a gutsy voice, “Yes, Kanwar, he is the only boy who has been disturbing me for a long time.” She started mocking me.

“What Aarushi! What did you say? Why are you telling a lie? Don’t you love me?”

“I can’t love a filthy person like you.”

Kanwar yanked me down to the ground. The other four boys started kicking at my arms, legs, chest and even head. They gave me a nice thrash. I was down on the ground. Aarushi and Shalini came close to me and spat on my face! They all left mocking at me to write in pain on the muddy ground. I realized the world is not so innocent as I am. Never trust anyone especially girls so easily.

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