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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Love With Best Friend's Sister

Love With Best Friend's Sister

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I was standing with a glass of whiskey in my hand. The captivating drum beats made me tap my right foot. Everyone was enjoying the marriage party. Actually, it was the marriage of my best friend’s relative and he invited me to join the party. I gladly accepted the invitation.

The marriage party was awesome. There was nothing that was not available in the stalls. Many types of dishes, even many types of desserts, shakes, wines, etc. were available. In short, the best party I had ever joined. 

I was about to put my hands on chips, my eyes fell on a beautiful girl wearing a pink top and a simple pair of jeans. She was so simple and bright. She had used very little but natural make-up, Her get-up was excellent. 

In no time, I started liking her. She took one pastry and when she tried to eat, its cream got stuck on her nose. She was looking extremely cute. I wanted to talk to her but was not possible because I didn’t know anyone except my friend, Rocky over there. I looked at her as much as possible stealthily.

She also noticed me. She smiled but didn’t come close to me. Whenever I tried to get close to her, she somehow by making some false pretexts to her friends got rid of me. Meanwhile, it was not so that I didn’t learn anything about her. I heard her name from her friend’s mouth “Riya.” For the time being that was enough for me. 

As soon as I reached home I opened Facebook on my laptop. I started searching for Riya on Facebook. After three hours, at last, I succeeded in finding the girl I liked. I sent her a friend request. She didn’t accept it for about three days. But after that, she not only accepted my request but also we began to chat. 

First, we became friends but thereafter we also didn’t know when our relationship reached heights and we became lovers. 

“Aman, you just said you love me. But do you know who I am?”

“No, I need not ask who you are. I love you and you love me, that's enough for me. This is the only statement where my whole world exists.”

“No Aman, you don’t know who am I. You really need to know about me.”

“I don’t care who you are. Who are your parents? Are you rich or poor? Are you Hindu, Sikh or Muslim. For me, you are my life Riya. I am very serious to you.”

“But still there is something you must know. Sometimes, there are things in life, which are of great significance and we must not ignore them.”

“What do you mean?”

“I am your friend Rocky’s sister. I am his cousin.”

“What!” I got a devastating shock. 

Rocky was my best friend. We were like brothers. “But what have I done. I am having an affair with my friend’s sister. Shame on me!” I internally scolded myself.

“Riya, why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“Aman I didn’t want to lose you. I love you beyond limits Aman.”

“Oh Riya, what have you done! Now I love you limitlessly but on the other hand, I am feeling guilty. I am cheating on my own best friend. God will never forgive me.”

“Don’t worry Aman, everything will be all right.”

“Please Riya stop. Give me some time.” 

I bid goodbye to Riya and came back home. I had never thought I would get trapped in such a predicament. I could even die for Riya to get her but how could I cheat my own best friend. Now, I could not even leave her. Her love had completely engulfed me. To break the love fetter and love shackle had become impossible for me. This dilemma was eating into the roots of my soul.

The news of love can’t be suppressed for a long time. It always spread like a wildfire. I knew, sooner or later, our secret was also going to be revealed. We could not suppress it for long. One day, my fear came to be true. My friend Rocky came to know about us. Someone must have seen us somewhere and informed him.

Rocky became furious. He could not bear up with this horrible fact. Unable to control his anger, he called some of his other friends, took his pistol and sat in his black jeep. They immediately set off for me. I was also not unaware of the fact they were coming to thrash me badly. It was obvious. What else a brother could do in such a situation.

I was standing alone on the large wide ground when Rocky with his four friends applied brakes at once and their black jeep skid a few feet. The four friends of Rocky got down the jeep and encircled me. Rocky was sitting and watching me from the black lustrous jeep itself.

I knew what was going to come next. All the four attacked me together with blows and kicks. I too retaliated and gave strong, powerful bashes to shut them up. Owing to my agility and briskness, I countered them very bravely and succeeded in getting them all laid in the filthy dust of the ground. After finishing the task in hand, I began to stare at Rocky.

Rocky’s eyes were fixed on me as an eagle fixes its eye on its prey. He took out his pistol, aimed at me and started moving slowly towards me. I didn’t let the fear power me down. I too started moving towards him. 

Rocky growled, “Aman, you are a traitor. How dare you keep an indecent eye on my sister.”

I replied with honesty and confidence, “I love your sister. Trust me, I came to know about this reality when we had already become lovers, otherwise..”

“Impotent reply. Aman. The fact is that you have done a very shameful act. You don’t bother your scruples. Your conscience is dead. You are a stigma on the name of friendship. You should not live long. You deserve to be dead right now.” Rocky aimed the pistol at me.

All of a sudden, I pounded on Rocky and twisted his arm and snatched his pistol. I aimed pistol just at the center of his forehead. I put my index finger on the trigger.

“You traitor! Kill me if you can.” Rocky shouted in anger.

“I am not going to kill you. I just want to tell you I am not a cheater. I love you and I love your sister too.”

“Shut your dirty mouth. Don’t ever take the name of my sister again!”

“You can make my mouth shut forever. Whatever I wanted to say, I have said. Now I am going to hand over this pistol to you. You can kill me now. Perhaps, I deserve this punishment.” I handed over my pistol to Rocky.

Rocky was still raged, “I could have even died for our friendship. As a friend, I can never kill you. But as a brother, I can’t spare you!”

Rocky pressed the trigger and I slept forever, never to be back again.

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