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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Where Am I

Where Am I

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It is so dark in here. 

Somebody put the lights ON! Guys !!!



Anybody here? 


[ Slow Panting in the voice]

Where exactly is this place.! 

Hello !!!

[There was No reply - after a moment's pause]


Where am I?

 [Trying to get up]

Where is the floor? I don't feel anything below me or above me. What's happening?!

Am I hanging? No! 

I don't feel anything tied to wait.. where is my... where's my body... I can't feel my body... What's going on here?

If this is anybody's idea for a joke. 

This is NOT FUNNY.


[The voice takes a deep breath]

Alright ! let's not panic. It is not going to do any good to ANY ONE. 

wait, WHAT?! Did I just say Anyone?!

 WHAT THE HELL am I thinking... there is NO ONE here...This is Crazy... NUTS.

[panick in the voice]

Oh! My God! I guess I'm Stuck somewhere.

Have I been partying?! Not that I remember.

But what is this place.? I can't see! I don't feel any thing next to me. No wall, No floor. 





[heavy breathing] 

Is this it? I'm DEAD? This is the place where everyone goes after death.

[Breathing out]

SO ...

Am I waiting to be judged.? or Am I inside GOD? Probably, that explains it.

Goodness Gracious !!! I'm going Crazy [realising]

[a moment's pause]

Right !! [ As a matter of fact-tone]

So finally my life ended and I end up being here. Fine.

Okay. that's cool. I'm floating and it doesn't hurt anywhere. so it's all good.

[Now, In a friendly tone]

Hello there! ah... May be God or whoever it is out there. It so happens that I realised that I'M DEAD.

So, I am waiting to be taken out of here any minute. Thank you for this Space. It took some time to realize. But, now I'm ready. So, do your swish... your thing... Honestly I thought I would end up in Heaven or something... but this fine...

[The Voice made a blinking gesture waiting for something to happen]

[ Nothing happened]

[ Groaning now]

Can anybody tell me? what the HELL is going on here..


[A long uncomfortable PAUSE]


FINE. I will find my own way OUT.

I don't give a DAMN!! 

I DON'T need help from a SICK PSYCHO who thinks that making people go crazy is a some sort of wisdom that you impose on them and he can sit upon the throne and call himself "GOD" all eternity...for all I care...


[Breathing hard]


Please. Help me! [sob] 


I'M REALLY SORRY. PLEASE. I CAN'T stay here any longer. It drives me crazy.

Please. I promise I'll be a good person.

Please...please GOD! Save Me!





[Skipped a couple of centuries, by the voice]


It has been very long since the BEGINNING.

[switched back to conversational tone- not much of a narrator]

Now that I think about it. I got this idea of ME, being... ah...some thing or someone with a MIND, BODY and SOUL and cackling all sorts of non sense.

Honestly, I don't know what was that I saying. I don't know where I got the idea from !!!!

Funny! How I think.

Yeeeahh,! I can THINK, alright.

I think the word is called THINKING. [makes a two finger quote gesture]

[Lost in thoughts- AGAIN]

I don't know anymore...where my THOUGHTS come from, what I am doing here, what is the purpose of me being here. I think you can say I am here for more than a century or billion centuries.

[Getting frustrated]

I'm STUCK here. I can't SEE anything. I can't HEAR anything.I don't FEEL ANYTHING.

[Deep thinking]

Except...My PRESENCE... 

I always feel I am talking to someone ELSE. Yes !!! I know there is NO ONE else here. I KNOW for a FACT that all I'm doing is talking to my self. BUT it does NOT FEEL like I'M talking to myself. It feels I developed what you call ... another PERSONALITY. 

I KNOW... I KNOW... Yes!!!... that's the first stage or the last of stage of going crazy...

You know how hard it is to be in my shoes. Try me !!! hey not literally...okay...


I got to stay here all alone, for what I think, an ETERNITY [rolling eyes gesture], and you don't expect me to have a friend or someone to talk to? 

YEAH, Judge me all you want !!!

BUT.... but but but but but...

I got LOADS of things I think about. 

[ Clears throat]

[a gesture meaning -"Allow me to explain"]

 I keep myself busy these days to avoid thinking I am alone.

So, I gotta a lot of interesting things I thought about.

Some days I think about a place where there is land- pale yellow in color. It is filled with trees which are green in color. It needs to have a sky, which can be blue or orange...

Some other days I think about planets- loads of them, endless space with loads of planets. You know what planets are, don't you? 

Some OTHER different days, I think about different beings, NOT like ME of Course...

You know... Beings with a body, with a mind which DOESN'T THINK- because I don't want them to suffer like I DID in the Beginning. 

They can be free... They can do any thing... They can feel what is around them, they can BORN, they can DIE.

yeah DIE, unlike me, I cannot stop to exist. [feels pain and agony of being there for more than a who know how long]

I DON'T WANT ANY 'BEING' feeling LOST like me. so I will keep them BUSY. I will be there to look after them...

I got loads of other ideas...I will tell you some other time...

TIME? ... oh I invented it... Pretty Nice and Sleek concept. 

Hey also !!! 

As I see, I am expressing myself a lot. I also thought about HOW am I expressing? I express using something. I didn't name it yet. so I think I am going to let those Beings express themselves to ONE another. It will be good ain't it? Expressing to one other. not being alone.


[making a gesture - come close!!! I have got a secret to tell]


I am not sure how this exactly happened, but I guess I developed some, or this could be My IMAGINATION, but I think I have a POWER. yeah, that could be the right word. 

POWER. Yes. I have POWER.

I have this POWER, that allowed me a sense.

Yes, a sense of a BEING. No!!! Not that being. 

A BEING. AN ENTITY. A SELF. You know what I am talking about.

I AM a SELF. I AM a BEING. You know what I mean. !!! You know what THIS Means.

Yeeaahhhh Baby !!! I got P-O-W-E-R.

Like I said, I guess I am going to create a place called WORLD.

I am going to create planets, endless space of numerous things that comes to my thoughts, for the love of God, I'll be creating BEINGS with what I FELT at the BEGINNING.....MIND BODY SOUL maybe some of them with a capability to THINK, to EXPRESS, maybe.. oh maybe... I'll talk to them... tell them how I created them out of my thoughts, how they were born, and if some of them want to cease to exist, I will tell them, DEATH [just phrased it] is not the END, it is a wonderful feeling of non-existence.


If I can Exist, and I have the powers to create and de-create. then that means I can stop myself from EXISTING. [a sense of accomplishment]

WOW, took a lot of time to discover THAT... HA HA HA... 

so I can NON-EXIST. Should I become non-exist?

NaH!!! I will play with the new things I have got. After all, I have been used to it NOW.


I CAN DO ANYTHING. [satisfied, likely found a purpose]...




[skipped to the end of story]



I even came to one of the places I created to spend time with them. They are... okay I guess. 

They think I am one of them... 


I made them think THAT. Grew a lot more fond of them, lately. They think I AM a BEING called HUMAN.

FUNNY.... I even had a celebration... it is called PARTY. I'll tell you some other time.

I guess I have spent enough time with my beings. Spent a wonderful, what they call LIFE, between being BORN and DEATH.

[yawning gesture]

Now its time for me to DISAPPEAR.

You know, I have also been wondering. 

How many times have I been doing this? 

[Shrugs-a gesture of I DON'T GIVE A DAMN]

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