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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Happy Women's Day

Happy Women's Day

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Yes, I am safe now, I took a deep breath, I was sweating badly, I thought this would be a never-ending night for me, but she appeared as an angel for me.

This is a story of a shady road in my city, that no Shareef man talks about, but yes they know everything about these areas (rather, everyone knows), these are the areas, where life meets death, soul moves out of body, dreams are scared of touching their lives, aspiration dies, emotion gets buried, still they manage to smile and challenge their soul to move beyond their imagination every time.

After every unwanted night, there comes a shameless morning, comes like a new stage, ready for a new play! Sometimes, somebody like nobody goes there to let them know whatever is happening is not correct (As if they don’t know this.) or sometimes few NGO comes in search of “good work” or few journalists to cover a never heard story (Irony! Every room has the same story or should I say every bed!) however for them every day is the same – dull and dead whereas night remains flashy and bright yet dark and haunting!


“Would you like to have some water?” She asked.

She could sense a wave of terror and fear in me that was not going anywhere soon.

“Yes, please,” I said.

She invited me to her place, without thinking twice I followed her.

It was a nicely dressed up room, chandelier at one side with colourful candles (though it was not lighting up.), a three seater sofa with Croatia covers, and a couch with a satin cover and cushions, everything was to make the guest comfortable.

There was also an open cupboard with a fleet of Indian and international gods sitting there (I wonder why they were there, I guess just to keep that hope of living alive)

“You are safe here, don’t worry,” She assured me.

“This is my area, chill! Nobody will do anything unless I am with you,” She said in a bossy tone.

We exchanged a smile (I didn’t know what to say, suddenly everything was normal, I had a friend sitting nearby and consoling me that “nothing has happened nor would happen that should not happen.”).

“Now that you are fine, I want to know the purpose of your visit…Are you also from an NGO who gonna preach me that whatever I am doing is not ethical, is unhealthy, should not do, etc.?? Or a news reporter or a volunteer looking for an exciting story for a tabloid?? Or you have lost your route? This is a daily routine here. Some or the person comes here and once they are done with stories, starts the journey of selfies and photographs for their social media walls, they do assure us, but nobody comes back… anyways you tell me, why are you here??"

I was looking at her. Every word by her was making me feel small bits by bits, I could not answer her. Her statement was enough to make me realize the non-existence of this world to her.

“Where are you from, are you here for some work, or you want something from me??” She asked me again…

“I am searching for someone. I guess you can help me out, I am here to meet you,” I interrupted, don’t know why but I was scared of her yet to come speculations about my visit.

“Today is Women’s day”, I started, “ I am here to celebrate this day with you and your friends.”

“Ohh Women’s Day got it! This day everyone will make us realise that we are so powerful, we have a world in ourselves, we do this, we do that, we can change the world, this world is beautiful because of us, we are the best creature of almighty, we are superior to males, we have a right to celebrate our day, this is our day, our one day! That’s what you gonna tell me??”She asked me.

"Great!This year I will also celebrate and thanks for sharing that women have only one day to feel good about. I have a doubt if we are equal, then why these freebies only to us???Anyways, Do you celebrate this day,”She asked me while lighting up the chandelier.

“Not exactly, is she your daughter??Very pretty she is, how old is she??”I asked her, pointing the small baby sleeping there on a cot. I somehow wanted to change the topic, could not counter her.

“Yes, she is my daughter, very naughty, always wants me to be with her, doesn’t let me do anything. I take her to my work as well.”

I was looking at her and listening everything.

“How do you, I mean you said you take her to your work as well, I mean? like how??”I was asking something which I did not know how to ask.

She smiled at me and said, “I know what you mean, She is very young to understand anything, so it is easier for me to take her anywhere, once she is a year old, I will disown her and will send to my village.”


“Yes, I will disown her. I will have to. Who would like to be associated with us, she will feel bad that her mom has disowned her, but could lead a respectful life, if she will come to know about her mom’s world, she will die – if not physically but emotionally for sure… It is all black here, no light… We all are dead… someway or the other.”

She continued…“My mom lives in a village, I send money every month to her, she will take care of her. I want her to become a teacher” – I could see the happiness on her face for her daughter.

Best thing in life – Hope always add spark to your eyes!

“How often do you visit your village?“ I asked.

“Never, I just send money, my mother thinks I am married to a rich man and since she is poor I do not want to be in touch with her, that’s why I send money to my mom on a condition that she will never visit me nor will I go there,” she explained.

“Will not your mom ask you, why don’t you want your daughter to be with you??” I asked.

“I will find some new excuse then, I still have a year to frame an excuse, I will I know, I am very smart“ She winked at me.

“Om Jai Jagdish Hare…swami Jai Jagdish here…”. Her phone rings…

“Just a minute, I will just come,” she said and went outside to take a call. (“Hello Jennette, Do you know today is Women’s Day, This is our day, we didn’t even know that we have only one day to celebrate, let’s do party before it gets over…)

Her daughter was lying there… pious, sacred and serene…she reminded me of beautiful sunrises on the banks of river. Traffic noise was coming from outside. I looked outside, there were a tanker and an auto collided and was a complete chaos outside, however, everything was very silent and calm… I wanted to stay there… wanted to talk to her… wanted to play with her daughter… wanted to say that she was right stating that somewhere we have accepted that women need to prove their worth, that women are equal to men, however, men never need to do the same…but could not… something was haunting me. Don’t know what, It is better to leave… I told myself. I took my bag, kissed her daughter and before she could come, I left a note for her before leaving. Happy Women’s Day!


I was in a cab and wondering, why couldn’t I stand in front her… Why couldn’t I reveal the purpose of my visit, why couldn’t I stay little longer? Why couldn’t I listen to her story?? Why was I feeling so small in front of her??? But yes, I salute her for everything!

Somehow, I could not share the purpose of my visit, could not share that I was there because my manager wanted me to find a story of a weak and sad woman because we thought this is the best place to find a sad woman and her world of troubles!! We thought we could “celebrate” women’s day by sharing a story of a sad and weak woman & by begging the society to give us a day to celebrate since we are women, we are victims! Really???I guess, she is right, we don’t need a day to celebrate!! We rather have an entire life to celebrate. In fact, we all have, irrespective of our gender!! Why do we need to prove that women are better than or equal to males?? Have we already accepted this that women are not equal to anyone?? Why do we need to prove this? If all are equal, then Why don’t we celebrate Men’s Day?? Isn’t it unfair to men??On one hand, we talk about equality, on the other we want them to enjoy freebies like this & Why do we need to victimize someone, Whats wrong is wrong… whosoever does that… why it is He Vs She when it should be Right vs wrong, not sure!

But yes, as the world says –

“Happy Women’s Day!”

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