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Marriage life

Marriage life

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Renu was living in a small town she was the elder daughter her father was a mining engineer mother was housewife and younger two sisters were studying in school, Renu completed her degree and was waiting to get job she had applied for government jobs the same time Renu father started to look alliance for her as she was almost 25yrs Renu told her father now it's too young for me to get married first let me get settled in a job after two years I will get married but get father told your growing now it's correct age for you so after marriage you can start going to job, but how come they will allow me to work after marriage all I have we girls after marriage go only to do housework, cooking, cleaning all the time I really can't agree for this, if so you see alliance for me my first condition would be that I should go to job after marriage only if they agree for this I can marry or else no.

Renu father started to look for a good family for her daughter where she can live peaceful life then through marriage broker he got one good alliance family lives in Chennai he's the only son and elder daughter got married and settled he's staying in Singapore he's a big businessman after marriage he may take your daughter to Singapore Renu father felt happy with this and told we shall ask them to come and see our daughter if they like we shall agree.

Sathish was the guy who is in Singapore his parents told about Renu to him we are going to see her if we like her we shall inform you so that you can come and we shall arrange a marriage for you both !!! Sathish agreed and his parents sent to Renu house seen her they liked her very much but Renu's father did not tell them about Renu going to job after marriage.

All he told Renu was that I informed whatever you said they agreed for it even Renu felt happy that she will go to work after marriage.

The day came to both marriages was fixed all arrangements started Satish came from Singapore he met Renu they both liked each other, they started inviting everyone to their marriage.

Marriage got over happily Renu and Sathish took blessings from all Renu was in tears as she's going to live new family stress going to miss her parents and sister told them please often come to see me.

Renu went to Sathish house she felt so happy !!! Seeing his house that is going to live a happy life !!!!!!

1 week of marriage life went happily both went everywhere roaming having food outside watching cinema-going to honeymoon all had finished after a week Satish told Renu now I have to go to Singapore since I had taken short leave now I need to report back to work I shall go there see a house for you and then I shall take you Renu felt very sad what's this I never taught you may so early then slowly she started about job am planning to go for job because am graduated I have already told this to your parents my father must have told immediately Sathish told what's on Earth this is ?!!? Never your father told me about this to us and my parents and I will never ever allow you to work, you have to sit at home and do all work whatever my mother insists you do too

 Renu started to cry immediately she calls her father haven't informed them about my job that I will work after marriage they are telling me to do housework now he's flying to Singapore I never expected all this please come and take me out of this house, Renu mother convinces her telling now you can't come here you are married you should adjust to your life and live that's it, nothing much we can do, but Renu father taught she might live a happy life that's why he agreed for this marriage but everything turned .!!!!

Satish went to Singapore he totally forgot about Renu he was busy in his work he never made a call to her, Satish mother Nalini started to torture Renu asking her to do all work, cleaning the house, washing clothes and cooking.

Nalini called Renu and told me I am going to give you a list of work you should follow them up daily.

Daily morning we need bed coffee, then you should take bath and clean house, wash vessels prepare nice breakfast for us then wash clothes, do gardening, then we need some juice in between you should prepare, again start cooking then wash vessels clean house again then evening snacks you should prepare then again should prepare dinner then nite we need milk then you should again wash vessels and sleep.

Renu was like !!!!!????? Oh my God, what's all this how am going to fo all these she was in tears she can't even inform her parents because they might feel sad about her, Sathish used to call Nalini and ask for Renu but she used to tell she's slept so as this every day goes.

One day Renu was fully tired of doing housework she slept for a while and later she fell sick but no one was there to get her medicines she told Nalini like these she needs to go to hospital Nalini laughed at her and told !oh we can't take you anywhere nor give you medicines we are damn hungry go prepare food for us Nalini told and went Renu did not know what to do she can't even make calls to her parents nor her husband she was fully down with fever then she managed herself prepared dinner for her in-laws and served them and finished all her work and went to sleep her fever was too high she was shivering then in midnite she almost was completely down with high fever she could not even getup.

Morning Nalini was calling Renu for coffee but she never got a reply from her then she went near her to see what happened she could see Renu sleeping with no consciousness in her immediately she called her husband and told him that she must be sick we shall inform her parents to take her and go to hospital they called Renu parents immediately they came to see Renu they took her to hospital and admitted her doctor took all tests for her and came to know that Renu had high fever and that made her lose her consciousness and she's almost in critical situation we need to give her medicine and make her recover Renu father stared crying badly I made a big mistake my daughter had suffered a lot in their house by not having proper food better will take her home after she recovers no more will send my daughter there to their house we need to file a case on Sathish parents for torturing my daughter we can see they have beaten her do much the marks are there in her hands and legs.

Renu father went to police station filed a case on them police went to Sathish house arrested them, a few days later Renu recovered little by little and now she came to normal and told her father I have no more marriage life being tortured like a hell there please take me along with you all I will always be your daughter start going to job earn and make my sister's study well that's all I wanted this is my life from now.

Renu went to her house she forgot totally about her marriage life she got a good government job she started to go to the job she lived a peaceful life.

But she advised all her friends better think twice about getting married and be careful about your life never give up your life.

Life is meant to live happily.

All mother-in-law who tortures their daughter in law should get a good lesson.

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