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Ranjana Kashyap

Drama Romance


Ranjana Kashyap

Drama Romance

Online Love

Online Love

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Even lots of entangled threads no one can stop love from happening, if it is destined it will happen.

The fairy tale started with an art exhibhition cum art fair of Fifteen days. Where many artists came from different parts of country. The organizer had arranged everything. Artists who had the stalls together, was staying together too.

The story begins from when three female artists of different ages were sharing an apartment.

Mona, Ruhi and Pooja staying together. Mona was senior artist, Ruhi and Pooja were budding artists.

Pooja the bubbly age around 28 and bit spoilt brat. She loves to talk, wondering and flirting. 

Once Pooja was getting bored at night and surfing on internet, suddenly she remembered when she used to chat online in college time. So she opened a website created an ID pooja123 and started chatting. She found an ID named Chander123 on some chatting website. 

Chander was funny kind of boy age around 29 well settled working in Bank but on deputation in Middle East . He was enjoying chatting. 

Pooja's naughty mind made a plan to make him fool and Ruhi joined her.

Ruhi was a Parsi girl, age around 25 bit naughty but sensible. Both girls were chatting  to that boy from same ID pooja created. He was not aware. 

Mona was elder then both the girls around 35 mature, strict so beautiful and full of ethics .She was not liking this. But both the girls requested her to join them to chat. 

Now all the girls had password of that ID that, now anyone could login on their mobile, so most of the time all used to login. Chander was not aware about that.

Mona started chat with Chander, but she realised that he was a nice guy and these stupid girls were making him fool. One day when they were chatting Chander asked to Mona,

"Dear I realised sometimes you talk like a mature person but sometimes I find you a little stupid girl. How you are different all the time. "

"Dear I wanna tell you something,"

Mona asked, " what Chander"

Chander said," I have some feelings for you, I always think about you, but I don't know about your looks, can you share your photos." 

Mona replied, " well Chander, No!"

Chander said, " no problem dear, but be here, I like to read your chats".

Mona really felt bad. In the evening, she asked pooja to stop all this. But She said, "relax , nothing will happen"

At night, when Pooja logged in Chander was waiting on chat. Chander was so happy but Pooja had plan in her mind she said, "Chander I am engaged! I will get married after 2 months"

Chander was in shock but he didn't show off. He said, "oh! Congratulations but I think we can talk till that time, when you will get married we will stop."

Pooja asked Ruhi to talk with Chander and left the chat. Mona was watching everything and now she scolded both the girls, "why are you making him fool, he is not that kind of guy." 

Pooja was quite, Ruhi also said bye to Chander. Everyone was quite. 

Suddenly Mona's phone started buzzing, she wanted to off, but she saw it was Chander. She forgot to logout, she replied," sleep Chander."

But he said, "I want to say something to you, I know you are engaged but still let me tell you , I like your different behaviours but whenever I found you mature I feel love for you, please be like that only. I guess I am in love with you in real ."

Mona was quite, " Good night Chander!" She replied

She logged out but she didn't sleep whole night. She decided to tell him the truth.

Next day she came in room before Ruhi and Pooja and after long thinking she typed the truth in a message and sent. Chander was not online at that time, It was his hangout ID. When Mona was chatting with him on website he shared with her. 

She told him that three girls were chatting with you in One ID. She told everything in that message.

After an hour Mona got notification of reply from Chander.

He asked, "Are you that girl whom I love, tell me?"

After that Mona stopped chatting.

Now Chander knew the truth but he never showed it Pooja and Ruhi. He was chatting regularly just in hope that Mona will come one day. 

In between Ruhi left that fair as her father was serious and admitted in hospital. Now Pooja used to talk with Chander. One day when Chander realised that Mona is not coming on chat, he asked Pooja, where is Mona?"

Pooja was stunned! She fumbled, "Who?" 

Then he said, " I know everything, and I know how Mona talks, please Pooja call her." He confessed "I Love Mona and want to meet her."

Pooja told him she is elder then us even from you. But he was adamant and again 

he said, "I love her, whatever she is. Please ask her to talk me. Please convince her. And I am well settled guy. You are my friend Pooja, please help!" He also shared his photograph with pooja. Pooja called him to art fair, without telling Mona.

Chander saw there Mona and he was so happy . He said Pooja, " I am seriously in love with her, how pretty she is, age is nothing for me I am going to talk to her."

Pooja stopped him," Stop! Control yourself please, if she will come to know you are here, she will kill me and will slap you and throw you out."

"Then what should I do, she is damn pretty and standing front of me, come on! Please do something pooja!" Chander was pleading.

Pooja made a plan with him how to convince her. She knew Mona also like Chander but because of her age she is reluctant.

Pooja pretended that Chander is in love with her. She used to call him in front of Mona. It made Mona jealous but she was quite. 

But one day when Pooja was chatting with Chander, Mona scolded her badly and snatched her phone. 

Pooja asked ," what?" Mona was crying. Then Pooja told her Chander loves you only, meet him. 

She showed his photo to Mona and told "he wants to marry you even without seeing you, even you are elder. This is his phone number." 

Pooja said," I am sorry I shared your number and photos without asking you. He is damn serious for you. You know he came in Art fair also, he saw you. He is such a nice guy, I met him."

Mona was looking at her with eyes full of tears! Suddenly her phone ranged. She picked up the, " hello mona, Chander this side!

Chander said, " I wanna say something to you, well Mona, I love you dear, I saw you yesterday, Oh God! How beautiful you are! I was in love even without seeing you and now I can't live without you.

I know you love me too, let's finish this hide and seek game, just open the door, I am right outside the room of your hotel!"

After listening this Mona ran like a mad and opened the door. Chander was there with a smile on his lips. He sat down on his knees he had ring in his hands. He proposed, "Mona will you marry me, you are a perfect girl for me. I promise our age difference will never come between us! "

Mona was crying, she said "yes" and took that ring. Both were so happy, Chander hugged her and Pooja was standing there with a smile. Both hugged her too.

Both entered in the world of their dreams and bird of their heart flied in deep skies of love. He told Mona,"I am all alone in this world so I am the only family for myself and you are part of it, so,"Welcome to the family"

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