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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Once I Met Time

Once I Met Time

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Once I met time

We all know that time unfolds its mysteries in some mysterious way. Nobody knows at what turn whom you will meet. An unknown person who can change your perception and mind-set in few minutes. I realised it when I met him. A man who said "HE IS A TIME."

Its really an interesting incident of my life. 

As I am an artist so I joined a group of artists who planned to track on a hill of himalayan valley.  There we were going to paint some beautiful views of Mountains.

I was behind everyone, snow was there. Suddenly a strange view attracted me.

 I saw a man sitting on the rock at that lonely place. I was not able to see his face He had  long hair,  I was looking him from side and his long white hair were like a veil. He was burning a log of wood.

His strange appearance attracted me, I turned towards him and reached there.

He  gave me a look, and removed the hair from his face and smiled. How calm his face was. Fair in complexion and bright eyes. I was surprised.

 I was curious so I started my questionnaire " Why are you sitting alone? Are you Sheppard but no sheep? Where u from"?

He started laughing and said , "Dear calm down! I am time! I live everywhere". 

What! I laughed, it was really a strange reply for me! 

He was still smiling and burning the fire.

I asked "Ok Mr. Time if you are time can you reply my questions"

He smiled , "Ask dear"

I asked, "Where do you take the people after death?"

He changed his expressions and replied , "It is a 'Special world'!

I stopped laughing and asked' How means what kind of world?"

He told, "There people live calmly and peacefully, they don't want anything, less feelings, less expectations, no demands"

I again asked, "Oh I see, Can I see that place before death?"

He replied, "No but you can take a feel," 

"How?" I asked

He said, "Try to see inside the heart of a person whose heart is broken, an old who has nobody to care, a child without parents an try to feel their pain, that pain will make you empty, and you will feel it is the most painful thing and you will feel dead inside. You will realise that nothing is important in this world except peace. You will do those things that will make you happy. You will become strong emotinally. You won't expect much."

I asked, "Why do you separate the people? Why we say Time heals?"

He replied, "I give a chance to people to understand the importance of each other. I give them chance to realise their mistakes. I teach lessons to learn. I give them strength to forget to forgive, to move on or to  accept  all the perfection and imperfections of other person."

I asked, "Is it possible to meet dead people before death?"

He replied, "There is another world named memory world, there is no tickets and walls, you can go there anytime and can stay there as long as you want."

Suddenly he stood up and started walking. I was literally running behind him.

I asked, "Where these worlds exist you told "Special world and Memory world".

He was not replying, I asked again my question!

 He gave me only the idea  of "Memory world". 

He said, "It is inside you. The combination of your heart and mind is the path to walk.  And closed eyes opens the door to enter. You think about the person and he will appear."

He left after Saying this so fast. But I was wondering. 

I didn't paint anything that day. After reaching at home I tried what he said, "It worked!!".

And now I really  meet few of my special ones. Sometimes I feel that man who told his name time was right. Time is really a great teacher if we want to learn . A great healer who navigate us. It stays with us always to tell right or wrong but we humans don't want to learn!

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