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Happy{vani} Rajput



Happy{vani} Rajput


One Day

One Day

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"Hey, MyLove! What would you like to eat for breakfast today, just command it? Today is Sunday, I am gonna make some special breakfast for my sweet wife Neelu" Akash said in a happy mood

"Okay! So let's make me just bread, omelet, and a glass of milk" Neelu said in a joking manner

"Ok! I am your assistant present at your service," Akash said in a casual way

"Hmmm… so what if some Roti's and cheese with extra butter to cook for lunch also?" Neelu said in fun

"Neelu ...... Neelu ....! Get up.... too late, yaar make some breakfast." Akash shouted

"Oh! Again I was late while dreaming" Neelu thought and started laughing while getting up from her bed.

Neelu was a very cheerful and happy girl, lost in her own funny thoughts.

Everyday she had such a fun dream and then laughed. Neelu wanted to enjoy the whole life, no matter how much the work was.

Today was Sunday but Akash had Sunday, her Sunday never used to come, so she used to celebrate Sunday in her dream.

Akash asked "what you were dreaming"

Neelu used to say in her light-hearted manner "Oh nothing, just celebrating my Sunday. You had prepared a very tasty meal in my dreams and I was happy to fulfill my dream of seeing you become the MasterChef of our house. So will you be my Masterchef forever only for Sundays...

Akash silently kept looking at her face and Neelu smilingly closed Akash's mouth with paratha and paneer vegetables. Akash also started laughing.

This story is imaginary because the sun never rises from the west. Hopefully! one day the sun rose from the west and set in the east, such a dream can also come true ha-ha-ha ……

My heartiest thanks to my Readers.

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