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Happy{vani} Rajput

Drama Inspirational Others


Happy{vani} Rajput

Drama Inspirational Others

Live a Life of Self Respect

Live a Life of Self Respect

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"ooo my baby...please agree...why are you doing this?" Ritu's mother asked.

"No mother, I have decided not to marry." Ritu said

Ritu who was a simple but very hardworking girl. She lived with her mother, Baba (father), grandfather, grandmother and two elder brothers. This family was like every common family where girls were prohibited from moving forward. Just have children, live your life in the four walls of the house, listen to everyone and spend your whole life without saying anything. But Ritu was not like common girls. Ritu was very angry at such a society and that's why she didn't want to get married.

She was just like a tomboy. She starts crying when her mother puts a dot on her forehead or wore bangles on her wrist. She was so hated that she could do anything to break this rule. So much hatred because her father used to drink a lot of alcohol and used to beat and humiliate her mother every day.

Her mother was illiterate but wanted Ritu to become literate and live a life of self-respect. Both of Ritu's brothers were elder then her but kept scolding her all day. Ritu's grandfather was an officer of the Police Department.

Grandpa used to support Ritu a lot. Though Ritu did not mind much in her studies, still she was keen to do something. The expenses of the house ran from the salary of Grandpa. Baba used to do nothing except drink.

One day, Ritu told her mother, "Mom I don't want to get married and want to stand on my own feet." Her mother was happy and became a little nervous that what will happen later, who will support her?

She told Ritu to talk to the Grandfather because his father would never agree to this. Ritu was obsessed with it, she only saw her goal. She had made up her mind to join a police job and end the atrocities on women. This is why she was born.

Where there is a will, there is a way out. In Ritu's school, Delhi Police officials came to the school to teach karate. Just Ritu got a chance to take the first step towards her goal. She started learning karate without telling anyone except her mother. None of the girls of her school showed courage. Ritu learned karate diligently.

Now Ritu turned out to be a different Ritu. She told Grandpa about her passion to join to the police. She did not think that her grandfather would be very happy but her Baba was not happy at all and she blamed Ritu's mother for this. As soon as Baba raised his hand to slap the mother, Ritu moved forward and stopped his hand. "That's enough!!!! Just no more Baba."

Grandpa had by now understood that Ritu really wanted to do something. After the 12th board examination, Ritu would learn to ride a bike with his grandfather during vacations. She used to run every morning and made herself so strong that she became a solid and strong person.

Ritu's hard work pays off. She was selected by the Delhi police. Gradually she created a place of honor in the hearts of all the policemen and other people that they began to appreciate her. Today her Baba was also proud of her. He also apologized to Ritu's mother.

Now Ritu was turned out as D.S.P in Delhi police and was touching the heights of the sky. Then no one ever pressured her to marry again and Finally one day her sun also rose from the west and set in the east. Ritu proved that even without marriage, the girl can live a life of self-respect.

Friends, If you also want your sun to rise from the west and set in the east, then always come out of your comfort zone like Ritu...

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