Vijayamalathi Mani

Horror Action Inspirational


Vijayamalathi Mani

Horror Action Inspirational



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A portrait of obscure desires,

Yeah! It's true,

In their heart there are many little wishes which make them happy,

But they can't do it,

Because sometimes society does not allow it,

Sometimes her family does not allow it,

Sometimes she does not allow herself,

Do you feel weird?

Males are sealed women as the portrait of love and sacrifice,

So if a mother sacrifices her desires for her husband and children,

She is the best mother,

If she didn't she is not,

But why she should suppress herself?

Why should she bury her desires in her heart?

What's wrong with her?

You should do nothing,

Just move away from her path,

She can make her world,

And do respect her wishes,

Like you, she is also a human,

She also has a mind,

She also has a heart,

Of course, she also has cravings,

Let her fly independently,

She never flees from you,

Just she will touch her heights and return to you with a bunch of happiness for you!

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