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Niraja Niranjan

Niraja Niranjan

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Niraja Niranjan, the short focus of married couples. The focus portrays or visualizes the mutual and emotional understanding between both. It literally comprises the meaning of a wonderful journey of life. The story of demure women, Niraja, who brought tremendous change in

her husband's life. Her innocent attitude and deep smiles, made her

husband settle with her. Before getting married to Niraja, her husband Niranjan was in search of a soul, thereby to settle himself in a lifelong commitment. Since he has been so sensual, and the search for the beautiful soul couldn't find so.


As these wordings promised him when he visioned through Niraja.

She loved him genuinely, loved him honestly, loved him passionately,

loved him consistently, all these made Niranjan understand the strength of this connection. There was one such instance, the toxic relationship which he was to primarily lead him to insecurity, dominance, and control, and which, in turn, devalued his self-worth. So, he waited for a couple of years to develop goodwill of understanding between them in order to pursue this commitment.

And one more to be focused here,

She lied nearby to him and questioned, "I'm a parentless girl from a mediocre class, you're from a wealthy family, your past life doesn't bother me much, will you look after me till the end ", the tears started to roll in her eyes, which jerked his physique, started to realize her innocence emotional feel. This created a strong emotional bonding between them.

This strong connection ultimately drew him toward her, which brought

a sense of peace, calmness, happiness with him. He had never experienced this blissful feel except for his mother, and, as well as prioritized his soul search.

There were so many instances, that kindled his spirit to fulfill his eternal journey through Niraja, who in turn made both their lives meaningful.

Is this soul connection.

A soul fulfills its quest through its summit, by making a meaningful

Journey on the planet. The universe never gives us anything, and we are not equipped to handle it. The Journey is ours, let us end it BLISSFULLY, by surrendering the self to the Divine.

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