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Letter To Bestie

Letter To Bestie

3 mins

Letter to my BESTIE,

Unlocking the mind and the heart,

like to vision few glances with you,

BESTIE, not intricate, not glossy, this is only layers of my vision,

What matters more to me.

This day is more and more special one, I always wait for this occasion every year with gleaming eyes and blissful feel. As today is my, BESTIE's special occasion, wanted to pour in what is flowing in my mind for the past few years.

Mere wishing you, won't fulfil the cheerful feel, because you're the awesome gift to me.

I think of you

Every minute,

Every second,

Every time,

Every single day,

When I close my eyes

It is you,


The days spent with you are

the best I've known.

The memories, moments, happiest, saddest, failures, comforts and adversity and so on.... and an important vision of mine, that is, I converted all the fights which I fought with you into tasks, thereby started to visualize it in an optimistic way.


I'm proud to mention here,

You not only lit a light in me,

You have given me MY LIFE,

as you always say, LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST,

You woke me up,

From my,

Dreamy layers,


I started to feel

The love and light,


permeates in me.

I'm Experiencing and Exploring

My true self.

You are the creator.

I'm perceiving the reality

through your vision.


(Please don't crinkle your eyes and eyebrows)

You are incredible

You are a masterpiece

You are a bit wonderful person

To be loved

To be beside

Be beside being at your arm's length

You value a lot to me,

not a penny can match.

You are such a potential BESTIE,

I'm too humble

When I'm beside you

I'm grateful to mention here,

This is not mere words,

it is not

from my mind,

from my heart,

I will be the Best BESTIE to you,

Best companion,

Best comforter,

Best nurturer,

Best friend and what else...

Yes, I'll stop here, else, I will pen, what is in the flow...

I'll Stop here BESTIE, it's enough.

Hi BESTIE, today is your big day, as the day is always special to me too, I'm the lucky one to have a BESTIE like you, I like to accompany you

full of bliss, throughout this soulful journey, as long as, the time permits,

With blessings of the divine.

I indulged myself to gift you something special to you, I couldn't find so but started to ride with my thoughts.

So, I gleefully delighted to deliver my heartiest THANKS to you.

Once again,


for the awesome gift, You,


Awesome gift, You

YouYou=You (Soul)

I remind my ECSTASY here.


I have no words to write.

There is no gift in this world,

more PRECIOUS and

more VALUABLE (entwine two souls into one), than this.

With sweet sweetest smiles

Wish you many more special occasions like this, with full of joy and laughter.




(Your soulmate will remember YOU forever and ever, till she sleeps in her CEMETERY. Sorry to say this, she may not be a right mate to you BESTIE to travel along with you, but she's a good humane. May be beliefs and philosophies may differ, but diverge ideas, thoughts and perceptions are too similar. You know one thing, which you are unaware, she's not a homebody, she's truly an adventurous spirit like you BESTIE. She's a true admirer of your companionship and concern in showing the way to tread.

Life without you is meaningless for her.

She is always grateful to show her

GRATITUDE to you.)

You achieved it BESTIE,

You made my life MEANINGFUL.

You will always lie in my HEART as an IMMORTAL MAN

Love you man… With full of


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