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Aarya Kareepadath

Tragedy Crime Thriller


Aarya Kareepadath

Tragedy Crime Thriller

Nightmares in the Day - Part 1

Nightmares in the Day - Part 1

3 mins 217 3 mins 217

4 - 06 - 2021

I'm purely innocent. 

I have seen many strange things - politics, deaths, and slaps. But this was the strangest I have ever seen so close. 

Even if I have seen, I swear by the holy spirit that I haven't ever done it. Murder is not my cup of tea. I sometimes watch those crime thriller movies with serial killers going on to do their duty even though their profile with their upturned, hazel eyes and hawk nose is known by the whole community of investigators.

Kidnaps happen, murders too. I'm not there. At the time either I would be sleeping or watching Harry Potter. I am usually unlucky in this case, I always miss those miracle of events that take place in front of my eyes - or precisely my ears. At that point of time, either somebody calls me, or I get lost in my own world-my world of fame and money and love.

For instance, I and my family and friends were on the way to Munnar on a little tempo traveller. It was night, and very beautiful. I had never seen so many stars together in one sky! In my city it's always one or two stars that peep on my balcony, but I usually ignore them. They seems to be some Gujarati ancestors who died after a fight with the vegetable vendor over the Rs.50 increase on potatoes.

So as for the fact, a tiger with actual claws and canines jumped in front of our vehicle. It was of- course scared of lights and vehicles, maybe it got an reflex that one of the monster in the vehicle will come and grate him into a not much tasty meat.

 'In a leap it disappeared', was what my companions said about the scene. I was of course busy admiring the endless stars, which then became the reason for me not seeing a real tiger.

So this was just an instance, my many memories are still piled up in my mind. 

This might have made it more clear, how innocent I am. 

You ought to believe that I have won a karate competition once, and that too, from a really fat, heavily- build 'girl'. It was an accident. I don't even know karate, I was chosen accidently when I showed some kicks and punches with my angry eyes(due to my unlucky maths class).

I'm damn scared of those pesky rodents and those ridiculous, ghastly reptiles that often love to have a stroll under my bed. Everybody knows about this. To tell the truth, my whole society. For me, it didn't take much to change their this perception towards me. It was like bloom to wither, day to night, summer to monsoon for me.

It all started on this day, my fav- Sunday. 


Maybe I will have to wait to write more. Dinner calls you know.

It's a thunderbolt when I don't go to the dinning table at the told time. My mum, she can grow canines. 

Will be back, Stay connected...



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