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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Har Den

Horror Thriller


Har Den

Horror Thriller



10 mins 158 10 mins 158

Dan and Rachel are parents of a five-year-old Richard. They are a happily living middle-class family. One day at dawn, their house is destroyed in a tsunami. They are rescued by the Pararescue team. However, their wealth, clothes, and all other possession are washed away. They try to book tickets to go back to their hometown. But, the city's Airport, Railway station, Bus terminal, and taxi services are all shut down due to the massive destruction caused by the tsunami. The hotels are all booked. They are also unable to rent any house as many landlords have reserved the house for their relatives who had become homeless. And the houses that were available in the city for rent were already taken by other people. Dan is distraught that even after having the money they couldn't find a place to live.


At dusk, Dan's family is taken to a disaster shelter. Before entering the shelter home, the people are subjected to a security check. The males and females are told to assemble in a different line by a guy in the mic. Richard stays with Dan, while Rachel stands in a separate queue. The security check for males occurs in the open ground while females are supposed to go into a room for the same. A green light signals Rachel's turn to go into the room. She is shocked to see a Male doing the checking for women. She also watches her predecessor woman silently crying while leaving the room through back door. Before Rachel could ask any question, she is touched inappropriately by the man who also strips her half-naked and forcibly kisses her. He then tells her to put on her clothes and enter the shelter home. While leaving, she notices her successor women getting the same treatment. Meanwhile, Dan and Richard are also touched inappropriately by the security personnel. Dan initially finds it weird that they are using bare hands for checking instead of metal detectors which they do have, but ignores it.


Rachel meets Dan and Richard inside the campus but chooses not to tell Dan about the incident. But, Richard notices that Rachel's hair is loose which was tied earlier. He jokes if she was doing a shampoo advertisement inside the room, but realizes something's wrong when she doesn't laugh at the joke. Later, all the families are given a token with the number of the tent they would be living in. The guy handling the token sticks it to Rachel's top and gropes her breast, much to the embarrassment of Dan's family. The guy on the mic announces nobody would be getting dinner that night since food hasn't arrived yet, which angers the people. He then tells them to go and sleep in their respective tents with an empty stomach and advises them to not to close their tents as it could lead to suffocation. While walking towards their tent, Rachel sees a staff member entering one of the tents with people in it and then closing it. She also hears a scream when that guy enters. She realizes something is wrong with this place. They go to their tent and sleep.


At midnight, Rachel wakes up Dan and tells him about everything she had been experiencing and observing since she came to this place. She tells him that they have to leave this place immediately. Dan doesn't take it seriously and shuts her off by saying that she is making excuses because she didn't want to live with the poor people. Disgusted by his remark, Rachel starts yelling. Dan repeatedly keeps telling her that it is not possible for them to go to a new place and find shelter right now. This soon turns into a loud argument. The staff member at patrol comes and tells both of them to shut up.


A loud bell at 5 am in next morning wakes up everyone. The guy in the mic asks everyone to assemble for yoga. He also says that those who don't assemble in five minutes won't be allowed to go to the bathroom. Few people assemble a bit late, but they are allowed to join after they are beaten in the crotch with a stick. While practicing Yoga, Rachel again observes some disturbing moments when the staff members touch both the males and females inappropriately to correct their position. Later, they are again told to assemble separately as males and females and are taken to the bathroom. They are all given toothpaste and are told to use their fingers to brush their teeth. After this, they are all taken for a bath.


The guy in the mic says that those who don't bathe won't be allowed to eat breakfast. Everyone is handed a soap. Richard asks for a towel, but he is not answered by anyone. Males are taken to open space. The guy in the mic announces that water will be sprayed at the males for one minute and all of them have to complete the bath within the said time. Females are shocked to see their bathrooms which have no door. The guy in the mic makes an announcement to the females that water would come out of the shower for only one minute and they have to finish their bath within the time. While undressing, many women notice that staff members are still wandering through the corridors of the bathroom looking at them. Meanwhile, all the males undress and wait for the water. Rachel partially undresses and uses her dress as a screen of her bathroom. The next thing she notices is that a staff member had thrown that dress to the ground and is now standing at the entrance of her bathroom staring at her. She tells him to leave, but he doesn't.


All the males are sprayed with water, but it is too cold and the force of the water is so high that it knocks the soap out of Richard's hand. The water starts coming out of the shower in the female bathrooms too. Rachel realized that she ran out of options, quickly undressed. Richard frantically searches for the soap. Dan helps him find it and he finally gets it. Rachel starts bathing while the staff member is still watching her. She silently cries and realizes that all other women in the shelter house are also facing the same problem. They finish bathing and the water stops. They are all given a towel to wipe them off and a gown to wear. Richard asks for underwear but again he is not answered by anyone.


Rachel meets Dan in the breakfast area and narrates the entire thing. Dan also sees many women crying and hugging their relatives. Richard is also upset with the way they are being treated. Dan realizes that he made a mistake bringing his family here. The guy in the mic tells everybody to be seated for breakfast. But, everybody is shocked when the staff members spill some soup on the floor and tell them to drink it and fill their stomachs. One person protests and he is beaten blue and black. Everybody silently drinks that soup and proceed to their tent.


The wife of the guy who got beaten calls for a secret meeting of all residents. Everybody agrees that they should leave this place immediately. The patrolling staff member finds them and tries to attack. However, the people manage to knock him out. A young girl recognizes that staff member as her older brother who was admitted to the mental asylum years ago as he went insane following his wife's death. Everybody panics as soon as they understand the situation they are stuck in. Suddenly, all the staff members surround the people with weapons. The guy with the mic arrives in front of them and reveals that the tsunami had destroyed the nearby mental asylum. However, a group of patients escaped from there and killed all the staff members of the shelter home, and took their place.


The members of the asylum identify themselves as a gang called Crystals. Crystals force all the people of a shelter home to play a game that would have three levels. They also promise that let people who pass all three levels be free. However, they say that anyone who doesn’t pass a level or refuses to participate would be terminated. People are made to lick the floor three times as Oath.


The first level is that each male would have to kiss all the females and vice-versa. Males are made to stand in a circle and the females are sent one after the other to kiss them all. A woman passes without kissing Richard citing that he is just a kid. However, she is told to kiss him too as he is also a male. Poor Richard kisses every woman including his own mother. After, completion of the first level, the Crystal qualifies all the participants and gives them lunch as their reward. Every participant is served one Roti without a side dish. Everybody silently eats it and gets ready for the second level.


The Crystals announce that the second level has already begun. A key to open the back door of the shelter home was hidden in one person’s Roti. People are initially delighted that they could escape the facility if they found the key, but their happiness is short-lived when they realize that everybody ate their roti. Now, each member is given a bottle of Castor oil to drink, which is a laxative. They all drink it and go to the toilet. However, they don’t get the key in their stools. People now realize they have to tear open the abdomen to find the key. The Crystals inform them that the Roti with the key was given to a person’s name starting with ‘R'. Participants find out that it's Rachel and proceed to attack her. However, a teary-eyed Richard says that Rachel gave her Roti to him as he was very hungry and he ate it. Among the people is a butcher who tears open Richard’s abdomen with a knife and retrieves the key. Dan and Rachel try to prevent this but to no avail as they are subdued by the other people. Richard bleeds to death. People rush to the backdoor with the key. Dan and Rachel mourn the loss of their son, but, are forced by the Crystals to participate in the second level as they have taken the oath. People open the back door but are petrified to find a hungry tiger approaching them. They try to run but the tiger attacks and kills some of them. The survivors realize that only the crystals would be able to save them and go back. The Crystals kill the tiger by shooting it and lock the back door. They tell the survivors that they have qualified for the second level and advice everyone to take some rest in order to be prepared for the third level.


A few hours later, all the people are asked to assemble. The crystals inform them that few government servants are coming tonight to the shelter house for inspection. The people are divided into two groups: A and B. Group A is made of a person selected from each family and Group B consists of the rest of the family members. Group A is gagged and locked in a room while Group B is threatened to act normally in front of the Inspectors. Dan is present in Group A while Rachel is present in Group B.

The inspectors arrive at the shelter house. Rachel remains quiet as she fears for Dan's life. However, many people had lost all their loved ones in the tiger attack and had nothing more to lose. Hence, they tell the inspectors that all of them have been taken hostage by the Crystals. After this, Rachel too reveals about The Crystals. Slowly, all of them tell their horrible experience with the Crystals. But, it turns out Inspectors are also escaped patients of the Asylum and are part of the Crystals. The Crystals reveal that this was their third level and all of them failed. They strip them naked and rape all the men, women, children, and elderly people the whole night. Some of them die while others become unconscious due to exhaustion.

The Crystals conclude that Group A has passed the third level. They are given many alcoholic drinks. Soon, Dan and co realize that the Crystals are trying to overdose them but are unable to do anything. Suddenly, everybody experiences a violent shaking. The tents, the boundary walls, and other structures start falling off due to an Earthquake. It kills almost everybody. When the dust settled, a disoriented Dan wakes up and searches for Rachel. He finds her naked body lying and starts crying. Hearing his voice, she moves. He realizes she is alive and covers her with a cloth. They both walk towards an Ambulance approaching them. They are finally free from this Nightmare.

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