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Nightmare : Scary Halloween

Nightmare : Scary Halloween

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Once upon a time lived John. It was the United States and the date was 30th October. His father was a very famous story writer named Mr. Edward Carr. He wrote around 100 books which were filled with suspense and thriller. Now, John's mom Lillian Carr lived with him. John had a brother whose name was Thomas and he worked as the manager of the Supermarket mall. Mr. Edward had a separate shelf for those 100 books and remaining on another shelf. He had also made strong security for the books as, to open that shelf, either password or key worked. He hadn't told anyone, even to his family members, about the password. But what about the key? He had hidden the key around his area where he lived so that no one could find it. Now, Mr. Edward went to London as he was having some work. As the next day was Halloween, everyone was decorating their houses beautifully and many amazing programs were organized.

Also, his family members always wanted to read those 100 books. So, when Mr. Edward went to London, his family members decided to find that key. But after so many efforts, they couldn't find it.

On the day of Halloween, John, and Thomas, in the early morning, went cycling. During cycling, they saw a castle which was old. It is advised by the people of the United States not to visit the castle because it is said that ghosts lived there. But, John as well as Thomas, were adventurous and wanted to know about that mysterious secret.

Now, they first tried to knock the door. But, unfortunately, no one answered. When they pushed the door, what did they get to know? They get to know that door was unlocked and suddenly, they went into the castle. And the door got closed itself. Now, they got scared. But, as it was early morning, they believed too that nothing could happen. It was dark everywhere in the haunted castle. They were not able to see anything. Now, the lights of the castle start blinking and weird sounds produced. Now, their level of fear started rising. John and Thomas were stronger than the heart so their tension got released.

Now, they went upstairs but before that, they tried to open the door, but it wasn't opening. Now, John said Thomas, "Brother, wasn't it a mistake that we came here. Nothing will happen to us?" Thomas replied, "John, believe in yourself. Nothing will happen." Suddenly, a sound came which was saying," You both have done a big fault. Now, You both will be unable to go without getting killed. You will go alive only if you find a key hidden here. Today is our day. I bet you that Today's Halloween will be scary for everyone." Now, John and Thomas decided to find that key. Nothing was there at downstairs. So, when they went upstairs, there were several rooms and when they move to one of the rooms, a mystery box was kept there. Luckily, they found the key in that box. But one thing that they found unnatural was that an ugly doll was kept there and their father's name [ Mr. Edward Carr] was written there. They took that doll with them. Now, they moved from that castle but during going, someone was speaking. Who do you think was speaking? It was no one but that ugly doll only. Both brothers were not knowing this. It was a great surprise and mystery as well.

When they went home, they tried to open that shelf in an expectant manner. But was it opened? Surprisingly, the shelf got opened. Now, their suspense got increased because they were excited to read those books. Now, they take out one book but it was having a lock again. That book was also unlocked by that key. As soon as he got a book , they started reading it. In the book, weird types of animals and the event of Halloween was described. After reading the book, they kept it and went for the Halloween party with Mrs. Lillian.

Suddenly, that event happened which could never be expected. The doll took that book and went into the mall where Thomas worked as a manager. As he was attending the party, a guard was sitting there. So, No person was there in the mall excluding the guard. Many different types of masks, which people wear in Halloween, were there and toys were also there which were looking horror. That ugly doll started saying "Come alive my friends! Let's rule on the whole world. Come alive!" All those masks and toys developed their body and got alive. Some were looking like a vampire , giants, spiders, mummy, etc. They all were looking awkward. Now, they went from that mall and the guard which was sitting in the mall , the doll hypnotized him and made him a demon which was like helper of that doll. Now, this deadly team went from the mall and started destroying the city. The pumpkins were made a part of that team as they also developed their own body.

But, what about John and Thomas? Wherever they were celebrating Halloween party they were surprised after looking at that unexpected scene. Now, their mom went with them to the house and asked, " Is there anything that you both are hiding from me? If yes, tell me what's this? " They replied, " Mom, we both went to a castle during cycling where we want to find such mysterious things but we were able to find an ugly doll and key only. And on that box, Our father's name was scribbled. Also, we haven't told you yet that we have read that father's book but forgotten to keep that on the shelf. So sorry mom! " Now Lillian went to the room where they saw that doll and book was not there. Then, they got to know that something was wrong with that book only.

Mrs. Lillian called Mr. Edward and he told her that until they got that book, nothing could happen. So, they tried to find that book but The book was burned until they reached the doll. Now, what must be another option? No option was left other than if Mr. Edward wrote that book again.

So, Mr. Edward came to the United States to help them. He wanted a typewriter that was available in their home. . He started writing but before that huge loss of life and property had already taken place. So, he increased his speed of writing but unfortunately, that doll was not letting Mr. Edward write that book because it was a big question for that ugly doll's life also. His family members were helping him out to fight. Happily, the book got finished Then, he suddenly opened the book and the team along with that doll went into that book. The mall's guard came into his original form. Mr. Edward locked that book and threw it into the sea so that no one couldn't be able to open that book. Everything became normal. Their family also started living lovingly.

But, At last, the whole story is to find out to be just a nightmare of John.

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