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Great Mystery - Us vs China

Great Mystery - Us vs China

11 mins

This story talks about King Gyandev who ruled on such a nice country that is the United States. He has a daughter and a son. He had a wife also. It was the time of 690 BC when there held a war between the United States and China. In China, there was King Ching-Chu. He was having two sons and a wife. A shocking incident happened before the war. Let’s read the story in brief.

Once upon a time, there lived a king Gyandev who was one of the famous kings at that period of time. He had an amazing nature and wonderful behavior, No one had ever seen. If we talk about his achievements, he had a great record in all the fields. Isn’t it lovely that a king must be friendly to its nation’s subjects? This was the same with king Gyandev who was good-natured with the nation’s people. He had one daughter whose name was Princess Isabella. She was very well natured like his father only. He had a wife, named as Queen Romania. She was opposite to her daughter and wife. She was ridiculous-natured and even she doesn’t want to live with their family members, especially with his husband. But who knows that it might lead to a great war. And there is also a hidden mystery amongst this war.

If we talk about Gyandev's kingdom’s administrative system, It was well maintained. He has great power upon his country. This was also said that whosoever will go to Gyandev’s kingdom, this can never happen that he/she will not get justice. But one day came when the king was unable to understand. Sometimes, he was contemplating. Let’s read this incident what it is all about.

One day, two men came who were approximately looking like twins. They both were having a cute pet, which was a dog. Although they were looking like twins, shockingly, what everyone saw was unusual. They both were fighting badly, But with them, was coming their cousin ( Ram) who was looking hostile. Now King asked what the situation is? Both of them were busy in their fight and suddenly they started snatching dogs from each other. Somewhere, King got to know that it would be very difficult for me to solve it. Then, King asked Ram, “ Ram, Tell me what is happening in my kingdom ?”. Ram replied, “ My Lord, I am sorry for whatever is happening in this kingdom but from yesterday they both are fighting for this dog. They are continuously saying each other, This is my dog. So, As we have heard about you, you are an honest king and never injustice with anyone.” Now, King got in trouble with whom to give the dog. So, he thought of many ideas out of which every idea failed like He asked Ram to ask some qualities about their dog and many more. So he stopped their fight and told them to come after an hour. Everyone knew that Gyandev’s clever mind would suggest a nice idea. After an hour, they both came and what they saw was many types of equipment and instruments were kept there like a sword, knife, etc. They got scared after watching this. Now, King Gyandev entered and said, “ Ram! Calm down. Now their fight will stop after I told who will own this dog.” The king said, “Listen to Both of you, I had a great idea. If you both want this dog, Can’t we divide this dog into two parts and each will take one part” One of them said, “ No no king! I don’t want this dog. Give this dog to him. I couldn’t see my pet dying.” The other one said, “ Yes King! Give this dog to me. Now he also accepts that this dog is mine” Would king have given this dog to him only or to that person who told him to give him? Suddenly, King said, “ You are a liar. This dog is not yours. If this dog would be yours ,you must have said something when I asked to kill. The true owner is that one who doesn’t want his/her thing (which is alive in nature ) To get killed.” Then, Ram said, “All my Majesty! You are great. No king would have born in this nation who acts like you. Thank you, King.” This was one of his great works. So, we all can think about how nice he was.

The king of China, named as Ching-Chu, has two sons named as Cheng and Chao and he had a wife named as Queen Chenguang and King of US, King Gyandev were true friends. Their friendship was discussed everywhere. Both of them help each other in difficult situations. Whenever any king challenged any one of them, both of them become one and do that fight. It would take such a long time to explain who were they are how were their friendship. It was obvious in earlier life that if two kings were friends, their family members were also friends. But it was not like that. One of Ching-Chu’s son who was Chao doesn’t like Gyandev’s daughter and always wants her to kill. But, In his small age, he wasn’t able to do anything. This hostility also had a story before this. And on the other hand, Prince Cheng had a wonderful friendship with the princess. He had also given him promise that whenever you will be stuck in any difficult situation, he will help her. He could give up his life for her.

One day, Ching-Chu along with his family visited Gyandev’s kingdom and in the nation, King had ordered to make his visit like he is visiting heaven. The nation was full of joyfulness and it was like an enjoyable environment. On each house, there was a beautiful rangoli. When they visited, a smile was looking at the king’s face and his family too. In the morning , they talked and In the afternoon , they ate food. Queen Romania ordered its servants to make food and they served as well. But Suddenly Princess Isabella pushed Chao mistakenly and he fell from the chair and food fell by mistake because Princess has to go from there for a min so her leg stuck in his chair. But John took it in another way due to which there was a misunderstanding and from that time, Chao doesn’t like her.

Now, many years passed happily. As both the kings were becoming older, that was the time to provide their kingdom into the hands of their son but As Gyandev had only one daughter, he was in a little bit doubt how she can maintain the kingdom. Then, to test her capability and knowledge, he took some of his tests in an indirect way like he had not told her what she is going to do. Sometimes, he threw his crown in a depth and asked her to bring for him only with the help of the rope. Sometimes, he asked typical questions that were difficult to understand. So, after so many tests, he realized that now she was ready to become a queen of the United States. So, King Gyandev assigned his kingdom to Princess Isabella and King Ching-Chu to Prince Chao. After a few days, Unfortunately, Queen Romania died due to illness.

After 3-4 years passed, King Gyandev and Queen Chenguang died. Just King Ching-Chu was left alive.

One day, King Chao, who had hostility with queen Isabella, thought how nice it would be if I end my childhood’s enmity by killing her and removing from the world. So, he made a plan. But, on the other hand, Queen Isabella was living her life joyfully. On the next day, he sent an invitation to invite Queen Isabella alone to welcome her with great respect. Cheng was so much happy after listening that his childhood friend is coming, so he decorated a room for her.

On the day, when Queen Isabella visited China, to King Chao, he welcomed her with so much respect and treated her like his own friend is coming but who knows that what a great mystery was hidden amongst that. Then, After a few days, he had proved to her that he was her best friend. So, they started living with each other.

Then, he invited the queen to a garden at night and specially asked her to come alone. Then, he talked with him first and then during saying he said, “Queen, We are best friends. We both know that our parents were also best friends. Do you remind that thing when everyone laughed when your leg stuck in my chair and my food fell on me? That, I couldn’t forget now also. For a while, I can forget this but couldn’t forget that insult. Because of you, I had to survive a typical life. Now , Queen , Let me start my work.” Queen hesitatingly replied , “What? What you want to do? Sorry for that insult. It was done mistakenly, Chao.” Chao said, “ No queen, that deliberately happened. Now, To take its revenge, I had made a plan in which you are trapped. I am happy that I can live freely now. I had invited you not for a party, but to kidnap you” Now, Queen was in trouble and started shouting, “Help! Help! I need help.” But king John had tied her face with a ribbon. That was a shocking incident. Then, Chao decided to keep her in a palace where there was wholly dark.

Now after going to his kingdom, he told that, “Why queen had not come to me”? Then, Cheng was disturbed by listening to this and started enquiring about the queen. He tried his best and applied all his efforts to search the queen. But, Slowly, He started suspecting his brother John as he thought that he was the only one who had talked about her before she got lost. So, he informed his father Ching-Chu that the queen was lost. Then king doesn’t reply anything and told, “I cannot do anything now but whatever you are going to do to find her, inform me once”

Then, Cheng chased Chao everywhere he moved and at night, one soldier and John were talking about Queen then he understood that his brother had kidnapped the queen. Cheng went to the United States to their kingdom and told its nation’s people that the queen had been kidnapped by his brother so we all must be together to save her life. Then they made a plan in which Cheng went to save queen and nation was ready to held a great war. However, Thomas got to know where the queen was. Then, Cheng informed Ching-Chu about his entire plan.

Now, the war was about to start. The whole nation along with soldiers of the United States and its leader who was a senior commander of the United States attacked China without giving any information about the war. There were cannons, elephants, horses, swords, bow, and arrow to fight with them. Although, Ching-Chu knew that they will be attacking King Chao soon so he went on the borderline and joined their army. They attacked the kingdom and two weird things happened at that moment of time. Firstly, King Chao was not in the kingdom and Secondly, Ching-Chu was killing its own soldiers. That’s what the mystery was.

When Cheng went to the palace, King Chao was already present there with a small part of his army. Cheng got shocked when he saw him. Queen was there in the palace. She stood by the palace window, tall and still, gazing absently at the blurred distance. She had two choices: both unattractive, out of which, she would have to make a decision, given after Cheng, which was either she has to kill Cheng to go or she will be killed by him because John knew that queen knew that without any help, how can Cheng be left alive. These decisions were given to her because if she didn’t follow it, she would have been killed  So, Cheng started attacking but Chao stopped him and said, “Why so much excitement to fight. Let the queen say her opinion.” Then Queen asked Chao to meet with Cheng for some time alone but he strictly restricted. Then, she started crying. So, He allowed her to meet him for just one minute. Then, She talked to him about what John asked her to do. He told her, “Queen, you can kill me but please you don’t get killed. I have promised you that I will help you in a difficult situation. So , I can kill happily but please you don’t.” On the other hand, the war was going on and Shockingly, Ching-Chu killed all US soldiers but Surprisingly, Some of their soldiers were not getting killed, That’s a miracle. Now, near the palace, Out of those unattractive choices, she chose to kill Cheng but Can it happen that a friend will kill his best friend? No, It couldn’t. When they were talking they decided that When Queen will be going to kill Cheng, he will attack their army. Now when they started, he wasn’t having any fear on his face as he believed that no one could kill him because one day he got a dream in which God said, “ I provide you some superpowers and gave you boon that You are immortal”. Now, when they started, he got 5 attacks but he didn’t get killed but the queen got killed by King Chao. This was the saddest moment ever so he quickly used his powers and made her alive and killed Chao angrily. The war got ended And In between the war, Ching-Chu ran out from there. Till now, no one knows what happened to Chao and Ching-Chu.

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