Ansh jain

Tragedy Inspirational Thriller


Ansh jain

Tragedy Inspirational Thriller

An Unknown Enigma: Mysterious Tragedy

An Unknown Enigma: Mysterious Tragedy

8 mins

Cordial Salutation to Respected Judges, 

I, Ansh Jain, am representing an essay in which I have taken 6 characters named Nathan, Eshan, Ili, Tom, Romania, and Kamini. They all are best friend, just a problem is Kamini hates Eshan which will turn the group into broken pieces. And from where the essay will be starting and I bet that you will get to know great suspense and tragedy in the whole essay and will enjoy it. 

Once upon a time, there lived an intelligent boy named Nathan. He always topped in his schooling time. Now, he studies in college with dazzling behavior and every time enjoys his life. He had too many friends who were Kamini, Eshan, Tom, Ili, and Romania. They all were best friends. These six were famous in the college just because of their true friendship. Let us take a look at anecdotes of their relationship.

One day, during their lunch break, some of their classmates came to six of them and asked a very typical question whose answer was not very easy. They asked if they will get a situation, who will they prefer/choose first – Your parents or Friends? They all went into contemplation. The remarkable thing was that it questioned after the whole college. So, Can anybody think about what can be the answer? Whosoever will listen to it, he/she must always respond parent. Surprisingly, six of them replied friends.


  Now, one day, these six planned to go on a trip. So, they packed their bags and went for it. Shockingly, between the routes, the construction was going on where so many stones were scattered. They decided to go on walking. While going, Nathan's leg stuck and fell into a big hole. He got hurt miserably. 

After that horrible event, five of them were upset and took him to the hospital in a hurried manner. For 1-2 days, their mind lost after which, unfortunately, he was dead. All of them, especially, Kamini, as she was a very best friend of Nathan, was having the blues, after listening to it. 

Then, Kamini survived sadly and was depressed just because of Nathan. On the other side, many people in her city were dying what seemed to be not so good. Her one year passed unhappily. Her parents make her understood never to lose hope. Storms make people powerful and never last forever

She decided to study heartily. On the other side of the coin, his friends always tried to transform her every single time, she left them after saying that you do not know anything. No one was my best friend like him. How much it hurts, you know! Since then, her friends started ignoring her. When she came to her friends, neither they talk nor respond. 

So, she started feeling very sorry for whatever she has done. Then, she again went to her friends and made them understood. Good friends never deny his/her best friends if they felt sorry. In the same way, they five again became best friends. 

After a month, Kamini invited everyone for the celebration of her birthday where there was a purpose behind that. On her birthday, a tragic event happened. On her birthday, Eshan came. He went to wash his hands and face in the bathroom. At the same time, Kamini came and started asking if he knew something about Nathan's death. Eshan replied, "I do not know anything. Let me move from here." She kept asking the same thing again and again. In a troublesome manner, Eshan replied, "Okay! I thought you got to know who killed her? That's me. Okay? I have pushed him because I hated him. Now you get to know the truth? So, Don't waste my time please." 

After listening to this line, Kamini was fulfilled with anger and killed him. After killing him, she was worried and confused because she thought of the "Sun and moon curse" which will be suspense throughout the story.

After Eshan's death, Ili, Tom, Romania, and Kamini were left. Now, the death rate got increased in their town what was such a bad thing.

Now, On a full moon day: Tom, Ili, and Romani organized a party to forget every sad moment and again start a new life filled with joy. They want Kamini also to come. She refused because she was having some urgent work.

Party came to an end when Tom went to his house and was very tired. The time was 12:30 am. Between the track of the house, he saw a wolf who was looking weird and different from other wolves that we normally see in forests and zoos. So, he was scared but he keeps on moving. Suddenly, he saw Kamini's clothes and her watch. He understood that something is wrong. So, he ran with his full power without stopping himself. But, the wolf attacked Tom and bit him and he died but Surprisingly, On the next day, no one was able to find Tom's dead body. So, their friends thought Kamini and tom were attacked by the wolf and died. 

That's how, the four of them: Nathan, Eshan, Kamini, and Tom died. Now, eight months passed, Two new people came to the city named Nathan and Eshan who was having plastic surgery done on their face. Dramatically, they showed that they both were friends but they weren't... As Ili and Romania lost four friends, they both lived their life awfully. But, they don't know why they were friendly with Nathan and Eshan. 

Eshan organized a birthday party where he invited everyone except Nathan because he hated him. Around six that evening, when the doorbell rang, Eshan was busy getting things ready for the evening's party. Wondering who had turned up so early, he grumpily went to the door. It was Nathan. "I'm here to help you," he said in a smiling manner. "How much can you possibly do all by yourself according to your capability?" Holding forward a single rose that had a long, slender stalk, he bowed dramatically. "Congratulations. For now, you could stop being jealous," he sneered. Eshan knew that the emphatic 'all by yourself' was hardly intentional, but it bothered him because Nathan got hurt by Eshan and there was a secret too. It must be weird but Nathan and Eshan both were alive and they have plastic surgery to hide their real face. 

Now, it must be coming in everyone's mind, how were they alive? They were dead. How come a dead person could live? Could it be a ghost? 

The birthday party passed nicely but Still, due to the fight, Eshan wasn't enjoying it. 

After listening to this, "Eshan and Nathan were alive." You must have also thought that Kamini and Tom should also be surviving. You are right. Kamini and Tom both were alive! Let's talk about that curse first. In the past years, Vampires and Werewolves exist and they both got a curse in which vampires got weakened in Sun, and in the full moon, the people will turn into werewolves. That wolf was Kamini and that's why she refused to come in the party. Tom was transformed into a werewolf by Kamini's bite.

 'It is also the time to tell Who were Nathan and Eshan. What happened is Nathan went to a city where someone fed on him and that's the vampire. He also turned Nathan into a vampire and said, "Whenever you will die, You will be turning into a vampire. And After this, that person who turned him compelled him and tell him to turn Eshan into a vampire by making him drink Nathan's blood. So, On the same day, he visited Eshan's house where his hand got hurt and blood was coming out. Nathan unknowingly fed on him and compelled him and make his blood drunk to Eshan and That's the turning point of Eshan's life. From that day, his behavior became weird and disrelished him because Nathan only turned him.


 One thing more, the death rate was increased due to four of them. Nathan was killing people for blood, Kamini and Tom were killing people who came between them. Eshan was killing people because after his death, his craving for blood was increased and he couldn't control himself. 


 After some days, Eshan got to know something about vampires and werewolves about How they could be killed. So, in a book, it was written that vampires could die by a stake of wood. To make vampires weak, a plant called vervain should be injected into their body or it must be thrown on their face which will burn it and To make them walk in the sun, they have to wear a daylight ring and for the werewolf, moonlight ring, which must have a spell done by a witch on that. To kill a werewolf, a silver dagger was used. A plant called, wolfbane can make them weak. That's all that he knew. 


So, For his revenge, he killed him and he died after saying, "You are not safe. There are many in this town... You must live hardly. You need to know much more info. So, Live your life safely." What must have happened to Eshan? And while Eshan was killing, Ili and Romania saw it and Eshan was troubled. What must have happened to both of them? 

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