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"NIGHT", as we know, is the successor to dusk, often referred to as the time of solitude. Often we come to hear that, its the time for the defeated people to come out, people defeated in battle with emotions, love, immense pressure, and other diverse situations. They don't like to reveal themselves to the world in broad daylight and go on. Even there are rumours about ghosts and spirits preferring the eeriness of the night and darkness to haunt. The reason I am calling these 'rumours' is because these are sheer lies based on the superstitions.

Let's skip this "ghost and spirit" part, and deal with the others. From my point of view, night is the period of fading daylight, when darkness slowly begins to engulf the so-called 'hope', i.e. light. But, is it really the time for the defeated people to come out? Is it really the signal for tiredness, fatigue, losing, etc.? Well, I would say a big NO. How can one relate to a period of 24 hours as a sign of despair, or loss or anything else? If it would be, then why would people study late night, work late night, and so on.. Most of us are avid followers of superheroes & considering this fact, why would BATMAN come only at night if it was the time for only the defeated people to come out... Hence, night for me was a peaceful moment where we can do our things, be it study, be it work, or anything else. Even, night is the perfect moment for late-night calls and loads of memories.

MEMORIES!! Small word but has a very big meaning... I used to love the eeriness of the night, and the daily memories it used to give me... I was having a perfect and happy life, studies, peace, those special late-night calls, texts, small debates and much more. We preferred the night as the most perfect time since there were no external disturbances, we could talk in peace, even argue peacefully, be it under the blanket or under a high-speed fan. Everything was so PERFECT. But may be DESTINY had some other plans and for the first time I realised , even PERFECTION has no value in this world. And the most special thing about it? It ended too at NIGHT. Little did I know that even the part of the day that gave me so many memories, will give me a memory I would never be able to forget in my life. With every passing night, I would get depressed, cry occasionally. In my childhood, I had fear about ghosts under my bed... Now, after having grown up, I still try to escape from a ghost, the ghost of those MEMORIES that haunted me like hell... I used to lie for her, and she, lied to me. But for how long? So, with the start of this year, I made a resolution to myself, a resolution to let go of all of it. I chose to walk away not because I gave up, but because my self-respect was more important than lied promises... Thus the last time I came across her on social media was on the NIGHT of 31st Dec. No, we didn't talk, and thus, with the next morning, a new chapter of my life opened, a bank page of a 365 paged book.

Hence, what I believed about NIGHT got modified... I understood why it was called as the moment for the defeated/cheated people to move out. I even came to know that people describe night in the way they have been accustomed to with it. There can be no formal definition about it. Even this later half of the day changed my life, my mindset, my way of thinking, made me strong, to which I owe. Thus, night and memories have a very strong connection. But, the eeriness still provides me the peace to read and write, but no memories to look for.

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