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Drama Romance


Aniruddha Kar

Drama Romance

The Eyes With Thousand Emotion

The Eyes With Thousand Emotion

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Some infinities are bigger than other infinities", Is not it? Yeah, most of us have seen The Fault In Our Stars. Some have cried watching it, some after reading it, and much more, since, just like TITANIC, this movie also holds some close resemblance with our hearts, particularly emotions.

It's not always about sacrifices or loads of promises that form the basis of such stories in real life, there ought to be some big differences among them being movies. So, I would also like to describe someone, who has become an elemental part of my life, in a short but sweet span.

I wouldn't disagree with the fact that when we are in love, we often exaggerate our feelings and emotions, sometimes, out of joy over the sweet moments we get to spend together and the cherish-able memories we make, or when we start to miss that special person on account of long-distance, or even quarrel over misunderstandings. Whatever be it, I would be a little contradictory to it since trying to be a writer, I would like my composition to be as realistic as it can be.

Okay, coming onto the mainstream plot, it was one fine evening and it was right a few days before the elections. Now, being my first, I was also a much excited fellow teenager. With the last word from the mouth of the professor, I jumped up, put my bag on and raced toward the college gate. Then boarded a bus to the station, and finally got into the train. Sitting on the seat, I was just getting anxious, for meeting my friends after a long time, never expecting that a surprise was waiting in the strangest way possible. Just like old times, my Family, that's what I call my group of friends, were waiting to pick me up from the station and go to our regular hangout zone. But it was a very humid day, and having journeyed after my college lectures, they advised me to go home, have a bath and come all fresh. After having my bath, my fatigues began to make its way in.. I decided to not go again but to stay home and take rest. However, we all are really weak against the sentiments of our beloved brothers. Hence, I had to step out, unwillingly, never even getting to know of what was awaiting ahead. Reaching the place, I caught glimpse of a girl, sitting with us, but was lost in her own world, and was on her phone, busy with PubG, a popular game. At first, I didn't pay any heed towards her, owing to my oath of abstaining from girls.

But at times, I did notice that she seemed kind of depressed over something and was busy on her phone, without any talks. Now, not to boast of myself, but I am grateful to God for giving me this unique ability to read people's mind by observing their activities and I could easily predict her. After some time, she went off, and, one guy asked who she was, while another guy named her, Arshita. Now, our group abides by one motto: " To help anyone who needs it " . so, I decided to do the same. While going to sleep at night, I sent her a request and dozed off. The following morning, I found her accepting my request. But what was more strange was the way I texted her first. It was not normal. Hi, Hello but " Were you present at the ground yesterday ?" And the way she replied was far more humorous. She texted " Do I really look so odd without make-up that people gonna forget me so quickly ?". And that's how our story marked its beginning. For the first few days we just kept on chatting on social media and to my dismay, I found her living close to my own home.. And I didn't even know till then. Hard luck I know. Then we decided to meet and have a gossip since you cannot just talk to someone and decide everything through social media.

I still remember my inability to converse with her for even a second, owing to my shyness and introvert nature. One night, I told her that I would be present for four more days, and she seemed kind of surprised. And guess what? The very next evening, She took the initiative and started the conversation. I know that's a bit lame from my side to be so shy, But I really found someone who could understand it. That evening I understood one thing for sure, this girl is different and she can also understand things like me.

She looked really beautiful that evening with her long dark hair waving with the breeze. Yes, I know you all can understand, I had fell for her, especially for her smile and those eyes. Yes, EYES, small word but contains billions of languages and emotions. That night, I asked her what was troubling her, and she tried to skip the topic and call it a day. The very next evening, we met again and she confronted me of how I noticed pain through her eyes while she was trying to smile. And then she told me about her past which still continued to haunt her, and she couldn't find ways to get over them. Slowly, I tried to help her and we went on becoming more comfortable with each other, and eventually carried on.

Oh! Did I tell you that one thing is still common among us.. whenever we decided to meet, it rained and still now, whenever we come together or are close, it rains. So, you can call rain as the priest for our togetherness. Another credit of us being so close quickly goes to my brothers, for you know when you got such lovely friends, how staying away from them for some time and talking with a girl can cost you. Laughing? Yeah, you should definitely, but deep down we all know this thing quite well.

And that's how we eventually started getting more comfortable, and kind of floating infatuations started to swim in our minds .. And as the remaining days went by, I found her dilated pupils slowly getting wet, she was starting to regain her self confidence, she was smiling from her heart again, which of course melted my heart every single time. But most importantly, Arshita started to lead a happy life again, since she found someone who could understand her, someone she could rely on. In short, SHE turned from a " PARANOID CUTIE with DARK PAST " to " SANE ANGEL with BRIGHT PRESENT". What a time we were having together.

Unfortunately, the day of my departure arrived. I told her that she was gonna miss me a little initially nut it would increase to a considerable amount with time. I had a long period of about 48 days, for my semester exams to take place. She replied with confidence, denying me that she wouldn't miss me so much. But to her dismay, over late-night calls and random texts and phone calls, she found her confidence to be overconfidence, and shatter away. And then I gradually started to hear orders to return as soon as possible, how I could spend a day without her, and so on. This distance eventually turned to a long-distance relationship. I missed her enigmatic beauty, her overwhelming company and her. She even acted as my guardian, making a routine of when to forcibly sent me for studying, when to talk with her, and much more. This added more boost to our bonding.

When I returned home and met her, the first thing she did was stare at me with love-filled, shocked, large eyes, as if an army brat had returned alive serving at the borders, with her red lipstick, glowing with the blush she was doing. And there it was, we were in LOVE, a story that started with a random text, but in which, the eyes played a crucial part. One can just imagine how filmy this is, but the truth is, if it is to happen, it will, without any clue of how it is to. The reason for drawing the names of two most famous love stories on the very first paragraph is to make you think a bit filmy, but also to prove that it can happen in real too. And yes, yes, they play an important role like heart, they speak the emotions mind cannot express.

I could expand this, but it is not necessarily about my relationship. Hence I have to conclude this now, but what good is writing a love story without some expression of love. Hence "I love you 3000 Arshi".

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