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Narayan's Lesson

Narayan's Lesson

2 mins

Once upon a time,

In a village named Kashipura, there lived a couple. They had one son named Srinath.

The son used to go to school and would return by four o'clock in the evening.

The husband Narayan was a very lazy person. On the other hand, the wife Kaveri was a very hardworking woman who used to work in the fields all day long and earn for the family. One day Kaveri saw Narayan sleeping on a couch outside in the verandah. 

She was tired of his lethargic behavior.

The next morning when Narayan was about to go to meet his friends, his wife stopped him and asked " Are you going to join me in the fields today ?". His answer was simply " No! I'm tired working all day "He left the house and Kaveri had to work all alone again...

She decided to teach him a lesson...

The next day she had decided; whatsoever she will not be doing any of the work that she does every day.

Her husband woke up late and realized that Kaveri had not made the breakfast and was sleeping on the couch in a similar way Narayan did.

He ignored and started waking Kaveri up. She replied, "I'm tired of working in the fields, earning for the family, and doing all the household chores. Also now please don't disturb me ". He still ignored her behaviour and set off to meet his friends. When he had come back home he saw Kaveri resting on the couch, He asked her about dinner she said she will not be making the dinner today. He had realized that there is some reason behind Kaveri's strange behavior. So he asked her why is she being so lazy, she answered " Your behaviour has been the same since we came to this house...I wanted to teach you a lesson and make you realize your mistake by showing you, your behavior. I hope you will not be lethargic ever again in life.."

Narayan had learnt a lesson. From that day onwards he every day started working with his wife in the fields, helped in household chores, and also stopped spending the whole day on the couch.

Moral of the story:

We should always be hardworking.

"You get what you work for, not what you wish for. "

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