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Mystic Power Rangers

Mystic Power Rangers

2 mins

Sanju! Why don't you take remote from Abhinav?

Veena is almost screaming at her husband.

No one can control Abhinav in the summer holidays.

Getting TV remote from his hand is a troublesome task which Veena never wanted to try.


You are also becoming a child day by day.

She is showing anger toward her husband.

Sanju is reading a newspaper and discussing the cartoon shows.

Sanju asked Abhinav to sit near him.

Abhinav came near Sanju and given remote to him.

Sanju asked what he is watching?

Abhinav said it is Power Rangers: Mystic Force.

Sanju started watching the final episode along with Abhinav.

After watching the episode Sanju asked his kid what he has learned?

Abhinav said Mystic Rangers won over the villain. Sanju starter explaining.

At last Mystic Rangers are getting weak but normal people said they believe in their magic and encouraged them and given confidence to them by saying they support Rangers in the battle.

With the added support the power of good magic increased and Mystic Rangers won the battle.

Abhinav listening with so much interest and he forgot his mother's presence.

Sanju said like those Mystic Rangers you have to fight over bad elements and you will get the victory if you are able to earn the support of people. That means you have to form a good team.

Sanju and Abhinav shouted Magical source Mystic force.

Veena started realizing that being a good parent means not switching off cartoons but something more than that.

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