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Harish Lodha


Mystery Of Part-1

Mystery Of Part-1

24 mins



This started all like this …………

I was in London. My best friend, Jainam Shah was living with me. Actually today’s date is 13 October that means, in London today is HALLOWEEN. He was living in India with her mother. He was dreaming about HALLOWEEN for 2 years. UM! SORRY! I AM SO RUDE! I forgot to introduce myself. Hello Friends! My name is Rhidam Lodha. UM! Where was I? Yes, I was talking about his dream, Halloween. I am the best hacker and architect of the world. I was decorating my house with the material of Halloween.

I decorated my house with Halloween balloons. I also used many black pies to decorate my house, as Halloween. I brought fake tombs to scare other children. Then, I went to the market to buy some candies, chocolates and some sweets. When I was reaching home, I saw a very big line standing after my house. My best friend, Jainam was waiting for me to come with candies, chocolates, and sweets. I entered home with the help of a backdoor. He helped me to give chocolates to children. We gave the chocolates till next morning, 1: 00 am so, we decided to remove all the decorations. We worked more than 1 hour to remove decorative materials and slept. We had to also do work tomorrow for the HALLOWEEN PARADE. When we slept, the bell rang again. Jainam was not sleeping as he likes to do work and not to rest. He looked after the chocolate bag and saw from the looking hole.


 He saw a boy standing in front of the door. Jainam asked ‘Why did you come so late to take chocolates of Halloween’. He didn’t answer his question. He opened the door in a rage and noticed a strange thing that the boy was wearing a black shirt, black jacket, black shoes, black hat, black jeans and had black eyes and black tattoos. Oh! ‘How much black.’ he screamed. I woke up with Jainam’s scream and ran towards the door. I and Jainam asked him ‘Who are you’. He answered ‘You know me very well’. I recognized his voice immediately. He was our old friend's black human ‘Joan’. Actually he loves the color black and has everything made up of color black. He also knows the history, geography, biology, chemistry of color black. We had not met our friend Joan for almost 6 years. We welcomed our friend Joan in our house. We talked with him for a while then, I went into the kitchen and made three cups of coffee. In two minutes the coffee was ready. I served them in the tray. One coffee cup had cheese croissant and cheese puffs as Joan likes to eat cheese with coffee. Then, I and Jainam also took one cup of coffee and started drinking. After drinking the coffee made by me, we slept and Joan slept in the guestroom. We slept till 8:00 am and got ready for the work. 



At sharp 9:00 am we left our house and went to the stadium where the work of Halloween parade was going on. We checked all the machines that were working or not. Some of the machines were not working so, we repaired them as fast as we could. We worked there for almost 12 hours. After rest work, we rested in our room with the air conditioner (AC) on. We slept for an hour and got ready for the Halloween parade as we were the chief guest of this event as we helped them in the check of working machines and set the speed of machines as I am the best architect. Then, we went to see the parade. We reached the starting point of the parade. We saw the whole parade on a high-tech car. When we were seeing the biggest balloon, I saw a light coming from it. I thought it was a short circuit so, I ran to the control room to see what’s happening. I was in shock when I saw a T.N.T. (trinitrotoluene an explosive). 


I saw a digital screen with a camera on T.N.T. When I saw the digital screen clearly, I saw that there was written something on it. It read, Welcome Rhidam to my world of monsters and villains. This is the start of the age of FALLEN KINGDOM OF MONSTERS. If you have to stop me come to my castle and defeat me. Then a clock appeared on the digital screen and made a timer of 60 seconds or 1 minute. I ran to the balloon and opened it’s under the deck and took the T.N.T. I went out of the balloon and went to the river to throw it in the water. When I was going to throw it in the water it blasted in the air. The noise was so loud that everyone heard it ran when they saw a dangerous blast!!!!!! BBBBOOOOOOOMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!! After that, I, Jainam, Joan went home for rest. I told them everything I had saw. When Joan heard the words monsters he called 5 to 6 people and said us to wait for a while.


Afterward, the bell rang when an elderly gentleman stood. He was wearing a very expensive coat. He asked me ‘Am I standing at the house of Morris. Jainam asked me to answer. I answered ‘Morris was my grandfather. Who are you’ He said my name is Sammy. I am your grandfather’s best friend. I told him that I do not know who he is? Sammy told ‘He and I was working on a project of monsters. We were working in the basement of your house.’ I answered ‘I am living here from 7 years back. I didn’t find the basement till now.’ Then, I told my friends to throw him out when he showed us a picture where he and my grandfather were standing in the basement. He went by saying if you got the basement please inform me as I have to complete his mission or project. When he left the area, I went into deep thought. Then, again the bell rang. Joan welcomed them. He also introduced them. The first was Aayush, the second was Kirtan, third was Palash, fourth was Samarth, and fifth was Daksh. With astonishment, our french teacher Roshni Miss also came.


We asked Roshni miss, how did you come here? Joan, did you call her? He answered ‘I don’t know how she came in here?’ Roshni miss said ‘First, I was buying ladyfinger then, I saw Palash coming here so, I followed Palash and came here but, what problem do you have I am standing here?’ I answered, I do not have any problem if you are standing here but, we have to talk about a secret. She assured us by saying ‘I will not tell anyone about this secret, you can tell me.’ I said ‘OK!!!MISS!!!’ Then we all headed to our small secret cabinet. Joan also introduced them to us. He said ‘First work we have to do is, to find the hidden basement in this house.


We started finding the hidden basement while Roshni miss was cooking some food for us. Actually I only told her to cook food because it could be a very long adventure of monsters. I didn’t told monsters or else she would get scared. I remained the secret closed to everyone in the house except Joan and Jainam. We saw all around the rooms and even the kitchen. We also checked the bedrooms. The only place left was the huge library. We checked everywhere in the house. Daksh and Samarth were detectives so they used their special equipment and climbed on the roof. The checked every ceiling of the house when a creaking noise came from the living room’s ceiling. They immediately called me and Joan. They told everything to us. While Daksh and Samarth were telling us, Aayush slipped from the long chair with a huge pile of books.


We all went to the library to see what had happened. He answered it was just a mistake. We medicated him in my room. When, we reached the hall or the living room the ceiling which was creaking had turned into a rope. We started climbing the rope without thinking anything. We all reached up there in minutes. I thought about how a basement could be overhead. We saw stairs in front of us that leads to the bottom. When we reached down, another staircase leads up. We did that for at least 20 times. Finally, we reached but, there was a door with an eye scanner. I mistakenly scanned my eye and it opened. But my other members were falling here and thereafter a basement ride. It was very hard to support them in the room. I saw there was only dust, old things, and garbage. I checked in the old things when I, found a huge, beautiful, shining, golden colored, real diamonds and silk-wrapped chest.


It was shining very brightly. I also saw a golden lock on the chest. It was also shining brightly like the chest. I told my friends to find the key to the lock. We checked everywhere in the basement. We also saw in the garbage but, then a scroll fell down on my head. I saw it very carefully. It read: I AM THE KEY. I WILL BE FIND AT THE LOWER PART OF THE BODY. We all checked our bodies. My leg was shining. I checked my toes. I saw a bunch of keys in my toes. I checked all the keys one by one. At last, the key that was shining the most was the key to the chest. We opened it. It was very heavy. We looked inside it anxiously. 


Palash put on his torch and saw some extra-ordinary alphabets. I thought how much scroll’s we will get in this adventure. A scroll landed on my head when I said it, and it said: this scroll is only for making a fool. The real scroll is at the dark cave of Canadian Shield. It only comes once in 5000 years. Then we saw a date: 1500 then we counted and we got that this was 5000th year. We checked in google that it was booked for the whole year for the race that happens only 1 time in 10 years. We were very happy after seeing this. We had to take risks and see that cave and go on an exciting adventure to complete the research of my grandfather.


Daksh stood up and said ‘We will participate.’ We have to participate in the race. After that, we all stood up and we said yes we will go in the race. After that, we got ready for the race. We worked as hard as we could to win. On the day of the race, we were very nervous. At the count of 3……2……..1……….0, we started to run. We reached the shield’s way in 30 minutes. When all were running we distributed in 8 parts and checked everywhere in the shield. I saw a cave and thought that it was the dark cave. I checked everywhere and I saw a huge box that was glittered and it was fascinating my eyes. I opened it. I saw FOREST REIGN, VOLCANO OF MAGIC, LAND OF EVIL TIME, FROZEN PEAK, THE LAND MAZE, DRAGON PULSE and MONSTER CASTLE.


I called my friends to meet at my home to discuss the map. We reached home and discuss it for a while what to do when a Daksh suggested to us that we should go on this adventure and reveal the secret of my grandfather’s project about monsters and villains. When he said this a strong electromagnetic pulse rate was detected by my electromagnetic pulse indicator. At that time we also heard a noise coming from up. When we saw up, a large flying creature looked like a dragon took off in the air after it took our house in the hands. We screamed very loud ‘DRAGON’. The dragon took us into space. I can’t understand 2 things:

1: We were seeing a real dragon.

2: We could respiration in space.

He took us into a dark circle (black hole). We closed our eyes for death but, we entered a beautiful place. We directly land in front of some small flying objects that looked like fairies. They welcomed us in a very good manner. Then a good looking woman came with a tiara on her head and a crown. She came in front of us on a large white cloud and bowed after us. We also showed our respect for her.


The good looking woman said ‘My name is Aliza, Queen of Fantasy Land and also welcome to the Fantasy Land. Inexact we are in land of a kind’. We also introduced ourselves. She said ‘You are doing the thing that no one thinks about. This would be the most dangerous thing you would have been done in your life. This could also kill you or chop you into uncountable pieces’. We all thought what a dangerous speech. Aliza treated us in a very delicate and kind manner. She told us that I can give any food at any place and on time. I can also give you 7 things that you want. Wait for a second, why are you giving us all these things to us. Then she explained that the monster you are finding’s name is DRAZIG, king of monsters and villain. He wants to find the 8 ENCHANTED MAGICAL CHARMS that can kill DRAZIG. We have to find them before DRAZIG can find them. I was eager to learn about enchanted charms but she told me that choose your wishes first. But before she let us choose our wishes she said something in my ear (shhh… It is a secret).




We had no choice to help her. 1st wish was taken by Samarth.

1st wish was he needed a fully automatic car. 

2nd wish was taken by Daksh who, asked for a guide to help us.

3rd wish was taken by Aayush. He wanted pets that would transform into dinosaurs.

4th was Jainam who told me that he needed a laptop that can speak.

5th was Palash who asked for a curse to make all types of machines in the world.

6th wish was taken by Kirtan which was he wanted to be the strongest man in the world.

7th was my turn. I asked for an invisibility cloak and a map.

Then Aliza said grant and all things we needed we got right in front of us.

Then Aliza told us about the 8 enchanted magical charms. 

1ST is SEA EYE. 2ND is FLAME PEARL. 3RD is PURE FEATHER. 4TH is REALM STAR. 5TH is MEDALLION OF KNOWLEDGE. 6TH is LOVE HANDS. 7TH is a TOWER OF POWER. 8TH is WATER SILENCE. Then she said ‘this normal wear couldn’t save you from the great dangers. Then, she gave us amours. We wore at slept.


The very next day, we left the Land of Kind and went towards the first charm i.e. SEA EYE. We were a bit scared as it was another world we were far from our mother planet ‘EARTH’. The guide said that the sea eye is found at the base of the SEA OF THE BASAPHION. Jainam asked him about BASAPHION. The guide answered, ‘He is a dangerous animal. No one goes there as whosoever has gone there no one came back or they came back but, DEAD. We reached there in an hour. At the center, of the sea lied an island which was lit-bit far away. We thought that how we would get there while Samarth went into his car and said ‘Come on!! Don’t you remember the automatic car? We sat in the car and Samarth said SWIMMMMMMMMMMMMIIIING MOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The car turned itself into a type of motorboat and went towards it. We reached there in 20 minutes and, got off from the car and, sat over a very long rock (We thought so). We saw everywhere but nothing was found. Then, Aayush who was sitting said that the ground is moving but we didn’t felt when the long rock started moving in the water. Just in time, Aayush got up from there. After it went into the water, we checked where it went, when we saw a largemouth heading towards us. It had yellow eyes, black pupil, red-colored skin, and dangerous 13-inch teeth. The most horrifying thing about this creature was that it is 90 feet high.


Then it just went over our heads. After that, it started eating the island. While it was eating the island Daksh saw a cut in his leg. Then he told us about the cut when, Palash when he made a weapon that can shoot bandages, and he made it very fast. I wore my invisibility cloak and shoot him at the cut at very for most because all my friends were blocked from all the sides. After a minute, he came towards. I screamed a loud but, it didn’t hurt me instead, it licked face and told in a very deep voice. Many people came here but, instead of friendship, they try to kill me. That’s why I have…t-t-to. While he was completing the sentence I said ‘KILL THEM’. He explained to us that they are not killed they are all with me but the visitor ran from here and told a fake story or rumors. From that day many people have come to kill me but I fainted them and kept them in a cave. I have promised to Aliza that only the person who is kind and brave will be rewarded with the SEA EYE. Then he opened his mouth and removed our first charm i.e. ‘THE GREAT SEA EYE’.




After BASAPHION gave us the first charm (which was very tough to get) we went towards the second charm that is a flame pearl that is found at the mighty volcano: - THE VOLCANO OF FIRE. Samarth asked about the VOLCANO OF FIRE. Guide answered ‘it is the most dangerous mountain in the world. Only a kind-hearted could control its heat. It was a very long journey to reach our destination. The most terrifying thing was we had to climb the 8065m (8.65 km). We had rested for a while. After an hour we left for climbing. It took a whole day to climb it. We rested for a while we entered the danger zone. We also eat some food. After an hour, we made a plan because, the guardian of flame pearl is a phoenix. 

PHOENIX: - It is a mighty bird that can survive more than 5000 years. They are Egyptian firebirds that carry more than 6000 tons with it and blow fire from the mouth. 

It was very long. Seeing it made me feel scared. Its color was as red as fire.


We saw a large bird that was feeding one of a baby phoenix. I went to the border when I felt very hot but, after some time it cooled down. I took a thermometer and saw the temperature. It was 35. C but, when I dropped it, it blasted because of over hotness. When we stepped in the phoenix stare at us for a while and came towards us. It asked ‘who are you and how did you pass my test’. We asked him what test. It answered whosoever passes the border always dies because they come for their own potential means. You have come in means you are kind, brave, and come for a good purpose. Then we told our story about the fantasy land. Then it said that OK!! I’ll give you the charm but promise to take care of this till your end. We told it ‘We would put our lives danger but save this charm and, we went towards the next charm.   


The very next day we reached the crystal star where the pure feather was kept. There was a gate in front of us. On the gate, an inscription was written but in other languages. Then a fairy came and said that it is the secret inscription language. It is a not Inter-national Accepted Language (IAL). It read ‘QVSF GFBUIFS’T HBVSEJBO’. The fairy explained ‘P-U-R-E F-E-A-T-H-E-R’S G-A-U-R-D-I-A-N’. We went into the crystal. There were statues made up of crystal. There were houses, lands, chocolates, shops and etc. made up of CRYSTAL!!! Then we understood why this star is called CRYSTAL STAR. But the problem was no one could move except for a little bird that was made up of crystal. She said my name is crystal but my friends call me Wings. She said ‘Can you see the statues. They are not statues, they are people who, came here and have got crystallized because they were not worthy. If you have to go from here you have to pass my test.


We said we are not here to go out, we need the charm. Then she said ‘If you need the charm you have to pass a little harder test’. You have to tame a dragon. This was the most shocking sentence of this day. A large dragon came in front of me. It was roaring very loudly. Then, the Crystal said who wants to go up. Kirtan answered I will be the one who will be going to tame this dragon. He just told him that everything’s fine and the dragon just calm down. We were shocked to see how he tamed the dragon. Then he said that I told him that I will give you some food so he tamed in front of everyone. Crystal was amazed to see that the dragon had tamed. Unhappily she had to give us the 3RD charm i.e. the pure feather. Taking it happily we went towards the next charm that was REALM STAR.


We asked the guide about the realm star. He said that it is used to create portals. It is found at a house and it is very simple to take but, the hard part is to get in. we reached the house that the guide was talking about. We went in. We said it was so easy but, when we stepped in we were automatically out of the door. We tried several times but it didn’t happen. We rested for a while then we again tried but, it didn’t happen when Palash’s energy reading machine had captured a strong energy reading from behind the house. We went behind when we saw a clock named REALMS.


We also saw writing in on secret language. It read ‘UIF SFBMN DMPDL’. The fairy again came and said it reads ‘T-H-E R-E-A-L-M C-L-O-C-K. There was a button under it. When we clicked it, a large powerful rays of light came back in the clock. Then, we went in front of the house, opened the door and stepped in but, we didn’t go out of the house. Then, we saw everywhere to find the realm star but, we didn’t find it. We thought it would be a prank until Joan and Jainam found a secret door hidden in the upper ceiling. We went up and saw a shining object flying in the air. It was shining a lot but, when I touched it, it stopped shining. Then we took it and went to the next charm.


We were heading towards the next charm that was a medallion of knowledge from a dense and quite jungle. Then, Jainam and Karan heard voices. Then we also heard some voices. Then we saw a black cloud heading towards us. When we saw a clearly it was a heard of monsters who were heading towards us. I said ‘RUN FOR YOUR LIVES’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then we ran as fast as we could. After a running a while we got to know that the heard of monsters were coming from all the sides. Then we again heard voices but this time, it was of water. Then we saw a boy surfing on the water on LAND. Then he washed away half of the army. Then we saw that he was controlling water from his hands. He was very strong. We also helped him to fight them. He finished all the monster.


Then we asked him ‘What was, his name’? He answered ‘His name was PERCY, PERCY JACKSON’, son of Posideon. Then, we also introduced us to him. Then we told the story about our journey of the FANTASY LAND. Then, he also told his story about his powers. He said ‘When I was 17 years old I had a problem with dyslexia. In this, a boy cannot read and write properly (ACTUALLY I THOUGHT SO). One day in the museum of gods, a fury attacked me. After that MR. Bruner took care of me. Then my friend Grover, a satyr and Anabeth my friend went on an adventure. Actually it wasn’t an adventure, Zues bolt was lost and he thought that I had stolen it. I had found the bolt and then gave it to him. Then, I had killed my grandfather, Kronos. He was a bad man so, I had to kill him. After that, I have gone on many adventures with my friends to save the world. 


Then, he told us that his father has sent him to see that we are good or not because his father wouldn’t give you the last charm easily. So, he was also coming with us on the adventure. We all went towards the next charm. We asked a guide about the medallion of knowledge so he told me that there are 6 locks. There are 5 keys. Everyone reaches the 5 locks but can never find the secret behind the 6 locks. There is only one chance to answer the 6 the lock. We saw 5 men standing in one straight line when we reached there. They said answer our riddles. Then the first and youngest said the first riddle is ‘I GO THROUGH MOUNTAINS, FORESTS, CITIES AND EVEN DESERTS BUT I NEVER MOVE. WHO I AM. We thought for a while and Jainam answered ‘ROAD’. The boy said yes. Then, he gave us the 1 key and disappeared, and then the second one came in front. He was the second youngest. He asked ‘I HAVE HAIR BUT NO LICE, I HAVE BUT NO ONE CAN PLAY WITH IT. WHO I AM. Daksh answered in a second it is ‘EYES’. He gave us the key and disappeared. The 3RD one was elder. He asked ‘I STOP THINGS, I AM LUBRICATED AND I MAKE SURFACES ROUGH. WHO I AM’. Aayush answered frictional force.  


4 one was elder than the last one. He said ‘I HAVE BLUE, I HAVE COVER THAT IS DESIGNED AND MY BLUE COMES OUT’. The answer was so easy that Kirtan popped up his answer without asking us. He said ‘PEN’. The 5TH one was the eldest. He asked his riddle that was ‘8 students went on mountain climbing. They got under an avalanche but they were saved because they were in a cave but, they were stuck in the cave for a week. Then a chopper went there and got to know that 8 had fallen from the cliff. All recovered from this accident after a week but the 7 was saying 8...8…8…8 all the time’. The boy asked what he was trying to say. We thought for and Karan answered he was not saying 8 he was saying ‘A-T-E’. They ate 8 ones. The boy gave us the key and disappeared. We unlocked all the locks and thought about how to open the 6 locks. Then I immediately said Education. Then the lock automatically opened. My friends asked me who did you know it would be the answer. I answered that I read in a book that Education is the key to all locks. I went into the room and took the charm and we again went to a new location.


We were heading towards our next charm that was love hands. We rested for a while before starting our journey. We ate our lunch and slept for a while until we had to again move. This time our legs were paining so we sat in the car and went to the next charm. We reached our next charm in an hour. We saw a gate that was guarding the love hands. It said ‘ONLY LOVERS CAN CROSS THIS GATE’. I didn’t pay attention to it and pushed the gate but the gate pushed me back. Then we thought about how we would get in. Then, I remembered that I had read in a storybook about love. Then, I said to all that we should catch each hand and say please gate let us in. At this moment, the gate opened. We went in, searched for the charm. When we got the charm we went towards the next and the last charm that was left.


We sat for a while under a tree for a while to rest and eat our dinner. Then, we left for the next charm i.e. POWER TOWER situated in TOWER OF POWER. We saw a large gate in front of the tower. We went to the gate very easily. When we entered the tower of power we saw a large tower which was touching the sky and talking with birds. On the tower of power, it was something written in secret code language. It read ‘ZPV TIPVME DPOUSP ZPVS P SPXFS’. Fairy decoded it. It said ‘Y-O-U S-H-O-U-L-D C-O-N-T-R-O-L Y-O-U-R O-W-N P-O-W-E-R. We could see the charm. It was inside the tower. We tried to go inside but I couldn’t go inside. Then, a fairy went in but, a super electro wave hit him and she felt down. Then, she said that Aliza told me that one fairy has to give her power in the tower of power. Then, she threw out the power tower and we caught it. Then, she said that she can’t come out or she will die. Take this and then, go finish your mission. We said goodbye to her and went on.


We were heading towards the next charm that was also the last charm. It was water silence. We asked about in detail about the charm. He said that a great king of fantasy land who was very kind and was killed by Drazig. For his memories, Aliza made this charm and handed over to the great king of POSIDEON. Then, we reached a sea instead of the world of water. Then, Percy touched his hand in the water and said WATER LIVES IN EVERY PERSON, and then, we saw a small hollow way in the water. We walked for a while in the way and reached a castle made up of water. We also see guards, walls, ceilings, and even people made up of water. When we went in I saw a man wearing a crown with a drop of water and blue color hand blocks and armor. After that, Percy talked to him for a while, and then, he gave the charm and then said ‘My son told me that you are capable of this charm so take it and go and kill Drazig. With this and Percy we went towards our first challenge. 

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