Anvi Goyal

Horror Thriller


Anvi Goyal

Horror Thriller

Mystery Of Dr.- Part 4

Mystery Of Dr.- Part 4

1 min

'' And now your city will be healthy again,'' said Sofia.

The next day, there was a huge crowd waiting for their turn in the hospital. Suddenly, the lights went off. Sofia said,'' Don't worry. I will go and check on the generator outside.'' 

Sofia went outside the room and saw that someone had switched off the generator. This kept happening for days. Then she put an electric fence around it.

The next day, again, the lights went off. When Sofia went to check outside she noticed that the current was working perfectly but then also someone had turned the switch off. '' Who could have survived such a nasty shock!'' wondered Sofia. She discussed this matter with the mayor and her team and decided to put a CCTV camera.

The next day, the lights went off. Sofia, the mayor and her team were watching the footage when they noticed something scary. A strong wind would blow by every time and the generator switch would turn off automatically.

Sofia looked at the mayor. He was looking very scared and agitated. '' Mayor, is there a problem?''

'' No. I should probably go.''

''Wait, you have been acting weird since I've got here. Do you know anything about these weird incidences in the hospital?''

'' Okay! I will tell you. But we need to talk alone.''

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