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Pradanya Mordia



Pradanya Mordia


My Inspiration

My Inspiration

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What are you saying? ‘’Leza you cannot again fail to catch your desire. You meant to be one“ said her friend Natasha. No! It is irresistible to convince my parents on such topic.

Few years later……

“Mom I am leaving now…see you later”. Today 17 May, 2013 was the day of examination when Leza had to give her top best for the betterment of her life...The law exam. Leza always wanted to be a talented singer and wished she could but, life cannot be always good to everyone right? Unless we had a choice.

On her way to the institute and being nervous as well as fragile, all of a sudden the car crumpled over a bold wall. Her mother terribly finding her took her to the Hospital as she was all painted in blood and was panting over and over. While looking at Leza’s only parent her mother, she was breathing so heavily that anyone who sees her could get messed up with itself.

Finally! After 72 hours and this tragic accident Leza finally woke up with a dramatic secret. Her mother happily crying beside her. But stating apologies that “Sorry mom I didn’t makeup to exam although I was fully prepared hence did not fulfill your dream”.” My pumpkin after your dad’s accident you are my first priority not my dream because my World is incomplete without happiness which is you, my journey is unfortunate without your support and my heart is empty without love which is you so I am nothing without you as you complete me and lastly nothing is over you my princess”. Having conversation going on her mother unlikely asked for her permission to reveal the truth but suddenly Leza herself asked that “Mom why are you talking to me like that in the state of blindfold, please open this fold and let me see your face .. Hurry up I am dying to see your face after so long”. 

“Her mother started crying excessively“

‘What happened mom, why are you crying now, seeing I am awake, but firstly please unfold this thing from my eyes because I want to see your face after so long”

“No dear there is no blindfold on your eyes”

“Then why can’t I see you, you are invisible to me right now.” Replied Leza.


‘Mom I am scared, can you for God's sake, tell me what is this happening …. I can’t see you”

“Leza I am so sorry to tell but this all darkness is there in front of you because you will never be able to see because your eyes are gone forever because of that obtuse accident, but don’t worry I am always by your side.”

“What? What? Mom this is not done …..This is not fair to me, no this is not happening...Now how will I survive?

Crying for so long Leza understood that this will not help and that now being a Handicap I have to be stronger and need to do something big in my life from which each and every person should get inspired. Leza not being shortlisted convinced her mom and said that in my school as well as in College I got many proposals for singing but did not have the courage to speak in front of you even one of my friend pushed me for this but I didn’t listen to her and somewhere this is the result that I went blind and had accident on the same day of the exam, so now I want to show the World the real part of me and hopefully my dearest friend Natasha.

1 Month later after struggling so much to achieve her goal and not minding what other people commended she finally got the ticket of the place where she always wanted to be. She made it to finals, however, she didn't succeed but succeeded half through her journey and prepared herself again to not fall on failures but to go ahead in life.

Till now she has been a tremendous sensation that always wants to follow the dreams and a model of inspiration with whom everybody got inspired and got more when Leza once said that it doesn’t matter who you are and who you are, the only thing what matters is to what you achieve in your life. After hearing this her mom felt that somehow this was a moral to her to learn that never force someone to do things that he or she doesn’t want to do and leave on them what they want to be because no one knows what magic they create when they grow up.

After this Leza never stopped and continued to do hard work until she wins.

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