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Beautiful Scars

Beautiful Scars

8 mins

Scars of suffering can accord discomfort to anyone who is been bullied by a fraction of people, and that what happened with a boy named Daniel. Studying in The Brooklyn Cliff collage in New York City, Daniel had just one friend named Emma. Being best friends Emma used to always be the helping hand and a supporter to Daniel, because nobody likes his inappropriate scars revolving around the neck. Daniel and Emma were childhood friends and till now are, cooperating and helping each other no matter in how the worst situation they are in. Cycling from their houses…. In the mid way to the collage Daniel supposed some flock spying “can’t you hear someone is secretly detecting us?” “No, I can’t hear that” replied Emma and then they walked pass. Even after a long summer break no one resisted to oppressed him, and thus now being tortured and aspiring him for his blisters he use to always smack away the things as soon as he grasps’ his home.

The next morning Daniel having his early meal with his only parent Aunt Polly, getting frustrated and querying his aunt for the first time in an abrupt manner asks “why these scars are always hanging around me; because of these not a single girl or a boy even sits beside me, saying that “I won’t sit near him because these scars frighten me” and perhaps tease at the fullest they can, except my well wisher Emma.” But he does not end up here and continues to yell again and again “This is not enough, in spite of being intelligent; Oh no! Now I must say that because of this bullying I don’t even feel like going to school and because of that even my grades are drowning me.” Striking of the breakfast he hastily gulped the staircase and went to the room by bolting the gate. By the time the forenoon would have swallowed the midnight Daniel didn’t keep his footsteps out of the door and it seemed that he has been vanished somehow. Later A.M, Daniel sounded cryptic stated in a melancholy madness; submerged with sinuous blood streaming continuously over night as he was in a hurry to remove his scars by using a razor but couldn’t succeed, instead blooded his neck. Looking at this aunt couldn’t bear and immediately fainted.

After seventy two hours Emma finally decided to visit Daniel’s house to know about the reason for not coming to the collage for so many days. Entering the doorway she finds rifted and putrid aged food, Emma entered as she was standing for a longer time outside banging the door but the moment she looked at it she was paused and aghast murmuring in her mind “What happened to this place?” She then finds Daniel’s aunt was lying almost breathless on the staircase and swiftly took her to the Hospital; but she wasn’t able to find Daniel.

After that she again rushed to her friend’s house and amazes to see that from last three days Daniel is in the same clothes as before and is busy chewing meat; no wonder that now he was changing and not caring about the beloved ones, though this never happened in the past, “thought Emma”. She thought that it’s just a call to careless and maybe danger for now him to be explained what a mess he has created; and then she stepped out of the house.

While returning to the hospital she thought of leaving her best friend in this situation and moved on, “let’s discuss with AUNT “. Till she reached there, Aunt got conscious and their conversation started, “I don’t have much time to explain but to recognize Daniel’s behavior the witches prophecies will help him” ‘’But aren’t they suppose to be Mephistopheles” “No they aren’t, these witches cannot be trusted but can be compared to as angles and to find them go to the mark’’ by this Aunt ends up her talk and took her last breath.

Disconsolate Emma derived to find the way to save Daniel. Keeping a sight all the complications and being bold she somehow gets the success to find that place so that she could calm down her friend and express Aunt Polly’s interpretations to make him invoke about the mystery of his scars.

Heading towards the marker in the ground where the Witches tree had stood. Tourists often came to study the words on the marker, or to simply to stand and look at the sculptured old trees, the rocky shoreline, and the sunning harbor seals. Locals who had seen the tree for themselves, who remembered the day it had fallen, often mention the fact that Johnson William also resembles the Evil spirituality.

Being valiant enough to set the root up she progressed to recover things. There sitting alone at present dreaming darkly of a Dun on the arm of the tree, she finally finds Daniel. Girl said Hey Daniel just… come down otherwise you will fall. Saying no in a rude manner and dwelled with ambition he declined. Next day in the dawn he hopped from the branch, strolling to Emma in a satisfying manner, reawakening to listen her conclusion which she left incomplete the last night. From being captivated, now being acceptable Emma amuses to see that and tells the truth in a sorrowful nature that “it seems miserable to you but your Aunt Polly is now flamed towards Heaven leaving a gift for you”. ‘’What?” says Daniel being completely down castes and shocked. ‘’Such an irresponsible and shameless child I had been which was not even aware of the death.

Repenting him for so long something stroke in his mind and immediately asked to Emma,

"You talked about some gift that my Aunt left for me…What was it?”

"Till now it is clear that you are madly eager to know about the reason for your scars and the key to this solution is been done by your Aunt.”

"She told me about the Witches Prophecies and how by casting spells they can instantly appear”. Then they both together castes the spell,

The weird sisters, hand in hand,

Thus do go about, about,

Thrice to thine and thrice to mine,

And thrice again, to make up nine.

Peace! The charm’s wound up

Trusting deeply that the witches will arrive, together waited for a long period of time seeking all the time up. Later getting dismayed because of no physical appearance of the witches Daniel said ‘it’s just a mess' Emma replied that no let us wait for another two more minutes…… meanwhile surprisingly the clear sky stood away and Grey skies carrying cold breeze with them started to appear which resulted in darkness symbolizing it as a threat, the dawn of civilization resembled civilization which brought up to hostile weather along with heavy rainfall and then afterwards eventually the witches portrayed themselves. Daniel blanched by looking those conjurers and exhaled, getting scared as a jack-rabbit that has heard the howl of a wolf.

‘Who are these women like creatures?”

The witches went indignant and flew over the brains, saying “If you welcomed us then you should deal with the courage to look at us and to give us the courtesy”.

"Yes your lord; you deserve it and apologize for what happened now”. Then the witches replied in a delightful state “Deeds will not be less valiant because they are upraised”. By saying so they vanished into the air, and suddenly all calamities stopped and the previous nature came back to its place.

Daniel and Emma did not understood whatever the witches spoke and sat near the mark wondering that what could be the reason. All of a sudden Daniel converted into ashes circling the whole tree and flew. Emma getting scared says "What is happening to you Daniel” and started to lament watching Daniel like this getting blown away and tempted herself because of her negligence.

Reading about the robbers in the news headiness Emma went to the same place where she and her friend Daniel felt someone spying them. There she greeted with the robbers and started to hook the questions after moving inside the den.

"Robbers, I read about you all in the newspaper and that is why I’m here to find the answer about the mystery of Daniel’s parents”.

But the robbers answered "No, we are not aware of his parents’’ and so getting dejected she started to walk on and told herself that because of me I lost my friend.

Next morning she goes to the collage and surprisingly found Daniel talking about his scars to other people and is crowded all over.

Daniel revealing his mystery of scars by saying that “If someone wants to make their wish true in reality can speak to me and one scar of mine will be removed because now I know that these are because of some purpose and completing wishes of others. So these are my own ‘’beautiful scars’’.

Emma getting excited ran towards the gate but thee the first witch apparently appeared and told “Those robbers won’t tell you anything as they already did so because indeed they were the spirits”.

In the thunder and lightening the witch again vanished. Emma being completely fragile said Hi to Daniel and told” Daniel remember you felt something on the road way when we were heading to the collage they were the blessed souls of your parents which wanted to tell that how the criminal {robbers] committed the crime and lead us to the death”. By listening to this Daniel said a huge thank you as an elephant and hugged her for helping out with the mystery of his parents.

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