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Richa Rohit Gupta

Abstract Inspirational


Richa Rohit Gupta

Abstract Inspirational

My Grey Haired Angel

My Grey Haired Angel

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I was asked to tell about a person who inspired me and brings out the best in me. I closed my eyes, the image of an angel came to my mind, who has silver in her hair and gold in her heart. I opened my eyes and find that was none other but you. Yes you!

In the fast and hectic life of ours, with time fleeting, I luckily got an opportunity to tell you and this whole world that how much I cherish your presence in my life. I feel so proud that I belong to you.

I still sometimes live my childhood days in my memories. We were a middle class family of 7 members, where my mother was the sole bread earner that time as my father was suffering from some serious medical issues after facing a big loss in business. I remember those days how patiently you took care of us in mummy's absence (as she used to go to school and take tuitions). Although you were not formally educated but I am amazed to your practical wisdom, which no book can teach me. I remember how you used to wait for me with a loving smile when I used to come back from school. How patiently you used to give ears to my little problems and tried to solve them and pacify me. I still relish the taste of delicious dishes, specially 'aloo ke paranthe' your signature dish and everytime I feel 'love and care' are the best spices in the world.

Your kindness, patience, wisdom and humility fascinate me and inspire me to be a good human being. The good stories and the anecdotes from your life have been the foundation stone and guiding force in my life.

All the values, sermons and teaching would not have been easy to imbibe, if you were not the living example for these.

I, the 'rose of your garden' which you tender with love and care will spread its fragrance and cheer the people around the world...

You know very well that the hurts of my life are fixed by your one smile. Such a magician you are!

I need you all my life...

May god bless you with a long and healthy life my dear 'Dadi'.

Yes my dear friends among so many people around me , the most inspiring lady I have met in my life is 'my grey haired angel - my dadi'. For some people it is difficult to digest that an old lady who is not literate can play such an important role in someone's life. But it's very much true. Today I am a well settled Chemistry educator, happily married woman, a mother of 7 year old boy, who is in the journey of becoming an author..And she has played an important role in making me what I am today.

She is just opposite of the image of an Orthodox lady who wish that her first grandchild should be a boy..

You people won't believe but before my marriage, she used to say "ki achhi tarah se kha pee, pata nahi sasural kaisi mile" and my brother would feel jealous of this.

Right now she is 87 years old and paralyzed down the legs since last 6 years but still whenever I call her, she ask 'aaj kuch naya likha kya', tu sarkari naukri( government job) ke liye koshish( try) kar, tu bahut achha padati hai'...

Oh my many things to share but can't ...There is no single day in last 6 years when I have not cried on her condition..but everytime she tells me 'mujhme abhi bhi tum sabse jyada takat hai, tu bus apna dhyan rakh'.

I am seriously amazed on god's creation ...I am amazed how a person can be so strong, loving, caring and inspiring to others everytime..

My words in this story is a token of love to her immense and unconditional love.

Love you amma.

Dear friends, I just want to make a request to all of you and that is the real heroes in our life are not those actors, actresses but the people who raised us by forgetting themselves. Show some respect and gratitude to them as this is the least we can do and the last thing they want from us.

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