My Friend

My Friend

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I called an Autorikshaw for my journey to Neeleshwaram. Its a village in Kerala. Its a nice place with nice breeze and greenery. Well, a nice green and interestingly calm place with the good breeze will take you to those beautiful memories you have, to that nostalgic era.

Aish, that's what we call her. Her full name is Aswathy. My first and best friend from childhood. Or can say she 'was' my best friend. We were neighbors and our families were so close that I and Aish were so much like siblings. She was brilliant amongst us. Quick learner, intelligent and smart amongst us. She used to tell that she wanted to become a doctor and treat everyone well. On the other hand, I never had a dream. I remember how we used to play in nearby river, ground and indoors. I never find any difference in her like she is a girl and I am a boy.

I don't know why, after 3rd grade or something, she started behaving like a much-reserved girl and her mom used to tell her not to do things rather than letting her to like before. However, she used to be freer when we were in school. She was the best performer in our class and attended many sports and art contests. I used to be a shy guy compared to her. However, I really adore her confidence and she was the one who used to take me around and encourage me to dance in group songs and all.

Things were good until our 10th standard. She tops the class and I somehow catch the top 10th spot. However, while we reached home to inform it, she suddenly fell down. Yeah, now I know it was starting of her womanhood. However, that one incident create a wall between me and her or rather say, between Aish and her beautiful life.

After that incident, she used to keep less conversation with me or any guy. Was more frustrated than before or was shyer than before. Although she still stood out from other girls, she never came back to her actual Aish after that incident. Something was restricting her to be open like how she used to be.

She was still participating in many programs and contests, she still maintained that reserved personality. Unlike other guys, I never looked at her as a girl. She was my best friend and my unnamed sibling. But something came in between us and put an undefined gap.

Interestingly she joined a girls-only college after our school life. I was devastated after hearing that, however, nothing changed and I even didn't get a chance to talk to her. Our bonding was almost restricted to Hi...Bye on Sundays. It was disheartening for me.

When we were in the second year of college, her marriage was fixed with a Dubai based worker. It was normal news for me. Afterall she was just another neighbor for me. However, while wishing at her wedding, I said to her. "Please fulfill your dream". She just smiled at me.

Now after 5 years, I am a doctor and going to see her newborn kid, her 3rd kid. The driver stopped near to my destination. That was her In-law's home. A normal house with limited facilities. I paid Rikshaw and he left the place in a flash. Didn't see anyone near to home, hence I started knocking. I heard that someone is walking towards the door and slowly the door opened. Yes, here she is. The girl I know who is smart and intelligent stood there like a typical housewife whose life settled in those 4 walls. She greeted as if I am the supreme guest arrived at her home. I still felt so much pain to lose my little smart girl. Her kids and inlaws came to see me. However, one point they commonly used described her "she is so dumb, was she like the same in childhood?". I didn't say a word. When all of them went to sleep and she was alone there, I asked her. "Aish, so what is your dream now?" She said with all pride "nothing for me, I want my kids to get a better life, unlike me, they are so intelligent". I didn't say a word because one of her kid is a girl.

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