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Diary Of An Introvert - PUBG

Diary Of An Introvert - PUBG

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“Bloody hell, Is this the progress even after a whole week? What the BEEP are you doing? You have become BEEPing awful man. Listen, you have time till tomorrow evening and if this task is not completed by then, don't ask me for your promotion, hike, those silly things ok? Now get the BEEP out of here,” My Beloved boss uttered.

Bloody BEEPing hell, you know guys, it’s his job and I am doing him a favour. Look how he managed to trap me in his responsibility. I am sure this shit task is not even going to discuss in his meeting and still he needs it ASAP without even considering the priority client issues. And you know, the silly things he was talking about, those are the only drops of happiness, I am gaining by working for this ruthless company. And it's just silly things for him. Such a creep he is.

I was just self-talking while going back to my home at around 7. See Office time is 5.30 and I don’t even recollect a day, I stepped out at 5.30. Even when my train was scheduled at 5.45. Anyway, While I was on my way, I found everyone smiling at me. No, don’t take it nicely. I find it suspicious. Yes, they were mocking at me. Their reflections, their stares, OMG they are mocking me for this pathetic life, this purposeless routine. I bit down my anger and somewhat I succeeded in it.

Even my security was smiling awkwardly and he asked me in a gentle way that how am I. I literally stared him for 15 seconds. He rather replied him back with a throat full of fear, “You are fine Sir.”

I reached my flat and threw my stuff on the bin chair. I laid on my bed and rested for around 15 minutes. However, that rest took my anger to another level. I knew that was the time. Searched for my mobile and I found that beautiful icon. Yes, my stress-buster, my answer to that devil boss, my replies to those mocking smiles. My Answer to who ever is asking How am I. Yes, I opened it.


Game started and I put the mike and speaker on ALL. Then this happened.

Even in the lobby, I started to hit everyone, I ran behind them and hit them as if I am hitting my boss. After landing in Gorgopool, I started shooting everyone and I was so frustrated that I even tried to shoot my teammates. I ran like a cheetah from the container to containers and warehouse to warehouses. When I didn’t get any rifle, I killed the enemies with my bare hands. That day I was inhuman. My teammates were so frustrated that one of them asked me, “Bro, are you on high?” I replied him saying that No BEEP, I am low, wait for a vehicle or ned, I will kill you by blasting it. And it actually happened that I killed a few of my teammates with ned. In the last circle, I happened to stuck with one other team of 4 and surprisingly I killed 4 of them. I was so relieved that I shouted like hell.

“Killed killed killed you BEEP! You will deny my promotion? You will deny my bonus? You? Who is already dead? RIP BEEPing loser. I am the winner and don't even think about your stupid task, forget it. I will not do, you do whatever you want. And the rest of you, you were having a laugh haa, now look, how is laughing you BEEP. Huh! Mocking me for my life? Look at your life you idiots, I am the winner and you all are died now. BEEPing losers.

I continued to shout for another 15 minutes and for the same reason, I didn't eat anything in night. However, that was the best Chicken Dinner I had-

Yes, Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

I directly laid on the bed, however before falling into sleep, my hand again searched for the mobile. Well nothing to do with PUBG, but to set alarm at 5 in the morning and adding the Boss’ task in To do list. You know it’s my last deadline.

Yeah! Buddy, Life Sucks.

NOTE: Replace BEEP with the best suitable alternatives.

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