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My Dream-Mates :My Favourite Teachers

My Dream-Mates :My Favourite Teachers

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I was not at all a mundane, But they made me a lil bit of it. They are the people who never wanted me to do wonders, they are the people who never wanted me to achieve success. I was also convinced that I am absolutely useless and good for nothing! But deep down I knew that everything happens for a reason. Some important questions crop up in my mind.

Who was responsible for turning me into a failure, others, or me myself?

If I wasn't able to utilize the given opportunities, who else should be blamed for it, others orme myself? 

And the time came when I realized that I was the one to save myself, others could just only say that "we are with you ". The real me, The new me was born that particular day. I started encouraging myself to do what I am best in.

Everything changed because of them. They were there with me, they were there to protect me from all the odds. They made me fearless. They instilled confidence in me. They made me realize that I am the best. They trusted me every time even if I couldn't trust myself. They are my irreplaceable favorite teachers. My Parents. Parents are the first teachers. They are my friends, my guides, my energy boosters, and most importantly my dream-mates.

I feel very much blessed to have my parents as my most favorite teachers. 

Thank you for making me whatever I am today. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for making me stronger.Thank you for everything. Thank you for being my parents.

#ThankyouTeacher Teacher's Day

Thank you, Teacher

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