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Mittal Chudgar Nanavati

Romance Inspirational


Mittal Chudgar Nanavati

Romance Inspirational

Music Rejuvenates

Music Rejuvenates

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There is a story with every favourite Song...What is yours ?

Melody of Music rejuvenates the Melancholy mood. Music releases us from tyranny of negative thoughts. Utensil dropped from hand creates noise, however the same utensils if used in harmony, pitch, and tone creates music. After a bad day in office, left with no energy, when we just plug-in the earphone and the track ‘Meri aashiquie ab tum hi ho’, oh, definitely we will be drown into the music forgetting everything else. This is the power of Music. It enthrals, energizes, electrifies, personify, and empathize our mind and soul. Food is for body and music is for soul. Our life is like an array of basic notes of Music. Low tones, high tones, and ragas rhythmically played on talas describes Life and Music. 

We don’t have to be Bachelors in Music to understand it. Music is a universal language. Ranging from classical, rock, band to world pop, music has countless types. We can be short of words but not for music. Lullbabies to Classical, Country to Continent, Rock to Pop, Instrumental to Indie pop, Opera to Rap, Music flows in the waters of rivers and in the echoes of the mountains. Even if the ragas and talas are unknown, feelings are euphoric. Singing, dancing and humming our favourite tunes or songs is how we all have grown up. 

I used to enjoy almost every type of Bollywood music. (Definitely not since 2015).Dancing on the songs of Madhuri and romancing on SRK songs defines me. Emotional songs deeply moves me precisely when I am under such situation. As we grow older, we feel nostalgic about the music of our childhood and college times listening to whom we grew up. I do miss the tranquility in the songs of contemporary times. This new rap songs and item songs does not provide peace and lasting effects in the mind as the old ones did. However, these songs are best for parties, clubs, marriages, and workouts. Dance and beach parties are rocking with ‘Yo Yo and Badshah’. Imagine the song of Kumar Sanu and Alka ‘Mohabbat ho na jaye’ in the clubs. (He he…need to dance in slow motion). However, I bet listen to this song sipping your evening tea, it will mesmerize and fill your heart with love and enchantment.

It seems like there’s a perfect song for any mood or experience you are passing through. When my dog(Sonu) passed away 12 few years back, i was left devastated. Stream of questions were springing up in the mind about why living beings have to go to such unknown place or why can’t we bring them back to life? My mind subconsciously turned to the song of Movie-Dushman, ‘Chithi na koi sandesh jane woh konsa desh jaha tum chale gaye…’.The song didn’t answer my questions but made me learned that this mystery of God is not understood by any person on the earth, renowned scientists and researchers are even unaware of this philosophy yet a defined reality.

Once I was alone in my room watching the song ‘Dekho inhae yeh hai’ from the Movie-Tare Zameen per, I was weeping as if I was that kid in the movie. It took me back in my childhood days when I was horrified by monster maths. I could actually feel the pain of that child as I had been through that kind of pain during learning maths in the past. Music connects you even if you are thousands miles away. Music lets you travel back and let you feel, live, and embrace that emotional phase of your life. Memory gets boost when music supports the situation. You can cry in grief and laugh in happiness of others through music. From birth song to the death song life is best explained through music.

I am a sport enthusiast. You play to win, and the game has little meaning unless you do your utmost to win. Moreover, I was the captain of the Mech-Girls cricket team in college. This thumping and banging number ‘Dum Jaan mein hai dum’ from Movie-Dum pushes the energy and vitality needed to boost your and yours team’s spirit. Any sport, team, or individual have their own piece of music and beats that charges or uplifts them. Music can be facilitator to athletic performance. The tempo of music can have an effect on the movement; fast tempo music can increase the adrenalin levels, which can enhance performance of athlete or any individual. Of-course I don’t want to miss the chance to let you all know that our Mech-Girls cricket team was champion for three consecutive years!

I wonder how we could express love without music. Three words are definitely not enough to express our intensity of love. Love for family, love for friends, love for country, or love for LOVE can’t be expressed solely by words or actions. Music as a catalyst blends actions and words in sync to express it as Love. We can be strong enough to hide our emotions; however, when music flows, emotions are flooded from the eyes and expressions are rolled on the face. Happy, sad, anger or anguish any emotion cannot be hidden once music is played. If the couple has an argument and both are in angry state, just play the track of their favourite love song, both will unite and hug each other. This is the allure of music. It spreads love to life.

Romantic track of Anil Kapoor and Manisha’s ‘Kuch na kaho’ makes you fall in love over and over again (Ah ha…With same person ). Meaningful lyrics, soothing music, and simplicity of love, it feels that time has ceased there forever. 

I think love and relations are enjoyed today mostly on FB. I believe the idea of PDA is such a farce. Why not try this simple recipe? local handmade with no artificial flavours, original and authentic. Just tune-in to the track ‘Tum se mil k aisa laga tum se milke’ from Movie-Parinda, have a cup of coffee/Tea together, and do a couple dance. No need to learn steps, foots will tap automatically to the rhythm and tunes. Now this is something we all need to do apart from all the plastic pleasures we endure in these fast-pacing times. There is one more appeasing track by Arijit Singh-‘Tose naina jab se mile’ for the one who is in love or who wants to be in love forever. Just make your favourite list and dance on its tunes. It’s how you make a blockbuster weekend!

I am a Gujju and with Khaman, Dhokla and Phafda our one more essential element is ‘Garba’. Now Garba is not limited to Gujarat, its Global! I had my best time in Surat with all the friends from different parts of India, grooving to the beats and tunes of Garba. It was the best time of my life! Playing Garba with my lovely friends.

There are many other psychological and health benefits of Music. It reduces stress, Improves sleep quality, reduces anxiety, keeps aging brain healthy, keeps blood pressure under control etc. Above all these benefits, ultimate purpose of life is to be happy and music exactly does that. Everyone has ups and downs in life, no one is immune to that, but each one of us is surrounded by music to make us healthy, happy and to be in harmony. 

So Meditate Under Subtle Illuminating Concord~~~MUSIC

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