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Reva Saraf

Drama Fantasy Children


Reva Saraf

Drama Fantasy Children

Mr. Joy 's Troublesome Invention

Mr. Joy 's Troublesome Invention

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Hello, dear readers, How are you ? Well, I am good ! Today, you're going to read about a fiasco that happened with me, just few days ago.

It all started in the morning......

It was a lovely morning. The sun was shining and the birds were chirping. So, I decided to have breakfast and then start doing my Homework Assignments.

I sat on the table and ate delicious pudding.

Next, I grabbed my stationery supplies and sat on my study table. I was just doing the assignment, when, somebody entered through the door. Well, who was it, you ask?

It was Mr. Joy Lee. He loves inventing things. The last time, he invented a machine which tells you about your profession in the future.

"Good Morning, Mr. Joy!" I greeted him.

"Hello ! I just came here to inform you about my new invention : The Multiplier. It's basically a type of sheet of paper . If you place any object on the paper, it will start multiplying, creating clones of the object. Isn't it amazing?"

I said, "Wow, Mr. Joy, you really love inventing things! Come, have a seat."

He grinned.

Suddenly, my eraser fell down on the floor and plopped on top of some sheet of paper. I was just about to pick it up, but then I heard a strange rumbling noise. Grrrr!!!

Then, the eraser started multiplying! First, they were 2, then 10, and soon my whole house was filled with mountains of erasers!! Mr. Joy's inventions can really go troublesome sometimes. "Excuse me, how are we supposed to bring back everything to normal? " I said, fuming.

"Er, well, uh.... I haven't yet invented the device which will stop these erasers from multiplying. But, I can go back to my lab and then work upon it." He replied

I slapped my forehead. Mr. Joy then tried to escape from the situation, and probably, go back to his lab.

Whenever Mr. Joy invents something, it always causes some kind of commotion.

Well, the erasers eventually started multiplying again and then started flowing through my front door, and down the stairs.

2 hours passed by, but there was no trace of Mr. Joy.

I decided to try moving around and try doing something. Maybe I could call Mr. Joy.

"Hello? Mr. Joy? Have you figured out the solution?" I asked him. "Yes! Luckily!! I did!! Wooohoooooo!!!! I am coming in 15 minutes" he replied.

I was so happy, I started dancing around. Woohoo!

Then, Mr. Joy finally came. "Okay, now, I'll pour this liquid on top of a bunch of erasers, and slowly, they'll start decreasing." he said, shaking a little bottle filled with pink liquid.

I nodded my head. He started pouring the liquid..... slowly, the erasers started decreasing and decreasing...........

Then, I quickly picked up the original eraser from the paper, because, who knows, they might start multiplying again!

My friend, Julia, came in. "Hey! What's all this happening. And, Reva, have you launched a new eraser factory? I was shocked to see so many erasers. They flowing through the whole society, after all !" she said, laughing.

I explained her about how Mr. Joy had invented a sheet of paper that multiplies things, and so on.........

"Oh....I get it now!" she said, nodding her head.

But, dear readers, this was a really bizarre and troublesome invention, isn't it?

Cheers to a lot more stories and crazy adventures!!!

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