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Bonu and his family are very poor. But he is studying very well. His mother and father try very hard for his study.

One day Bonu's father had an accident and he was spot dead. Bonu's life became very hard. Bonu's mother did some work and tried very hard to run the family.

Somehow Bonu managed and finished his study and got a very good salaried job. He needs to go abroad.Bono's life changed.

He went to the USA and did very good work and then he got a better job. His life totally changes. He got his previous life. He started to enjoy his life.

His mother tried to connect him but couldn't. Bonu didn't want to come back to India . So after some time Bonu and his mother had not any contact.

Bonu's mother again searched for a job and somehow managed to survive. Bonu and his mother are now two different world 's people.

Bonu again got a better salaried job. He married a beautiful woman and lived a happy life in the USA.

Years passed...Now Bonu decided to come back Kolkata. He came back with and purchased a big house, appointed lots of maid.and servants for doing house work.

Days passed. Bonu's birthday came. Cook was absent. So one of the maid had the responsibility to cook. She knew that today is the owner'S birthday. She thought that her son 's birthday is also the same day.HE is in USA. So she made payes for him. Lunch time she came to the dining table and served the food and gave the payes. Bonu was surprised by his mother. ...

That maid is no one other than Bonu's mother.

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