Bre Walmsley

Drama Romance Fantasy


Bre Walmsley

Drama Romance Fantasy

Moonlight Within

Moonlight Within

47 mins

Chapter 1: Birth of a New Era

The galaxy began with gods and goddesses whom people feared the most. Great enemies sought their power to bring destruction to anyone in their path and enslave its people. Years of enslavement went by until twenty golden warriors rose and took down the darkness. Planets were born and legends were written of these heroes. These mighty heroes created creatures on each planet and gave them unique abilities. One day, the gods and goddesses told the citizens a prophecy that eleven werewolves and eleven vampires born with special abilities will protect the galaxy but two will rule. Each year that prophecy became a simple mythical legend, that parents tell their children at bedtime, and most of the people lost all hope and forgotten. Citizens of each planet went by the rules of the galaxy and nobody dared to break those laws because it could mean death or punishment.

The laws were nine simple things like:  

An arranged marriage can never be broken unless true love can be proven. 

No type of crime is permitted in the Galaxy. 

You cannot kill a legend or god, if that act is committed, it is an automatic death penalty. 

If a clan leader or member dies wrongfully, the person responsible will be tried, hanged, or banished from the homeland. 

Rising heroes must go to a training camp. 

On earth, go in human form unless you are in combat. 

During battle, only talk in your native tongue. 

If the arranged clan marriage is broken without the god’s knowledge, the male will be punished by a curse. 

The female can save the lover by declaring true love. 

Generations pass and no news of the future saviors rose. A family passes a crown to a new monarch and he then goes to earth to become the pharaoh of Egypt. This pharaoh was unlike any other because he was born on another planet and gained a great enemy. One man sought the power still and his gain was unknown. The pharaoh wore cloaks to hide his identity and always went out in public in his human form. He had two advisors to accompany him by the names of Tucana and Merciyah.

One day, a young maiden born in Spain was busy shopping in the Egyptian marketplace until she accidentally bumps into a young stranger and his friends. Love began to blossom between the two but sadly it was forbidden, and it was the rule of the gods that had been obeyed. The maiden was engaged to be married to the pharaoh’s head army general and the pharaoh didn’t let the rule stop him from falling deep in love. A secret love affair continued unnoticed by the gods for years and the new generation was soon born. Merciyah had three daughters named Zorro, Sremo, and Mecura.

After the birth of his third son, Amocumdo, people asked who the mother of the new baby was and his two eldest sons Dakov and Domsar. The pharaoh always says that their mother was private and don’t want to be seen. The boys dressed in cloaks to go out with their father and the gods secretly took notice that part of the prophecy was born. The children had unique abilities and trained to control them as they became stronger. Tucana taught them and the maiden about heritage and their homeland. A planet like earth, has two moons, a warrior race full of peaceful and powerful creatures was that homeland. 

On March 26, 1978, Merciyah gave birth to identical sextuplet boys then gave them special names Kunta, Kenahi, Kerahi, Kimora, Kente, and Kentai. The pharaoh and Nana, the Goddess of Birth knew that Kentai was born with greater power than his brothers and it made him a big target. Dane, the God of Punishment and Crow, the Goddess of Sex found out the affair when the maiden told Ali, the Goddess of caring and Nana that she was pregnant by the pharaoh. Four out of twenty gods were furious that they had broken the rules and that day the pharaoh was cursed. The maiden bared identical triplet girls on May 6, 1979, then named them Sabremo, Babau, and Calituk Beliku in Egypt. That day the land was invaded, and they fled. Shockingly, the maiden was still in labor while the pharaoh was transporting his family to the planet that Tucana talked about in his teachings. Hours passed and the maiden gave birth to three more girls, Nabumu, Qomoko, and Brakamakoa. The pharaoh was proud to have the sextuplets, but the danger worried him, and the celebration was cut short. The enemy rose over the horizon and stormed toward the castle. The family escaped but a hard decision has been made. They departed different ways, the twins were separated, and their powers sealed. The pharaoh discovered that the baby in his arm had massive power and half of it could be sealed. The Gods prophecy has come true The Omnitrix has been born!

Chapter 2- Sebrina

My name is Sebrina Zaylin Montez, born May 6, 1979, grew up and was raised by my mother Madea Montez in Atlanta, Georgia. After high school, I went to college majoring in science and did cheerleading on the side. In April 1997, at 17 years old, I started dating a handsome and sexy 19-year-old basketball superstar named Jequan Jackson who’s from North Carolina. We had three children Chassidy Athena, her twin Tyquese who was born in June 1998, and their brother Jaimie was born on May 1, 1999. Three days after my birthday in 1999, we got married and graduated from college. Jequan and I had another daughter that September, her name is Marah. On February 10, 2000, I had triplets Benjermin, Paris, and Xsandria. I began to feel like it was more to my life than this and I thought something was missing.

Today is Valentine’s Day 2002, this morning I found my husband’s underwear on the floor and got on him about it once he got home from basketball practice around 2pm. “Sebrina, I get it calm down!” Jequan pleads then I turn to ask, “Next time, can you just pick them up?” Jequan prevented me from screaming at him again when I saw another pair of boxers in the bathroom by kissing me on the lips so passionately that made me moan. “Mm…ok let’s get dressed, we have a date tonight!” Jequan moaned but I grew confused and asked, “date night?” Jequan couldn’t believe that I asked that question and began ranting. “Remember… I told you about my old high school best friend, Prince?” I shook my head and he continued “Well, we are having dinner with him and his wife that I didn’t know he had.” I started to pick out clothes to wear and my curiosity grew. “What is his wife like? And when did you get undressed?” Yes, he stripped while I was talking then pinned me to the bed and we started to have a quickie. Who was this couple that I’m meeting for the first time? And can I trust them? In the middle of an orgasm, we heard the triplets crying and Jequan gave me another kiss on my navel. Jequan rolled over to let me tend to the babies and asked for his boxers.

An hour later, it was time to go on the double date and Jequan kissed me on the neck. The oldest twins Chassidy and Tyquese was arguing as they came into the house and their father put an end to that. “Alright, you two what is the argument about this time?” Jequan demanded then Tyquese glares at his sister angrily “ask Chassidy, she got me sent to the principal’s office!” He replies with a growl. Jequan got their book bags, found out Chassidy got suspended for putting glue on the teacher’s chair and Tyquese fell into the fire alarm. Jequan was angry so I grounded them, and we headed out to the car after his mom arrives. In the car, it was quiet at first, but I started a conversation “you could have whooped Chassidy as punishment than giving her two months.” He sneered at my statement “Oh Sebrina. Trust me; she got it coming with my belt later and so do you except with my Johnson.”

Jequan grinds his teeth in a sexual manner. I grew nervous and asked, “I uh excuse m-me?” My husband took his right hand off the wheel and placed it in my hands. “You heard me girl,” he says in a sexy tone which had me giggling. “Oh, you don’t know what you are getting into.” I joked and he smiled. “Oh, when we get home, I’m going way into you!” Jequan replies, I was blushing so hard that I put tomatoes to shame as we walked into the restaurant and we were seated. “H-hey. When will your so-called friend get here?” I asked then my husband gets his phone out and dials a number. Suddenly, we hear a licking sound and a woman’s moan. A voice with an African accent answers so smoothly

“What’s up Jack-o!”

Jequan rolls his eyes and replies “Aye man. Where are you?” the man lets out a low grunt then gives an answer

“At home (grunt) teaching someone one a lesson about their attitude so I guess you can say that I got (woman screams) side (she does it again as he pants) tracked!”

Who is this guy? I could tell Jequan was getting frustrated, but the mysterious voice assured that they were on the way and I was worried about the woman because it sounded like she couldn’t breathe. “Just get here. W-wait a minute are you doing, what I think you’re doing?” Jequan asked then the line dies after we hear the woman scream louder. Why was the woman screaming? What was this man doing to her and could he be a murderer?  

Chapter 3- Bre

I was born May 6, 1979, given the name Bre Jaylin Montez and was raised by my big brother, Mewkon. Growing up in Miami was peaceful, I dated several guys but one of them became physically along with emotionally abuse me and sometimes a girl did as well. My brother told me that I was born with unique power and must hide them. I trained to be the fastest female to play football and hoped I never see those people again. We moved but stayed alert around strangers and I became very shy. 

  Carlson High School is where I began my new life and became the school’s first ever star female quarterback. Our team was called the Bull Riders and one night we faced their division rivals The Northwestern Roslyn High Tigers or The Northwestern Tigers as my classmates call them. During the game, coach put me in as the mike (middle linebacker) and told me to take down their star running back. The ball was snapped then was handed to my target and with one quick move I tackled him to the ground. I noticed that he had the most beautiful ice blue eyes and we both blushed.

After the game, my best friends Darkfire and Niki took me to McDilly’s with the rest of the team to celebrate our 29 to 27 victory. I was uneasy and instantly was on my guard because I knew that he was following me. “Prince…Prince. My girl and her friends just walked in…Maybe one of them will go out with you and your coldness.” Niki’s boyfriend joked but his friend was cold as ice to the remark “I’m never going out with one of her friends to make you look good, clown.” the stranger looked at me and then our eyes locked. The boy was sexy, dashing ice blue eyes, long black hair and some-what well mannered. He approaches “Pardon me Ms., you were the one that tackled me during our game, you blew my mind when I found out that you were actually a girl and a beautiful one at that. My name is Prince and yours?” I was overwhelmed of his words that were smooth because of his African accent and I had the need of protecting him because I knew he was special to me “My name is Montez!”

Eight months later, my ex would find me walking home from practice when my boyfriend had somehow got detention and beat me enough that I feared him which worked because it involved the person I loved most. I clawed his face and got away. I never told my boyfriend because I didn’t want him to be involved until I was strong enough to deal with it on my own. I finally became free of the abuse and continued my new life with Prince after I transfer to his high school. I became deeply in love with Prince, whom real name was Keyshawn Markel Brown and he was in love with me.

One day it was pouring down rain as we were walking home from school, my clothes got wet from a passing car and I knew that I couldn’t go home like this. Keyshawn took me to his house; I was surprised that his mom wasn’t home, and I was nervous. He handed me a pair of his boxers and a t-shirt for me to wear until my clothes dry. We both changed and Keyshawn put our clothes into the dryer. There was an awkward silence until we kissed and instantly melted into it until my hand brushed against something hard. Keyshawn blushed of how hard he had gotten, and I just kissed him again. In that moment, I knew that I wanted him and that he was going to be my first.

Keyshawn slipped on a rubber, but he turned away from me and says “sorry, I am not experienced at all, this is my first time doing this and you are my girlfriend. Who I love so much and want to make love to!” I blushed when he accidentally uncovered himself to reveal his massive size and I was scared. “You are extremely well endowed for a 14-year-old.” he noticed how flustered I was and lifted my chin up. His lips crashed into mine so passionately and slightly aggressive. “Mm…w-wait c-can w-we do this?” Keyshawn asked taking the rubber off while turning up the radio then urged me to suck him off and when I got into the rhythm of doing it, it only made him more erect. 

Keyshawn exposes my body to his cold room after he got our clothes out of the dryer, he licked the valley of my breasts and it felt good. His tongue traveled down to my womanhood causing my body to quiver in pleasure and three of his fingers slid inside. We marked each other to say she/he is mine and I ended up groping his erect penis causing a loud grunt. Keyshawn lifted me up, kissed my neck, and penetrated me. It hurt at first but oh my…was it amazing later, his lust was powerful, and I loved each thrust. He took me from his room to the living room couch and kept pounding. His mother came home as soon as he ejaculated which surprisingly four hours with no breaks and yelled at him. I was climaxing as he held me close on his lap still riding a little, the sensation wore off and I panicked. I quickly got dressed, gave him a quick kiss and left in a flash. All I could hear was yelling and I never heard Keyshawn have a cold tone before. 

Our love was growing, and we stayed protected until we got into an accident, a parenthood accident. We ended up having a daughter named Violet Deon in 1993 and another one Myia Anne in 1995. I was woken up by a phone call and on the line was my boyfriend. “Hello?” I said as I yawned. “Babes. I didn’t mean to wake you; it’s been six weeks since Myia was born and I wanted to cuddle.” Keyshawn says in a sexy tone. He hasn’t told his mother about us or the girls so that and having a baby was the reasons for not going over to his house. We argued about it the next day which unexpectedly turned him on and used it as a weapon to end the fight. After the girls fell asleep, I was taken upstairs to his room, turned on some music and made love to him for two hours. I went home afterwards, and my handsome lover went to sleep.

  That next week, Keyshawn was in the kitchen ironing clothes for Violet while she entertained her baby sister and laughing. I called to check on them and told him to get ready for our 1st family picnic. His mother came downstairs to discover him helping a little girl put on a dress and smiling at a baby while she cooed. She started to question him, and his expression was blank. “Hey ma.” he says taking Myia out of her seat and looked at her expression knowing she was angry. “Are you babysitting for someone or is that girl you been seeing putting some other man’s children off on you?” she asks which annoyed Keyshawn but he still contained composer “They are indeed my girlfriend Bre’s daughters two year old Violet and seven week old Myia.” he replies in a cold voice “No, she is not putting some other dude’s children because these kids are mine too and plus she was a virgin when we did it.” they was unaware that I walked in and then I heard her reply “hahaha…you didn’t get that slut pregnant and there was no way she was a virgin!” Keyshawn was livid and roared darkly “these are my children, remember that morning you asked, ‘why was there blood on my sheets?’ I lied saying I had a nosebleed. It was actually from my fiancé’s vagina when I took her virginity and I will appreciate it if you never call her a degrading name again.” that is how he moved in with us and I couldn’t believe he stood up for me like that.

 On January 14, 1999, I had twins Xsavior Leon and James Ray Brown. Keyshawn was 21 and I was 20 when we got married on May 9, 1999. We added onto our family with a son named Marlon and he was born December 20, 2000. Today is Valentine’s Day, 2002, and my husband was playing pool with his best friend Cameron Davis. The phone was ringing so I went to hand it to him, “Your friend is on the phone.” I said with a little attitude and he grabbed the phone from me. “Thanks troublemaker. What’s up jack-o? Sure thing. Peace!” my husband then smacks me on my butt and expects me to be all on him. I walked away with a disappointed look on my face and stormed out of the room. Keyshawn noticed my attitude, followed me to the bedroom and grabbed my waist. I tried to get away, he pulled me close and pinned me to the wall. Keyshawn immediately pushed my panties to the side underneath my skirt and went in super deep. I started to orgasm which caused him to speed up aggressively and his phone goes off. 

“What’s up Jack-o?” My sexy hubby answers so smoothly while licking my neck and sending chills of excitement down my spine. His friend replies “Aye man. Where are you?” then Keyshawn lets out a low grunt then gives an answer

“At home (grunt) teaching someone one a lesson about their attitude so I guess you can say that I got (I scream as he hit’s a sweet spot) side (I kept moaning and scream as he pants) tracked!”

I couldn’t breathe and wanted his full attention. “Just get here. W-wait a minute are you doing, what I think you’re doing?” the guy asked I ended up hanging up the phone and was carried to the bathroom. After that steamy shower, he ejaculated on the shower floor and got out. Once dried off, he helped me up and we both got dressed. Mewkon watched the kids for us tonight and Keyshawn noticed that I wasn’t happy. I had no idea how I was going to break this news to him and hoped he wouldn’t have a fit. “Are you alright troublemaker?” he asked but I replied with sadness “I’m fine. So, don’t think I’m fat!” Keyshawn placed his right hand on my stomach and without realizing it. “I never said or would ever think that way at all.” he tells me which I could quickly tell that he was turned on as we pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant and parked. Keyshawn started to kiss me on my neck so good that I melted “baby. I think…your mother is trying to kill me so she can get custody of our eight kids…whoops!” Keyshawn sat up quickly and was instantly furious.  “What?” I was so scared of what he might do so I replied, “it was nothing.” he followed me out of the car and grabbed my wrists.

 “Don’t stop talking now! What did you say?” Keyshawn roared as I looked away from his angry gaze someone waved our direction and I guess that was his friend. “There is your friend over there.” I say, he sees him and returns his gaze to me again. “We are not done talking about this Bre…but since you don’t want to tell me, I’m going to punish you.” Keyshawn suddenly grabbed my wrists, picked me up, pins me to the back seat of the car and shuts the door. He reaches for my underwear then pushes them to the side, penetrates aggressively but I couldn’t help but to scream in pleasure and didn’t stop until we were both satisfied. After he finished, Keyshawn walked away like nothing happened, just fixed himself up and walked away.

Chapter 4- Reunited

“Uh-Oh, Prince Brown in the house!” Jequan exclaimed but my husband is clearly upset with me but replied “yeah, was sup man.” Jequan was confused but automatically knew he was angry about something and didn’t want to talk about it. “So, where is your wife?” Jequan asked looking around “Trying to get out of the car.” Keyshawn replies with a smirk and the two high-fived knowing what perspired. I came in light-headed and satisfied. I walked to our table as the two were waiting for Jequan’s wife and I began reading the menu. A woman kisses Jequan on the cheek which Keyshawn grew confused “Hello darling, so this is the famous Prince Brown, the Caronin Panthers star middle linebacker that I keep hearing about…I am Sebrina!” she introduced herself. Keyshawn couldn’t believe his eyes so when they sat down; he leaned over to me to say “Boo. Listen I’m sorry for what I did to you in the car but…can you put the menu down to talk to me for a second?”

The waitress came to take our orders, she looked at me and Jequan’s wife then insulted us. We suddenly took a glimpse of each other realizing we were saying things at the same time and fainted. We awoke from fainting out of shock, I called my brother on the phone and he confirmed that we were twins born of Spanish/Egyptian descent. “My name is Sebrina Zaylin Montez- Jackson, we have seven children here in Orlando and been married since May 9, 1999!” My sister introduced herself with great manners with a similar Spanish accent as mine and I returned the greeting “My name is Bre Jaylin Montez-Brown, we live in Miami, we got married on the same day as you, and we have five children so far.” Keyshawn was puzzled about what I just said and had the nerve to question me in front of them. “What did you mean by that?” I let it slip again and he had that deadly punishment look on his face. 

I ended up eating six chicken plates and four orders of fries. Keyshawn looked at me with concern and suspicion. All four of us were not human, we knew that my husband was a werewolf but the rest of us were vampires and we didn’t care. I didn’t know how to tame a werewolf yet and especially didn’t know how to keep them calm. When I get mad, Keyshawn punishes me during the times we have sex and when he gets mad, he pouts or breaks stuff. How was I going to explain what is the true reason for my attitude earlier that something happened that night, I was crowned Queen of the Vampire and he persisted on celebrating?

“What’s going on Bre? You ok?” Sebrina asked me which I didn’t realize that I was frowning.  

Chapter 5- Unexpected

“I have some news to tell you all…I…well, Prince and I are having triplets soon!” I said nervously while looking at my husband for his reaction. He was confused about when we could have conceived and when he finally realized it was on that night, he went pale. I was shocked at his reaction and was snapped out of it when my sister grabbed my hands. “Awe. You are pregnant that explains why you were eating so much; this is wonderful, and I get to experience this with you!” Sebrina squealed and notice that Jequan was trying to help my shocked husband gain his color back. 

“I’m slowly dying on the inside but come to think of it, my wife gets pretty turned on when she is pregnant, and I can use that as an advantage. How long were you going to keep this from me?” Keyshawn asked but I was occupied with learning more about my sister. Her daughter Chassidy and my son Xsavior began to hang out often but whenever they are together, they get into even more trouble. We each held movie nights at our houses every Saturday and were growing inseparable. I began to think that sex during my pregnancy was bad, so I cut Keyshawn off and stopped talking to him. Keyshawn felt like I was angry with him, whenever he asks for attention, I’ll decline, and we start to argue. Keyshawn and I start arguing about what I should be doing as I carry his children. I go to spend the night with Sebrina after fighting with him instead of making up and he grew more concerned. Sebrina and I hosted family meals together, had sleepovers, and baby sit for each other.

One day, I got sick while Sebrina was out of town cheerleading and my husband took care of me. “Bre, I missed you a lot lately and when you get better, we could grab lunch together.” Keyshawn told me and I agreed.  

  That next Friday, I was hanging out with Sebrina at the bowling alley and my phone rings. “Hey sweet cheeks!” I answered in a cheerful tone to my husband, but he replies very harshly “Don’t ‘hey sweet cheeks’ me. I am here at the café and wondering, where the hell are you?” I snapped back “Sorry! I’m on my way and stop cussing at me you asshole.” “Oh, I’m being an ass? You agreed to have lunch with me when you got better.” Keyshawn says and I remembered that I did make a promise. I arrived at the café three minutes later and greeted him. “I’m here sweet cheeks.” I said wrapping my arms around his waist and he hugged me a little tight. “Finally, you showed up. We have an issue to work out.” he says before kissing me lustfully with a feeling of longing and I am thinking why am I kissing him, after cussing at me on the phone?

“You have to understand that I got pregnant because of your lustful kisses drive me crazy and the fact that I want to spend time with my sister.” I said then he walked out to a balcony with his head down and had a sad look on his face. “We have been arguing and I hate it that I cannot hold or touch my wife because I want to show affection.” he explained what was on his mind, but I am still not sure it was safe for them. “I found out that we are having all boys.” I think what I just said made him even angrier and he sighed. Keyshawn felt discouraged that he was last to know and confused to why I was hiding things from him. “I don’t think you see the problem, you hang out with Sebrina a lot which I understand that you haven’t seen each other in a long time, I cannot monitor how much stress you put on your feet, worse of all you keeps things from me, it is my job as your husband to worry and care for what’s mine.” Keyshawn says bowing his head as he gets on his knees and kisses my stomach. I was lost for words on how much emotion my husband was showing, and my heart ached. “For the past month since we met your sister, I felt alone and thought you would leave me.”

  I couldn’t help but kiss his forehead and assure him that I was not going anywhere. Our lunch went perfectly with no arguing, just laughter and kissing. He accepted that we were going to expand our family and I’m glad nothing was broken. Before bed, we cuddled, and I promised that once I’m ready we can have sex again. I missed the way he held me, and he fell asleep with his head near my growing bump. I brushed his hair out of the way gently with my hand and smiled at his sleeping face. “What am I going to do with you?” I whispered then giggled softly.

Chapter 6- Causing Trouble

Keyshawn’s Point of View (P.O.V)

Those two months turned to six and the issue that I had with my wife got so bad to the point, I stopped talking to her. Yes, it has been driving me crazy that I’m not able to fulfill my duties as a husband and I highly doubt she does not want sex because it might hurt the boys. We had sex when she was pregnant with our other kids and now her making safety an excuse. Six aggravating months thanks to my sister-in law and I can never cuddle my wife when the she-devil is around. “Jack-O. I am feeling left out of my wife’s pregnancy because of whoever’s stupid idea was it to separate them in the first place!” I say into the phone and he said he got my back. Sebrina went straight home after receiving a text minutes after I hung up and I really was mad as hell when I found out that Sebrina intentions were to split us up. Sebrina didn’t want me around my wife because of that call the day we met her and didn’t trust me. When she got home, Jequan was waiting at the door and it took his teasing to make her see, what she had done. “Hey, Sebrina, want to…” Bre stopped talking when she heard her sister moaning and Sebrina told her that she was going to be making things up with Jequan for a while, My boo understood. I could tell that she was disappointed in herself that she had neglected our vows and I still wasn’t talking to her.

Bre was now due any day and we have not spoken since Sebrina became busier but had time for my boo on the weekends. Mewkon was bringing someone over to the house and says that it was important. I just got home from practice, walked into the kitchen with my ear buds in and saw my wife on her feet. She had on a luscious red skirt on and a comfy white shirt. 

Bre is setting the tables with appetizers until I had enough and put her on the cou

ch. She wanted to finish decorating but I wasn’t having it and began rubbing her feet. “I finally got you to sit down for once and for myself.” I made a remark which made her giggle and heard her let out a sexy moan. I got turned on by that sound and began teasing her. For months, I thought our marriage was going to end and now it my mission to make sure our love is stronger. She slowly got up and kindly walked away smiling. I wonder what that smile was about? One thing for sure is the fact that my wife has my anaconda standing up at attention in my pants and I think she needs to be punished for teasing. 

“Remember, we are hosting an important lunch so behave yourself Keyshawn.” My wife says while I thought Oh, I will behave around guest, but I won’t be when I slip into those guts. “Oh, I will so don’t worry with your sexy self!” I reply and received a hug. Bre felt my erection and decided to tease me more by rubbing her booty against my crotch while continuing to set the table. I was about to check my phone but Bre took it and stuffed it into her bra. My pants and boxers were getting tight which means that I need release quickly. My erection was getting bigger each time she giggled at my reaction to every teasing act and wondered why she was teasing so much? I started to rub her over her panties while grinding on her butt and they were wet. We kept teasing each other until we were done setting the table and I was breaking her down. I attempted to slip a finger in, but she walked away and was blushing like crazy. “Quit being naughty Keyshawn!” Bre said whining playfully and giggles. 

That is too Kawii and way too sexy. I need to take her now!

Chapter 7- Making Up

“Are you just going to stare or help?” she asked which cut me off guard with confusion and suddenly she held me by the front of my pants. Before I could say anything, my shirt was ripped off and I had to take her to our bedroom. Yes, I was going to break the ice I thought, and she stops. “What’s wrong? And don’t tell me you changed your mind?” I say standing up looking at her still sitting on the bed and she quickly took me in her mouth. My mind was clouded with pure pleasure and I let out a groan. I knew I had to be easy on her and satisfy her at the same time. I lifted Bre up, pinned her to the wall, kissed those juicy breasts, was careful not to press her stomach on the wall so hard and dove deep. It was getting hot and steamy with every moan. That woman pulled my hair each time I thrust deep into her and she loved it.

The doorbell rang and I was about to answer it, but I was far gone into the session. Looking at her flustered face and begging body made it hard to leave. I continued to make love to her and the boys where moving under my fingertips. “Say my name girl!” I moan twice and made her say it three time each hump. “MARKEL!” a voice echoes through the house and I realized that it was my mom. She says, “COME HERE BOY!” twice but I never did and when Bre mocked her in an adorable way, my erection grew even more. My wife felt it grow and moaned so loud. After a while, she clinched onto me and we both climaxed. After three hours of lovemaking, we cleaned up and dressed for dinner. “Wow. Keyshawn, what had you going like that?” she asked which she should know it was because all that teasing, she did and I replied, “All that teasing you did.”

I kept laughing at how she was walking downstairs, I understand that my wife was pregnant, but her legs were like jelly and she said it was my fault. I cooked everything else so she could rest, and she began to become very uncomfortable. “Are the boys putting a strain on your back or did I ware it out?” I said in a joking manor which had her laughing and she told me to come over. I was listening to my sons’ heartbeats until Bre’s phone chimed; she read it and started trembling in fear. I told her to go make a cake for the guest and she did after handing me the phone. On the text was from an unknown number, it was a death threat and it read:

Watch your back you dirty slut because your days are numbered!!

I’m not letting anyone hurt her or anybody else in this family and we had to keep this between us for now. We are going to handle this without outside help and do it together. Who is threatening my wife? When I find out who is responsible, nobody even my wife couldn’t stop me from beating them and without mercy. Could my wife be right about my mother hating her?

Chapter 8- New additions with a mission

November 13, 2002

A guy came over with Mewkon and his name was Cornelius. “I didn’t believe it when the prophecy came true and now that I see it with my own eyes. I apologize!” he stated which had us very confused when he bowed to us. “What are you talking about?” I asked then my wife starts moving around on the couch and I tried to figure out why. Bre sat on my lap while we were talking to Cornelius, she kept moving and soon I felt something familiar. She literally put me in her, and something was going on with the boys. Suddenly, my pants and couch were soak which made me look like I peed on myself. I tucked my Johnson back in my pants before standing up and I was upset. “Keyshawn… My water just broke. They are coming!” Bre screams in pain and I go upstairs to quickly change clothes. We rushed her to the hospital nearby and I wasn’t allowed in with her. The birth took forever, and I was nervous about having more kids around the house even keeping my family safe. The doctor told us that Bre delivered all the boys successfully and we could go see them now. We named our sons Breshawn Willis, Keyshawn Jr. and Jshawn Tremaine Stallone Brown. Days after we get home from the hospital, Bre been wanting sex nonstop and cussed at me if I didn’t. I wore her out and went to the kitchen to fix breakfast. Cornelius and Sebrina came over to discuss an important matter. “Each of you is not human and great destinies await you.” he said but I was confused and wanted to understand what this old guy was saying. I already know that I’m a werewolf and the girls are vampires. Cornelius told us that the girls were born in Egypt and were separated accidentally. Bre felt lost and didn’t understand what was going on. “My head hurts baby.” she tells me, and I held her until she felt better. “I love you…can I have a kiss?” I said then my wife slowly lifts her head up and we kissed very passionately. Cries interrupted the moment and she went upstairs. Bre came down with the boys and all of them looked at me like they were plotting something. I received Breshawn and Sebrina got to hold Jshawn. I could tell junior is going to be a mama’s boy and we laughed about it. 

Once the boys began their terrible twos, the trouble began, and people think it’s natural. HYBRIDS IN THEIR TERRIBLE TWOS ARE NOT NATURAL!! I was taking a nap with Jshawn one day on the couch; he somehow got glue and poured it into my hair. When I looked at him and saw him smirking. I went to the bathroom, started washing my hair and came out with green hair. “Look what your son did to my hair.” I told my wife as I handed him to her, and her eyes traveled down. “What happened to your towel?” she asked then I looked to where she is looking and Breshawn were smirking just like his brother was while holding my towel. I was in front of my wife and Sebrina butt ass naked. The day was the worse of my entire life and I was ready for bed. The worse thing was what they each said afterwards, and it was “Not the Mama!” 

Bre was still laughing about how Breshawn put ice down my shorts earlier and I punished her real good. I got in bed, pulled my wife close only to feel a small hand slap my face and I see junior. He looked at me and slapped my face again until my wife told him to stop. The next day, Bre and I went to practice and left the kids with Mewkon. My boo got a lot faster and her accuracy was on point. My skills were sharpening up as well and came across an issue with a rookie.  

 The rookie was trying to flirt with my wife and boo wasn’t having it. I couldn’t interfere because she made me promise to behave and I didn’t want her to be mad at me. He was aggravating cutting into our interviews and constantly talking about his fantasy relationship with her in his. The rookie’s name was Allenic Johnson and he was two years younger than me. After a late game, I had a solo interview and Bre waited for me in the car watching the conference. Johnson approached my car and began to talk to her. “Hey, why do you play hard to get?” he asked, and she replies coldly “If you didn’t realize, I’m married already and have children. So just stay away from me!” suddenly, he turns his charm off which leaves Bre unfazed “He is going to return one day, if you don’t consent to his terms Bre. Lose the loser or they all die!” Bre didn’t show how scared she was, and the rookie left after she refused. As I came out of the building, she was crying, and I held her until she stopped. What the hell happened when I was still in there? 

  Months passed as the threats kept coming, Bre’s car was vandalized and I caught my mother slashing the tires without her knowing taking pictures. I took my evidence to the police and we strategize a plan to punish her. We began training hard as the threats became more frequently and I never seen my wife so angry before. I mean this new level of anger was extremely deadly when she blasted a whole wall down in one kick and Mewkon started to take notice. Bre stood there then asked, “Want something honey bear?” smiling at me like nothing happened and I just shook my head. We had another meeting with Cornelius and my mother arrived like I planned. Bre kept her distance because the tension was heavy, and I cut ties with my mother permanently. I got a restraining against her so she couldn’t come near us or the kids, of course she thought my talked me into doing this and I quickly defended my wife. On Tuesday, September 20, 2005, Bre gave birth to our daughter Kianna Beyoncé’ and Sebrina had a son named Evan Sepion Jackson. Violet ended up getting pregnant by her boyfriend and it took me three seconds to keep Bre from ripping their heads off.

Chapter 9- Moonlight Within

October 2, 2005

Sebrina, Bre and I met with Cornelius. My wife bit her lips and began kissing me until I felt something wrapped around my arm. I looked down and saw a tail and Sebrina had one too. “What’s going on Mr. Cornelius? Explain why the girls have tails now?” Jequan asked then Cornelius states “Bre, Keyshawn and Sebrina are more powerful than regular beings of their species. You each are in more danger than with what you face now, and your fathers’ enemies will hunt for you.”

He told us we had to become stronger to protect a higher kingdom someday and face a lot of evil along the way. Learning that we were all in danger has me on edge and the fact that my wife was in more danger, had me livid. Sebrina and Bre was the princess of Egypt but it had me curious to my own past. Cornelius sent us on a journey to train and search for items that will help us unlock our powers. The girls and I set off leaving the kids with Madea and Jequan.  

By the time Mewkon found out, we were gone, and he was furious. “Why did you tell them that they were royalty?” Mewkon asked “Soon or later, they will be wondering who they are. Especially the heirs to the throne.” Cornelius replies stern but calmly. One day, more people will join us to protect a kingdom was the last thing Cornelius told us and this quest was starting to become the key to unlock our destiny!

             October 3, 2005

“Let my tongue explain how bad I crave you.” I said staring at my wife’s butt and the girls looked at me then back ahead. I could tell that Bre wanted me and tried to hide the blush on her face. We walked a trail through the jungle, and it was dark outside. Suddenly, a bright light from the heavens shined upon a shiny bright gem called the Celestine Star and Sebrina grabbed it. The gem permanently fused with her and we saw her true form. Her skin was white as snow; her hair was half black and half red. Her eyes were pink, under each eye there were two small pink gems and on her chest was a star symbol. We kept moving and I was getting aggravated by Sebrina’s constant complaining about the way she looked. Bre and Mewkon have a lot of explaining to do when the time comes. “Hey boo. Can I have you for dinner?” I asked watching her blush hard and hid the embarrassment from her sister. “Y-yes, but first we must seek out the Aquaria and the Moon Droplet gems.” she tells me nervously and I chuckled. Sebrina was knighted as the Hendrix, her powers were unlocked, and the legend says her title is very important. 

October 4, 2005 

After leaving the jungle, we traveled to mountain peaks and we stopped by a river. I dived into the water for some fish to eat for breakfast and my wolf instincts took over. I spotted the item we were seeking the Aquaria gem and it got swallowed by a fish. I caught the fish, ate it, and the gem fused with my body. I felt stronger than before and since I got the water symbol, I am the Astronite. The legend tells us that my title is more powerful than his teammates except one and we were curious to who that was.  

October 5, 2005

At dawn, we set out on the path once again and my boo looked at the moon. Suddenly, she is lifted into the sky and glowed. There appeared a staff in her hand and she unconsciously chanted “Galaxy of wonders shine bright, here my plea this night, Moonlight within, will give me Might!” Bre was identical to her sister’s form except her eyes were blue, half of her hair was too, her nails were longer, she had a small blue gem on each of her eyebrow just above the bridge of her nose and on her chest was a crescent moon symbol. The book didn’t talk about the symbol, so her identity was still a secret. Her form made her even more luscious and attractive. The mission was compete and we couldn’t wait to get back home to the kids. Sebrina flew home but we had to get to football practice and was on time. In the locker room, I came face to face with rookie Johnson again and I sensed he had a darker reason to get me out of the way. My wife asked me to help her take off her workout shirt because it too tight. The real reason was because she was spilling breast milk and didn’t want to get embarrassed. “Your shirt is not that wet but how wet is…” I asked but she interrupted me laughing and replied “You so nasty. Behave until we get done with practice!” We ended up spending the night at a hotel and let’s just say neither one of us behaved. 

 October 6-7, 2005

   We checked out around noon because somebody wanted the nasty and I didn’t want to refuse the request. Bre was kind of at peace but our safety was still being threatened and I’m going to protect my family with all my might. Johnson and the woman that raised me knew where we live so we decided to move. Before the mission, we already packed and today was Moving Day. The house was bigger with ten main rooms, six guest rooms, a large kitchen, equal size living room, a power/weight training room, an outdoor/indoor track, a practice field, a game room, outdoor/indoor pool, a library and eight bathrooms. The threats kept coming and we had to change all our numbers twice. At last our lives went normal and I began teaching my wife how to never be afraid because I will forever be by her side. 

The next day, Sebrina was feeding Evan, I was training and Bre was in the kitchen washing dishes from breakfast after the kids were at school. “You better be glad that those kids returned home safely before their full ultimate power unlocked uncontrollably!” Mewkon yelled viciously and we heard it which we realized that he was all the way in Egypt at the time. Sebrina and I were calm about it, but it was a different story with my wife. Bre fainted and I quickly found her in the kitchen. Her head was in the sink and it was still full of water. I got her out of there and took her to bed, luckily for me that she didn’t drown I thought. “Ow, my head.” Bre whines as she wakes up then I smiled “You finally awake. I took care of the chores and the kids are asleep so you can relax in peace!” I told her and I sensed her arousal. “Keyshawn. I want you to do my brains out!” she says seductively wrapping her arms around my neck; I did till we reached our climax. Hours later, Sebrina and Bre had a sleepover with their friends. I was training my powers and used a punching bag as target practice. My mind was clouded with thoughts who is trying to kill us. What did we do to them to make them hate us so much?

Chapter 10- Fighting for Life

 Monday, October 10, 2005

Lucy P.O.V.

I was outraged that he had the nerve to have sex on my couch and especially when he married the girl. She claims that the oldest girls are his, but I still doubt that, and she is being a virgin before meeting him. I claim the rest of the children as his and I’m sticking to it. I told him not to marry that girl, but he ignored me and did it anyway. I can see him truly smiling when she is around, and I get angry. I raised Keyshawn to be well-mannered, proper, I was never able to make him smile again after he turned ten years old and I missed my little cub in my life.

I believe Bre is an unfaithful wife and sleep with other men behind Keyshawn’s back. I want these children to grow up with someone more capable than that hoe and maybe Keyshawn can marry someone that I can approve of. I was released out of that jail and hatched a plan thanks to a friend of mine. I went to the house and found out that they had moved. I called Keyshawn’s phones and they were disconnected. Someone caught me damaging her car while knowing she in a press conference and I never figured out who. The hoe convinced him to move to a new house and lose contact with me, so she deserves what is coming. Since I couldn’t get anywhere near him because of the stupid restraining order, I bugged where he had stored his gear in the team locker room and started listening in. “Hi, my name is Keyshawn Brown. I would like to make reservations for my wife and I …” he says. Keyshawn had scheduled a one day and two-night stay at the Peak Hotel. I checked in the hotel an hour later under an alias and waited for my chance.

No one’s POV

Bre and Keyshawn went to the hotel around noon that day. Keyshawn went to the gym with his friends and left his wife with the protection of her friends at the hotel. The girls had a little party to entertain themselves, Sebrina noticed that the ice bucket was empty and Bre went out to get some, alone. Keyshawn and Bre was talking on the phone after she came out of the grocery store, she walked to the hotel ice bin and a dagger comes out of nowhere making her yelp in surprise. “What was that?” Keyshawn asked chuckling and Bre looks to see a dagger lodged into the freezer door. “I don’t know.” she said in an unsure tone and dodged three more that was thrown at her.

  Someone began throwing stars and those were dodged as well. After dodging the last star, Bre was cut off guard when a bullet grazed her shoulder and she began to panic. The phone died and nobody could help Bre now. Another bullet was shot, and it entered her shoulder. Bre was confused about what was going on and she refused to fall. “Just give up. Nobody is going to miss you!” the attacker yells angrily. Two more bullets pierced Bre’s other shoulder and grazed her neck. “I know it is you Lucy, if you kill me… you will suffer Keyshawn and my family’s wrath!” Bre managed to scream out. Bre began to become dizzy and she pulled out her emergency phone and tried to call for help. Lucy wrapped a scarf around Bre’s neck and tried to strangle her until she dies. Then, Lucy began to stab Bre in a fit of rage into the chest and Bre was fighting for life. Bre head-butted her attacker and managed to get away a good distance leaving a trail of blood behind her. Bre already sent a text to someone before Lucy began strangling her once again and slit her throat.

Back in the room, Bre’s best friend, Niki heard her phone ding and opened the text message. It reads:

From: Princess/ Bre

HELP Lucy is trying to

The girls were trying to figure out what she meant until the sound of gunfire interrupted the once silent atmosphere and they rushed out of the room looking for Bre. The group split up to search and the hotel employees helped too. Sebrina, Niki, Darkfire and a housekeeper found drops of blood near the bin as well as a dagger in the door. Next, they follow a trail of blood with a flashlight and it was long reaching the doors of an indoor pool. The group cautiously entered the area, the trail continued to the pool and in it they found Bre face down in the water surrounded by blood. “NO!!!” the girls screamed, and they began crying. The news spread quickly that someone had been gunned down and paramedics were on the way. Police were asking questions of the other guest, Sebrina and their friends couldn’t speak. Phone calls went out to their friends, Mewkon, Madea, and spouses. Jequan was at home with their youngest son until Sebrina called to tell him what had happened, and he told his mom to watch the kids. Jequan arrived and held Sebrina as paramedics pulled Bre slowly out of the pool. “I-It was…Lucy.” Bre breathlessly said loud enough for them to hear, before falling unconscious and half the group went off to find Lucy along with the police. They caught Lucy trying to flee and she was arrested on several charges. Everyone voted on who was going to tell Keyshawn, the task was handed down to his two best friends Jequan and Cameron. 

“Yo, Joe turn up the TV. I just got a text about a shooting at a hotel!” the gym manager yells. “Good Evening everyone, I am Diana Musso reporting to you live in front of the popular Peak Hotel, this once peaceful Hotel was shattered when a gunman began shooting, the shooter has been captured and the victim has been taken to Langston Memorial Hospital in critical condition. We will be back with more information after this!” the reporter says as Jequan and Cameron enters the gym and headed to where Keyshawn was doing pushups. “What’s up Jack-o…Cam? Why do you both look pale?” Keyshawn says looking at them and Jequan reply with sorrow in his voice “Hey…Prince, we came to tell you something important.” “Man. Why do people have ruin a nice trip for…guys everybody is ok. Right?” Keyshawn asked his friends with concern “No not every…one is ok.” Cameron choked back tears and they all looked at the TV.

“We are back live at the Peak Hotel where there was a shooting, Police say that this was a revenge motivated shooting, the shooter’s name is Lucy Brundett’, reportedly was arrested before for vandalizing a Caronin Panther players’ car and now she has been arrested for this crime and other charges. In coming news, police have just informed all news media that the victim fighting for life at Langston Memorial is in fact Caronin Panther’s 26-year-old Quarterback Bre Jaylin Montez-Brown!” Diana says, Keyshawn turns to his friends mixed with sadness and anger then they all bolted out of the door to the hospital. Keyshawn for the first time cried in front of Sebrina, Mewkon, and their friends once the guys arrived at the hospital. Bre was shot seventeen times, there was two attempts of strangulation, seven deep stab wounds in her chest and her throat slit missing her juggler vein by an inch. Bre survived and Keyshawn never left her side. 

Chapter 11- Only the Beginning? 

Monday, October 17, 2005 

After fully healing, Bre grew stronger, even faster, and became aware that the bullets and knife were made of Sapphire. She became determined to find a way to become stronger so nothing can affect her ever again. Keyshawn trained even harder to protect Bre, vowing to never let that incident happen again and Sebrina trained alongside them. Today, Lucy’s trial began, and Judge Lola Brinks proceeds the case. DNA proved Keyshawn’s suspicion that Lucy wasn’t his mother neither was he adopted by her and his birth certificate stated that he was born in Africa. 

Lucy was facing charges of Kidnapping, attempted aggravated murder, tax fraud, and identity fraud. Authorities linked Keyshawn to a report of missing children and African investigators pull up six-year-old and four-year-old pictures of Keyshawn. Lucy pleaded not guilty of all charges and she didn’t care was she was facing. Keyshawn took the stand after all the witnesses of the other crimes and he had mixed emotion looking straight at Lucy. “I am a 27-year-old man, which has a beautiful wife and nine children. I honestly don’t remember my early childhood, but I never could imagined the woman I thought raised me until I was 20 years old… took me away from my real parents and tried to kill…the love of my life.” Keyshawn broke down but continued “Lucy stopped being my mother the night I lost my virginity to the girl I am married to now, called her a lot of provocative names, later send death threats, vandalize her car and tried to take her away from. No real mother will do that!” everyone except Lucy felt his pain and cried. 

Bre’s POV

“You are so beautiful, and I know no matter who we face, we can whether those storms.” Keyshawn encouraged me and assured me everything was alright with an explosive kiss. The defense that worked for Lucy were His friends and I knew that they were expecting for me not to testify. I proved them wrong with my husband’s courage by my side and I cried at the end. “Oh, cry me a river slut. You not fooling anyone!” Lucy said but the judge quickly shut her up. We were sent to recess as the jury was deciding on her fate. Everyone began eating lunch while Keyshawn had a different kind, I was sitting on his lap and we were kissing until the verdict was in. “On the two counts of Fraud, we the jury find the defendant Lucy Brundett’ guilty, on the charges of kidnapping Keyshawn Brown and the attempted murder of Mrs. Bre Montez-Brown…guilty on both counts.” the juror stated, and we were all happy. Lucy threw a chair at me, but I dodged it. “It’s only the beginning you brats and I will be back!” she screams while the bailiffs hold her, and the judge is ready to sentence. Lucy was sentenced to 30 years for the kidnapping, 21 to 30 years on the frauds, and for my attack 15 years. 96 years is the rest of her life and questions started to linger. Who are we? What is even crazier I became the Legendary Omnitrix! Is it truly only the beginning? 


Stay tuned for the next Adventure! Peace!

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