The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW
The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Bre Walmsley

Drama Fantasy Thriller


Bre Walmsley

Drama Fantasy Thriller

Returning Home to Wardina

Returning Home to Wardina

41 mins

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: A Haunted Vacation   

Chapter 2: Keyshawn vs Sebrina   

Chapter 3: What I want for Christmas?

Chapter 4: Who’s kitty?   

Chapter 5: World Tour   

Chapter 6: Before your Birth   

Chapter 6: Who am I?   

Chapter 7: Kybayin   

Chapter 8: Issues   

Chapter 9: Returning Home to Wardina   

Chapter 10: Need to Change   

Chapter 11: A prison not a home   

Chapter 12: Separation Anxiety   

Chapter 14: We had enough   

Chapter 15: Break Out   

Chapter 16: Unexpected surprises   

Chapter 1~ A Haunted Vacation

Welcome back to our story! Keyshawn, Sebrina and I have returned to continue our journey. Keyshawn and I planned a trip to a town called Scares Ville in New York, which is located near Harlem. Just for us, our friends, our eldest daughter and her boyfriend. We rented two vans for the trip Keyshawn drove one and my cousin, D’Angelo Williams drove the other. Jequan, Sebrina, Niki, Cameron, Falcon, Jerimiah, Violet, and her boyfriend Charlie Tibbs rode with us, while Dark fire, Kin, Rhonda, Maribelle, Markell, Carrie, Dezuray, Carlae’ and her husband Treyzine Songs were in the other van. “Beware of Tillman’s Hall!” I warned.

“Why?” Keyshawn asked.

“Baby, legends say that this girl got tired of being bullied, it became too much to the point that she hung herself from a chandelier and people say that her spirit never got to pass on and continues to haunt since then.” I explained. “Looks like a fun activity to do together!” “Was forgetting us part of our plans?” the voice of my brother Mewkon rung out and soon he and his wife appeared. Mewkon and Keyshawn never really got along since Violet was born. “Dang Mewkon, did you eat a rat? That breath can dehydrate a cactus.” Keyshawn complained then my brother replied harshly, “Watch it Dog breath!” I face palmed at their behavior and began ignoring them for the rest of the ride. Finally, we arrived at the Duve Hotel and all the guys grabbed the bags. Employees escorted them to our rooms and gave each of them the room key. Keyshawn pulled my waist toward his and dangled the key in front of me. “Boo, lets go break in the bed.” My seductive husband said but I couldn’t help but play along but Midnight spoke up before I could, “That’s so freaky darling.”

“Midnight. Mewkon is freaky too!” I stated then laughed at how fast her face turned red, we headed upstairs only to hear my sister ask where we were heading off to. “Don’t worry about it Sebrina!” Keyshawn says wrapping his arm around my waist, they glared at each other and I knew they weren’t on good terms. “I hope you trip!” my sister spat her remark, all my husband did was smirk and that mean he was going to say something smart or be a perv. “All it’s going to do is let me slide into your sister faster!” he retorted, I blushed but I felt my panties grow wet by how he said it and I know he could smell my arousal. “ooh so nasty~” I purred as my eyes changed from brown to green and he smirked down at me.

“Did I turn you on?” he asks playing all innocent but in those green eyes were filled with lust, “Yes, you did!” I replied batting my eyelashes and looking up at him. He grabbed my waist, unlocked the door to our room, said “lets go break it in!” and pulled me in. After a while, I walked to the dining area with Keyshawn’s jersey on and it seems I wasn’t the only one that got pleasure. During lunch, our daughter Violet went into labor and soon gave birth to a baby boy named Charles Evan Tibbs. We all were singing with joy and suddenly, a noise shook through the halls. “Who’s ready to investigate legendary Tillman’s Hall?” Sebrina asked then I stood up and said, “we all are, I want to solve the legend behind the mystery!” We split into groups of two and searched for clues to the whereabouts of this so- called trapped soul. We had flashlights, cameras, sticks, food, and walkie-talkies. When we got to the darkest part of the hotel, I felt something wet on my neck, I shined the light on my right side, and it was Keyshawn. I glared at him but received a smirk in return, “Are you serious?” and he just replied in the most sexiest baritone voice that always send chills up my spine, “Get on those stairs and I’ll show you how serious I am!” My husband is so freaky but our little make out was soon cut short when I felt something sticky on my hand, I shined the light on it, and it was blood.

We screamed into the walkie-talkie when a figure rose from the blood and chased us inside of a closet. One thing about me that people don’t know except Keyshawn is that ever since I almost died, I have panic attacks of being trapped or cornered and I began to freak out when we realized that the door was locked. Keyshawn picked me up, sat me upon a self in the back of the closet and entered me. “Sebri, can you get us out of a…(groan) out of this closet, somebody locked us in!” he managed to say trying to prevent us from getting caught.

“Keyshawn, where is my sister?” she yells angrily.

“I’m alright(ah)…ow Keyshawn, you got on my tail!” I complained but I was still so in the mood and kept scratching his back. I was so high off ecstasy that I didn’t hear anything, he had me pinned to the wall and we made love. I was screaming in passion and his body was so hot. His thrust and kisses made my body melt. They caught us when Sebrina opened the door and looked dead at Keyshawn. He put his penis back into his boxers and pulled his pants back up. I explained that I don’t do well in locked small spaces and Keyshawn was calming me down as I

buckled his pants so they wouldn’t fall. Sebrina and Keyshawn disliked each other from then on.  Of course, I am frustrated that two people I love couldn’t get along and Jequan was upset that his wife didn’t like his best friend. Deep down, I started to feel like my twin sister couldn’t be trusted but I keep pushing those thoughts away because we know each other well enough to trust but that began to break apart when she doubts that Keyshawn really loved me more than sex and the accusations are driving me crazy. I laid down by Keyshawn, thinking of how I can prepare our relationship with Sebrina, he kissed my temple and said, ‘don’t worry everything will work themselves out.’ With that advice I drifted off to sleep, cuddled up to my wonderful husband and my worries melted away from my mind, for now.

Chapter 2- Keyshawn verses Sebrina

I woke up to my darling feeling on my body and grinding against my butt. “What are you trying to do?” I asked, “You know you want some lovin’!” he smirks playfully while his eyes glowed green, I grinned at him, turned around and wrapped my arms around his neck. “Who are you going to do it to?” he smirked getting on top of me, he rams into me, which caused me to arch my back off the bed then he purred into my ear, “to you and only you, my sexy caramel goddess!” “oh baby~” I moaned out. The hall was hunted by a subject to the Omnitrix who was a real prankster, named Duce’ a and became my close friend. The hall was no longer haunted, and we continued our vacation. Three hours later, I handed Keyshawn his breakfast and grabbed his booty as he walked away. He smiled and kissed me on the lips until I almost fell. A fan came over and wanted pictures of Keyshawn and I. “OMG! Bre Brown, can I get a picture of you, Keyshawn and Sebrina?” she asked, “sure.” “yep, Bre has a twin sister, come over here Sebri but make sure you cover up those grinch toes of yours!” Keyshawn says playfully the fan and I giggled at his remark. The fan took the pictures then after she left, Sebrina slapped my husband on the back of his head and tension rose between them.

“you’re an ass!” Sebrina yells at him as he rubs his head, then snarls at her, “Man, why did you do that?” I stepped in between them to prevent them from fighting, I kissed his temple and asked, “are you alright baby?” they continued to glare at each other and Sebrina seems to get even angrier when we touch each other. “Yeah boo. I’m alright but Sebrina needs to chill out and stop hitting people because she couldn’t handle a joke! I don’t appreciate getting slapped for no reason even if I was joking.” Keyshawn says. Later that day, he wanted to wait for thanksgiving to have sex and it was next week. Keyshawn is so adorable when he must wait and that’s when I noticed that him and Sebrina stopped talking to each other. I found my sister in the living room with Jequan, I wanted this silly feud to end and for them to get along.

“Zaylin.” I called.

“What is it, Jaylin?” she says calmly but with a little attitude, “you didn’t have to slap him.” I replied and Jequan adds that Keyshawn was his friend and didn’t deserve that treatment but Sebrina stood up and wasn’t having it. “I’m sorry but I don’t trust him anymore and you cannot change my mind.” I was about to say something, but someone beat me to it. “Nobody said you had to,” Keyshawn argued entering the room quite calmly, but his eyes were fiery red, “I’ll trust you no matter what, but I don’t tolerate or appreciate you slapping and disrespect me. Those two was aggravating me and this debate went on forever. The reason that Keyshawn wanted to wait is because he wanted to prove to the doubters that he had self-control and that he loves me more than sex. Keyshawn is thoughtful, sweet, a beast when it comes down to protecting his family and friends, loving, athletic, an amazing father and uncle. What more could you want in a man like than to stand by you through thick and thin? I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the whole universe and he would say the same for me.

November 22, 2009

Early Thanksgiving morning, Keyshawn kept looking at me as we fed each other breakfast and I could feel Sebrina’s glare from across the table, she smacked Keyshawn and he held the side of his face. I glared at her knowing she was going too far and was testing me. “Jacko! get your girl!” Keyshawn yells angrily. “Sebrina, what is wrong?” Jequan asked and I added, “Yeah. Zaylin!” she glared at me and folded her arms over her chest. “Are you that blind Jaylin? He only after some booty!” she says quite boldly.

“Zaylin. I am married just for the same reasons you are because we truly love each other!” I argued and struggled to keep my cool.

“you are so blind by sex you’re in denial.”

“I love my wife because she is a wonderful…” Sebrina interrupted Keyshawn to say, “sex object?” “Sebrina, Keyshawn loves Bre because she is a wonderful mother, wife, and person in general. I love you as much as they love each other!” Jequan retorts.

She sighs and reply, “I love you too Jequan!” Cam, Treyzine, Keyshawn, Jerimiah, Kin, Markell, Jequan, and Carrie began a singing group which was a good side job in the off season. After filming their first video, Keyshawn and I began talking about random things while waiting for brunch to be served.

“What’s up?”


“I really love you, yah know?”

“I know and I love you too!”

“I need you so bad, you been teasing me with all your curves and those juicy lips. Why do I have to wait so long, my boo?” Keyshawn sung and I giggled then sung back, “ooh Baby love, waiting just makes things special and exciting so, just be patient baby~” I sat on my husband’s lap but Sebrina pulls me away before I got to kiss him and I could feel how angry he was. I was dragged to another room, it was just the two of us, and Sebrina wouldn’t stop asking questions about Keyshawn’s true fillings for me. I began to feel upset about their assumptions, first my friends except Niki was questioning our relationship and now my sister, all I can do is be honest to them. Why do they think Keyshawn is some sex crazed lunatic, only with me for my body? None of that is my Prince and apparently, some of them need my relationship advice. “Jaylin, what were you and the beast talking or singing about?” Sebrina asked. “None of your business, Zaylin.” I replied crossing my arms and I looked away.

“You still refuse to see the truth.”

“We belong together.”

“Open your damn eyes Jaylin, the man married you for dat ass~” my sister says, I was angry now but before I could say or do anything, we here a deep monotone with clear hurt in his voice thick with an African accent, “You still think that? Look, Sebrina. I am deeply in love with the woman I married not because of her looks but her personality just like how Jack-o ended up falling in love with your crazy ass.” We turned around to see Keyshawn and Jequan standing by the door. Keyshawn was still shirtless, and I couldn’t help but stare at him. Jequan took her upstairs, leaving me and my sexy husband in the room but before they left out completely, Keyshawn muttered “Good that beast need to be tamed by that D.” a little too loud, Sebrina was furious and was about to attack him but luckily Jequan held her back and dragged her out. I giggled slightly remembering the scene that just occurred and Keyshawn turned his attention to me. “You liked that didn’t you?” he asked smirking, I just nodded, then he began to lightly tease me about being adorable and went to the Dining Hall. During Brunch, Keyshawn and I couldn’t take our eyes off each other, we fed food to each other, shared dessert, and suddenly I felt our moods change. After eating, I dragged Keyshawn to our room, letting him know the mood had change from normal to lust, and he sexually growled. “You are very sexy~” I purred, he motioned me to come over, I looked up at him and placed my head on his chest. “Thank you.” He replied then dropped to knees and began singing.

This stuff is so random, our heartbeats soft and wild.

You are so beautiful, and you say I’m handsome.

I am glad your mine forever, even death wouldn’t pull us apart.

When we are apart, we are explosive

But when we are together, we can set off an atomic bomb!

Our love is more intoxicating than sex

It’s going to be hard to move on to the next

You’re my only love, Girl.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and sat in his lap. We put our foreheads together and stared at lovingly and lustfully in each other’s eyes in content. “Keyshawn Markel Brown, I love you!” I told him happily, he kissed my nose and replies, “Bre Jaylin Montez- Brown, I love you more than anything, so much that you rock my world over and over again.” We kissed and made love without any care in the world. We were unaware that some of our friends were watching us from the window because we were so lost in ecstasy and passion. “They are really getting it on.” Jequan says sweat dropping then Cameron commented, “That’s my dawg!”

“Well your dawg needs to be checked.” Sebrina says bitterly and they looked at her confused, “What’s wrong with...” Cameron is interrupted by Jequan’s warning look saying, ‘don’t ask.” Then they drop the subject and continued to watch the activity inside the room until my bestie, Niki caught them and scolded her husband.

“What are you doing?”


“they are going to be mad.”

For a while I have been on top of Keyshawn but soon he switched positions to dominate me, “Oh baby~” I moaned loudly as he hit a sweet spot over and over again, he threw his head back but something catches his eye and stops all movement, I looked up at him, he was looking out the window, he started growling in rage, “Oh Hell No!” Keyshawn put his penis back in his boxers before getting up, I was confused to what happened until I looked to where he was looking and screamed. His eyes were burning red, you couldn’t see his pupils, his teeth were showing, and I was embarrassed that they saw us, also feared what he might do. Keyshawn was beyond angry; we called a group meeting in the lobby and I sat on his lap trying to calm my husband down by kissing him all on his neck.

“Have you lost your minds?!” he yells directing it at Cameron, Jequan, Sebrina, Kin, Jerimiah, and Markell. “Sebrina. You almost crossing my line, but I refuse to end all of our friendships because of this incident.” Keyshawn moved his head suggesting me to quit, he kissed me on the lips and had his hands on my butt. This for some reason made Sebrina angry, and the whole Keyshawn verses Sebrina feud wore on until I had enough and began to really dislike my sister. In a blink of an eye, I find myself in a war, it was between me and her.


Chapter 3- What I want for Christmas?

The next day, we were eating breakfast until Sebrina began to pick a fight with me, “I have to be honest here, I know you are my sister but you’ll probably get a divorce once the sexual tension dries up, your husband is so ugly, and he is not even that good at football.” How could my own blood say that to me? Is this even my sister? I kept questioning in my mind but soon something in me suddenly snapped.

“How dare you insult my husband? and he tried so hard to keep us close for my sake because we are family!” I was very upset, everyone could tell by the tone in my voice, they all backed away from us, in sync Sebrina and I’s eyes glowed red, our true forms were revealed and I blasted my Sink Illusion at Sebrina, causing her to go through the wall without damaging anything, but she took damage because of my Iron Blood Whip attacks. She crashed into the floor in front of me and growled at me still in slight pain.

“Ow, Omnitrix. You’ll pay for that!”

“Try me Hendrix.” I retorted with a scoff, she then tried to pounce on me but Jequan quickly grabbed her and Keyshawn held me back from attacking further, “Ok that’s enough you two.” He says and I struggled to get out of his grip.

“Stop Keyshawn!”

“Jequan, Let go!”

“What are you doing?” I say feeling my anger slipping, as my husband licks my neck and the action sends chills up my spine.

“Go ahead run to your…” she began but Jequan interrupts by slipping fingers inside of her, “Sebrina. That’s enough!” he started to caress her body, kissing her with so much passion that she faints, and Keyshawn took me to the room to finish what we did yesterday when we were caught doing it by our friends. Something had burst within the guys and the sex became electric. Keyshawn had my toes curling in pleasure, my legs were shaking, he was enjoying the faces and sounds I was making, as I received hickeys along my neck. Keyshawn was biting his lip as I gave him head and made sure I gagged. I honestly don’t like doing that because I feel like I might throw up or suffocate and when he releases, I must swallow all of it.

“Good girl.”


“grr…” he growls and groans as he thrusts into me, after five hours, we were finished making love and fell asleep feeling so good. Before I knew it, Keyshawn and I ended up doing it again for four times with an additional two at dawn and I was still clueless to what got him so horny.

November 23, 2009

During breakfast, the hotel staff was serving grits, bacon, eggs, bagels, jelly, toast, waffles, and fresh fruit. Sebrina threw two plates of how grits at us, and one landed on my husband’s lap. Keyshawn freaked out but we soon heard another make yelling and we looked toward the sound. The second plate had landed on a man, he had long brown hair, natural red eyes and pale skin. His eyes turned orange and a black line appeared upon his face, “Those grits were hot as hell!” he shrieked, and I approached them still glaring at Sebrina. “who are you?” asked the girl, I yelled grabbing a bowl of grits then smacked it with my tail, sending it to Sebrina and it knocked her out of an open window. She couldn’t land a finger on me or land an attack, and I was about to end it with a knockout.

“You’re the Omnitrix.”

The couple bowed before me, suddenly I sensed angels in our presence, the girl was mixed with heaven and fallen, but the man does not have a dark soul and his powers that is far greater than Lucifer himself. “You are one of four of Lucifer’s sons, Lucif Maru and is known as the Hell Rouge.” They looked shocked at my comment and we became friends with them.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009  

We went into our new house before dawn broke and I became ill. The only people in the house was me, Violet, her baby, Lucif and Kyoko. Kyoko called a doctor to come to the house and check what was wrong with me. I had to stay in bed, Kyoko placed a cold cloth on my forehead, the doctor came and examined me, he was another vampire like myself, two minutes into the examination, he stops over my stomach, then asks me to take a pregnancy test and I complied with Kyoko’s assistance. The doctor informs us that I am three weeks pregnant, I was nervous, and I decided to tell Keyshawn first before anyone else. I fixed Keyshawn’s favorite breakfast that consists of a strawberry cream cheese bagel, grits with cheese, strawberry jelly toast, four egg white omelets with bacon, turkey, and cheese. Kyoko set the table for me, I completed the meal with orange juice and a vanilla cupcake with blue icing and sprinkles on top, I wrote a note and hid it under the plate. As I was getting a cup of tea to calm my nausea, Keyshawn came in with the kids, Kyoko guided my husband to the table and Lucif took the children to their rooms. “Hey boo. How are you two doing this morning?” he asked, “her majesty hasn’t been feeling too well this morning, I called the doctor since she couldn’t get out of bed and it went well.” Kyoko informed him.

He gave a confused look while sitting down in front of the food, I had prepared, and that look turned into concern. “I see you are better, prepared my favorite breakfast and a cupcake. Thank you beautiful.” I blushed and told him to eat up. “I learned that Sebrina, Dezuray, Carlae’, Falcon and Darkfire are all pregnant.” I suddenly spit out my tea out of surprise, I choked a little and Kyoko patted me on the back. Keyshawn began to search for a napkin, ended up finding the piece of paper under his plate, and we gazed at him as he opened the note. He began reading and it read:

Dear Keyshawn,

I grew sick this morning, so Kyoko being the sweetheart she is called a doctor, he informed me that I am three months pregnant and I hope you are not mad. I am just nervous of how you would react to the news and honestly it is scary that we are having another kid.

Love, Bre

“Are you okay sir?” Kyoko asked him.

“Boo, you do realize this is number ten. Right?”

“I know.”

“Wait. Did you say ten?”

“Yep.” Keyshawn answered her question and then asked me, “Are you seriously pregnant?”

“I am serious as a heart attack honey. Are you mad?”

“No, I’m just shocked.”

“I’m shocked that you didn’t punch a hole in something.”

“I broke my hand when you told me you were pregnant with the triplets; I think I’ve learned my lesson.”

“I’m going to tell Mewkon and the girls.”

“No need to do that, the guys and I are hanging out at DeAngelo’s house later, I’ll tell them then.”

“okay.” I pout, but he pulls me close to him and I melt under his gaze, “Come here and stop with the face. Mm…” we both moaned as our lips met into a passionate kiss.

December 24, 2009

    Merry Christmas eve! Keyshawn laid in bed rubbing my belly and gazed at all the gifts. I’m 30 years-old now, and I’m happy about our growing family. Sebrina still doesn’t believe that my husband loves me more than sex, he is very loyal and cares for me deeply. I awoke to a surprise from Keyshawn, he had went downstairs and brought me breakfast in bed, I gave my gratitude with a kiss. “You feel okay?” he asked me as he noticed my good mood and rubbing my small bump. “I’m just happy.” I replied.

“I’m glad you told me ahead of time.”

“I didn’t want you to freak out because you scare me.”


“Your angry snarl.”

“Oh baby, you don’t need to be scared because of that, it’s just my instincts taking over.”

“I know.”

“I still cannot believe that we are in our early 30s and about to have our tenth child.”

“and we’ve been married for ten years as well.”

“you are forever beautiful no matter how many kids we have.”

“You are very flirty today.” I stated then we busted out laughing until the mood in the room shifted and I looked over to my husband in content. After finishing my food, I set the tray aside and gently pulled him close to me. I reached my hand and went inside of his boxers. The touch had given him an erection, it grew more when I slapped him, and he growled as he gazes at me. His eyes were green and full of lust. He suddenly begins to tickle me; the room was filled with laughter and my begging for him to stop. Keyshawn got behind me while I was on my side and lifted my left leg up. He positioned himself and the love making began. “Keyshawn!” I moaned.

“shh, I got you girl.”

“Keyshawn?!” I moaned but I was trying to tell him something and he ignored me as he was groaning,

“I’m coming!”

“What… ah!”

“mmm…yes!” he moaned as we both reached our climax.


“what is it?”

“I have to pee now.”

“well since you’re satisfied you can go!” he said but when I tried to get up my legs felt like jelly and I had a hard time standing, “Oh sweet goddess!”


“I’m numb.”


“my legs.” I pouted then Keyshawn carried me to the bathroom, sat me down and I realized that this was the first time I was this numb after sex, I began to like this feeling.

Chapter 4- Who’s Kitty?

Friday, January 1, 2010

The girls came over to Keyshawn and I’s house. Dezuray told us she conceived on November 11th, and now is a month pregnant with twin boys. Carlae’ and Darkfire both conceived on November 25th, Carlae’ is five weeks pregnant with twin girls and Darkfire is having a boy. Falcon conceived on November 4th and is a month pregnant with a boy. Sebrina and I both conceived on December 2nd, came to find out that Sebrina is having a boy and I’m having a girl. The guys took us grocery shopping and aided us with our every need. Keyshawn is very cautious when it comes to me carrying his child but this time it was different. We were distracted about baby names and our husbands got angry, well except mine he seemed on edge. “so, what names did yawl pick?” Sebrina asked.

“I’m frightened, this is Jeremiah and I’s first child, we plan on naming him Aries Kay Breeze.” Falcon says and her husband smiles, then my cousin Carlae’ exclaims “Oh Treyzine, our daughter Selva is going to be joined by two little sisters!”

“I know Lay, Christy Alyse and Tremie Lily will be wonderful additions to our growing family.” He says.

“August Dupri, right Angelo?” Darkfire asked her husband.

“right Dari.”

“Kyree and Zeno Ka breeze!” boasted Dezuray and I say, “wow nice, Dezuray!” and all she did was smile at the praises that she received. Keyshawn looked over to Sebrina and she called him a mutt after he asked if she was okay.

“What the hell did I do to you?” he asked her then for some reason stared out the window, tensing up and I rubbed his back to call him down.

“Jaylin, we are naming our son Ren Christopher.”

“Zaylin, could you ever get along with Keyshawn?”

“Have you decided on a name yet?” she asked completely ignoring my question, I shook by head and said no. Keyshawn held me close to him and kissed my temple, “Boo, it will come when the time is right.” I was about to say something but a sudden beam of light blasted Keyshawn against a wall and a woman, we haven’t seen in years stepped out of the smoke. I quickly ran over to him as Jequan and DeAngelo helped him up. “Baby, are you okay?” I asked him worriedly.

“Trying to block that blast caused me to break my foot. Stay back!”

“Wow, my former best friend has gotten married with a baby on the way.”

“I knew you would return, I sensed you following us.” Well that explains why he was acting strange and I couldn’t believe that I didn’t feeling anything until now.

“uh sis?”

“I have returned to make you pay Omnitrix!”

“Not happening!” Keyshawn and I yell together while growling.

“mind telling us, who this girl is?” Sebrina asked.

“I’m surprised that you never told your friends about me.” She says.

“Why would I tell them about an obsessive warthog?”

“How dare you?!”

“Kitty, when will you get it through your uptight schoolgirl head? That Keyshawn never and will never want you?!”

“Once I destroy him, I will be taking you Omnitrix!”

“Slow your role. Who’s Kitty?” Carlae’ asked

“Kitty Malini, a former best friend of ours.”

“I see myself as an ex-girlfriend.”

“You are a girl who use to be my friend.” I retorted then she glares at me.

“I wish Lucy never forced me to hang out with you, but she was so determined to thaw that cold heat you had.”

“she did kidnap me from my real family.”

“she did become an obsessive troll but what does that make you?” I asked, our friends helped bring my husband over to me.

“Can you stand, you’re a pathetic excuse of a man? Or do you want your precious bitch of a wife to be taken?”

“He is not pathetic, he’s more of a man than you can ever be and I’m not leaving his side. Not even by force!”

“Did a pregnant whale just called me a man?”

“wow, a whale? So original,” I said sarcastically then hear everyone stifle back a laugh, “Yes, I called you a man because if you didn’t notice that caterpillar above your lip then something is wrong with your brain.”

“Let’s go Prego!” Kitty screams angrily but before I could retort or attack, Keyshawn limps and stands in front of me protecting us.



“It’s my fight so stay back like I told you to do.”

“Oh? The limp noodle is trying to fight back!”

“Limp noodle? There is nothing about my junk is limp and I’ll make you pay for threatening us.” Keyshawn bared his large canines, he started getting larger, black, blue and grey fur began to grow, and his eyes burned red.

“Is it just me or is Key going wolf on us?”

“Nobody messes with my friends.”

“What the hell?”

“Nobody messes with my family.” Keyshawn growls and swipes Kitty into a wall, which I teleported them outside to prevent damage. “I’m going to take her either you like it or not!” she yells and launches at him, ready to attack.

“and nobody messes with my wife or takes her away from me!” then he attacked, and she fled. Keyshawn carried me upstairs still in his wolf form, we cuddled and fell asleep. Dezuray gave birth to Kyree and Zeno on August 3rd. Carlae’ gave birth to the girls on August 6th, Darkfire gave birth to August and Falcon gave birth to Aries on August 15th.

September 28, 2010

I am now nine months pregnant, this time it was a bit difficult because my lower back hurt a lot and my feet was always swollen. At breakfast, I was eating some strawberry waffles, but I forgot to get some strawberry syrup, ‘I remember it was on the…’ my thoughts were interrupted by a sharp pain but ignored it, “Keyshawn, can you get the…” I then begin to feel uncomfortable and Keyshawn sensed something wrong. “Boo are you okay?” he asked worried about my condition. I then see water run down off the chair and panicked.

“I’m in labor!”

“Violet, get the doctor on the phone!”

“take me to the hospital.” I whined in pain., Keyshawn slipped a hand under my dress, and I can feel his fingers inside of me. “hold on, I’m checking to see how far you are.” If only he realized that this action is turning me on a little, but I knew what his intentions was.

“ah it hurts.”

“I know. Damn you’re not going to make it to the hospital in time.”


“Violet, did you get the doctor?”

“He’s out of town.”

“call an ambulance then. We have to get your moms ready for transport and boys get some towels with a big bowl of water.”

“Keyshawn, what are you doing?”

“I have to deliver the baby myself.”

Violet got hold of 911, then escorted the triplets, Kianna, and Marlon out of the room. Myia helped move me to the living room on a pullout bed, Xsavior got the water and James had the towels. After two hours of pushing, our daughter was born, and the medics arrived just as she began to cry. She looked like a little like Keyshawn, we were soon admitted into a hospital and I named her Ashanti Dereon. Keyshawn fell asleep beside us as I held her in my arms, and I had sympathy for him because of the work he did to get her into the world, it was exhausting for the both of us. He soon woke up when I kissed his forehead and looked at me. “Are you okay?” I asked.

“I should be asking you that since you had to push a living being out of your coochie again.”

“You were very sexy and kind for what you did.”

“sexy? Girl all I did was pull the baby out of you.”

“you did more than that, you know. This pregnancy wasn’t easy for me and I was stressed about what is going on.”

“hey, don’t worry about that girl. I’ll handle her on my own and protect you!”

“Look at her, like looking a little you.”

“maybe but she has her mother’s beauty.”

Chapter 5- World Tour

Kyoko and Lucif met Ashanti for the first time two months after her birth, they informed me that there had been developments in Japan that they had to handle. I was holding baby girl but as I was walking toward the kitchen, our grandson Charles suddenly crawled up my legs and I tripped. Keyshawn quickly caught us, and I was happy that I didn’t drop the baby. “Violet, how many times have I told you to stop letting Charles crawl all over the place? Your mom could’ve dropped the baby.”

“sorry dad.”

“Keyshawn?” I asked seeing that he is on edge again.

“Violet, take him upstairs.”

“Yes sir.”

“Somebody is grumpy again.”

“Boo, what you are talking about. Are you mad?”

“am not.”

“Do someone need a session to calm down?”

“You’re so nasty.”

We went out on a romantic stroll and Keyshawn was being so freaky. I told him that I had to go on tour with the girls and he wanted to go with me because neither of us wanted to be alone. Keyshawn and I started playing a sexual game called ‘Prey verses Predator.’  I played the Prey and if I get caught, I must do everything he wants to do. The game began but was interrupted by an electric wire trap and I was trapped inside while continuously getting zapped. Our friends found us, as a giant robot appeared, and we found out this was Kitty’s doing. They dispatched onto the robot, Keyshawn went wolf again, and I couldn’t recognize him under all that rage. My painful screams filled his anger, he ripped away the trap and Kitty retreated. My brother arrived aggravated and wanted to know what had happened, especially why I had burn marks on my wrists. “Mewkon. Kitty attacked us while…” I began to explain but he stopped me.

“Shh… save your energy.” He tells me then places a hand on top of my head like he always did, “I can see, we have more training to do.”

“we must do that after the tour.”

“We can do that together. Let’s go home, I’ll pack, and you can get some sleep.” Keyshawn says.

“I love you Keyshawn.”

“I love you too, my beautiful moonlight!” Later, that day, we made our first stop in Miami and sung together.

After another great show, my manager handed me a basket from a fan, and I went back to my hotel. Keyshawn was at another club preforming two songs from his solo album and isn’t back yet. In the basket, I found six bundles and I began to unwrap them. They were creatures that I never seen before, I could tell they were like me somehow and I instantly fell in love with them like I did with my own children. I gave them each a name, Zimba, Rimbey, Zima, Yakko, Kelly, and Wonka. I went out to buy some baby products and special cat milk, because they looked like cats, and when I returned my husband was in the shower. I was cooking some dinner and drunk a can of blood around the time he came out. “There you are my sexy…” he paused at the sight of a baby bottle and blanket on the counter, he glared at me, “Why the hell is there baby stuff here when our kids are with your brother?”

“Someone sent me little creatures.”

-After an hour of Persuasion-




“mmm…since they are sleeping, let’s make love!”


“You are so in trouble!”


“you had me worried when you were gone.”

“I’m sorry.” I apologized then we began to make love, then at the most embarrassing moment I screamed out of pleasure, “Ah Princey!”

“ooh I like that. Say it again!”

The world tour lasted for two months and we finally got to go home. We had gotten on a schedule so we can balance our family and marriage evenly. I had a new style and Keyshawn changed his look too. Looking at Yakko, I began to feel like something is missing or longing for what, I don’t know.  I don’t know how to tell my husband and I can sense he has the same feeling. We needed a family day, so we all decided to go to the beach tomorrow, the thing is… nobody but Keyshawn and the kids have seen my new hair style. When we went to bed, I noticed that Keyshawn had grown from the last time, we made love and that was a month ago. The next day, we met up with everyone at Miami Beach, none of our friends or Sebrina recognized me, and that made me feel like an outsider. I went to the snack bar nearby to get some smoothies, and Keyshawn bravely approached the group. “You are a backstabbing jerk!” Sebrina yells at him.

“What are you accusing me of now?”


“Do you and I mean all of you, really think that I would cheat on my wife?”

“I could believe it.”

“Guys, I didn’t cheat on my wife.” He replies as I approached them not knowing the conversation, and Sebrina yells pointing at me,

“Then who is that?”

“Hey, Bookie, Miss me? Mm…” I told him, then kissed him and he was more than happy to return the favor.

“mm…grr…. Oh, hey guys. Forgot you were there.”

“really dude?”

“Keyshawn, what is going on?”

“They don’t recognize you and think I’m cheating on you. Guys her hair is just different!”

“I still have the gems.” I lifted my bangs, and the gems sealed my identity.

“wow man.”

“not cool man.”

“What’s not cool is that yawl think that I would cheat on this sexy woman in my arms.”

“You could have told me you changed your hair.” Sebrina told me and I replied, “There was no time, and we had to avoid Kitty on the way here.”



“you are glowing.”


“You’re not pregnant again, are you?”


“Maybe this morning, had something to do with that glow.”

“Keyshawn, you are so nasty!”

“What are you going to do about it?” Keyshawn says then lifted me up, and we kissed.

Chapter 6: Before your Birth!

May 15, 2011

Keyshawn and I was sitting down with the children for breakfast. For some unknown reason, my husband was being clingy and lustful at the table, when I went to the kitchen, he followed me locking us in. he ripped off my underwear and thrusted into me. My husband finished in time to put the kids on the bus and left me sitting in the sink. A few minutes later, I tried to climb out of the sink, but he picked me up, and put me on the counter. “Keyshawn, you are in trouble.” I say as he fingered me in the most intense way possible, and he replies, “Your body and our bed, says otherwise.”

Five minutes later inside our room…

“Bookie, you are in trouble!”

“If I’m in trouble, then why am I on top, punishing you?”

“ahh Princey.”

His phone begins ringing as he began to speed up, I was getting annoyed, and told him to answer it.

“use your tail to get it.”

My tail grabbed his phone, I handed it to him, gave my a huge and hard thrust, then kissed my shoulder. Keyshawn licked his lips and answered the phone. “Hey Mr. Brown, I have called you to inform you that Moe Lowry wants an exclusive interview with you and your family and possibly do a reality show.” His manager says.

“I’m sure we can do the interview but as for the show, no.”

“Ok, yes sir. The interview will be at two o`clock.”

“Okay.” The phone hung up, and the lust continued. Finally, I had a chance to be above him and was loving it. After school let out, Keyshawn, the kids, Mewkon, Sebrina, Jequan, their kids, and I appeared on the televised interview.

“Welcome everyone to the Lowry Hour, I’m your host Moe Lowry. Today, we have a special guest along with his family…Please Welcome Caronin Panthers Linebacker, Singer, and Actor of the new show ‘Destiny in Love’ Keyshawn Brown, his wife Caronin Panthers Quarterback Bre Montez-Brown, Atlanta Hound Point Guard Jequan Jackson, and Bre’s twin sister Sebrina Montez- Jackson. Welcome!”

“Proud to be here.”

“I heard that you and your family are expanding.”

“We adopted but not really the normal way.”

“Are you aware that your team has hired Hukaro Clay as a Safety?”


“You Okay Mrs. Brown?”

“I’m surprised I remembered Clay from high school before switching schools.” I was nervous now and didn’t feel comfortable about talking about my past.

“Would you name your exes?”

“Kelvin Rawls, Jackson Banks, Jamie C-Cohan, and Hukaro Clay.”

“You dated Mr. Clay?!”

“He broke off the relationship because of…. Can we talk about something else?” I clinched onto Keyshawn and he comforted me, even though I can tell that he is confused and worried.

“How old is your children?”

“Violet is 18, Myia is 16, Xsavior and James are 12, Marlon is 11, the triplets are 8, Kianna is 6, and Ashanti is 11 months.” Keyshawn said.

“Chassidy and Tyquese is 13, Marah is 12, Jammie is 10, our triplets are 9, Evan is 6, and our twins are 11 months.”

“Do you have nicknames for each other?” Lowry asked.

“Keyshawn calls me Boo.”

“Bre calls me Prince or Bookie, everyone else calls me Key or Prince.”

“I call my husband Jequanie, and Keyshawn calls me Sebri.”

“The girls call each other by their middle names, and my friends call me Jack-O.”

Once home, everyone went right to sleep, and we had time to ourselves. “That’s my boo!” he said cuddling me, then I began grinding against him, and I laughed.

“I forgot dinner.”

“Everyone is sleep, so don’t stop.”

“We have to tell the kids about what they are and is royalty.”

“Why didn’t you tell me about you exes?” he asked, I didn’t want to talk about that and pushed him away.

“Get off me.”

“What why?”

“I don’t want to talk about them.” He made me look at him, then slammed into me then stopped to speak.

“Ok, just calm down and focus on me!”

“Ah Princey!”

“mm... I promise to protect you boo.”

After four hours, we fell asleep and the night was peaceful. The Next day, Keyshawn was approached by Allenic and Hukaro. “So Allenic tells me you married my woman.” Hukaro says.

“That’s funny because Bre is my wife, and the mother of my children.” As soon as he said that I walked in with my gear and stood beside my husband.


“Well, if it isn’t the first female quarterback herself, hello honey.”

“I’m not your honey, I’m happily married to Keyshawn and forever will.”

“Kitty love told me about you.” Allenic says.

“I don’t care what that shrew says.”

“Funny. I used to think you were the shrew for ending things with me however when she met J-”

“Get out of my face.” I say interrupting him from saying that jerk’s name in front of my husband.

“You’re still afraid of him?” Hukaro teased but I stayed calm, and I began to walk away.

“Enough, let’s get to the field for practice, he can go fuck himself, and bookie...”


“Calm down before you get benched.”

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