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But this was expected.

Ratilal was more than 90 years old, and after his wife’s death, he had lost the will to live more.

Last week, he passed away peacefully in sleep. 

Everyone in the family, especially children, cried a lot, and missed him. He had a playful and honest nature and he was a popular old man of the family.

Precisely because of this reason, Salil had flown from USA with his family and stayed for a month to be with him during his last days.

Ratilal had two sons, Salil, and younger was Vinit, who was in India, with him.

Everyone used to take good care of Ratilal, and to make it complete, it was decided to perform a proper shraddh after him after six months.

As the month of Bhadrapad  approached, all the preparations were done for a great feast after Dadaji.

Unfortunately, Salil and his family were unable to attend the special event. He sent a message to Vinit that he will not be able to come to India, as children have started with their schools, and this year was an important one for studies. However, he was eager to carry out the rituals after his beloved father.

Vinit conveyed this to their family’s Poojari, who suggested very simple ways to carry it out.

“On that day”, Poojari said, “ Food should be given to beggars, and grass to the cows. Also, a roti or two to  roadside dogs.”

 This was not difficult!

Vinit and his family were all set to carry out these rituals, and Vinit’s wife Shobha had ordered some flour, and other food stuff for the beggars who begged at the Hanumanji temple.

For food distribution, and feeding the cows, morning time was decided.

 Dogs which were a nuisance  otherwise, would come in handy to complete this task.

In Long Island of USA, the rituals were conveyed to Salil and Ishita, too.

However, after learning these, Salil’s family was in trouble and could not sleep all night.

“But where do we find beggars? Cows? and stray DOGS? “ Ishita was asking Salil.

“Ishita, there is a temple of Shivji about 100 miles away, and we can try there..” However, Salil knew that his argument was futile anyway. He was very disturbed.

Next morning he started calling the NGOs around their area.

 “Can I give some food to the orphans at your organization ?”

“Sorry sir, you should have booked a month ago.”

Another answer, “ Can you send a sample of food that you intend to distribute ? Our Lab will test it and let you know. Yes, it can be given by next summer at the earliest.”

Desperately, they tried to contact the veterinary organizations. “ Sorry sir, outside food is not allowed for the pets. “

“We have to give a special food to our cows, to get milk of a specified quality. “

“This would be a criminal offence if you try to feed something to our dogs. “

Salil and Ishita gave up.

“What is the problem ?” Vinit asked with concern.

Neither could explain to the other side about their inability to carry out the Shraddh rituals.

“Okay, Salil, we will do it on your behalf in India.”

On the Shraddh day, Vinit and Shobha reached the temple with a lot of food for the beggars.

After distributing at least hundred food packets, they were leaving with a great satisfaction, when a voice called from behind, “ Babuji, mera family reh gaya !“

They were speechless. Vinita gave the beggar a hundred rupee note, not to make him unhappy.

At night, Salil and Ishita called. “Did you find any beggars ?”  Vinit replied, “ Yes, many!“

Shobha commented from the back, “ How do people in countries other than India carry out Shraddh afterall ? “

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