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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Harsimran Kaur

Romance Abstract


Harsimran Kaur

Romance Abstract

Marriage Of Benefits

Marriage Of Benefits

30 mins 240 30 mins 240

It was the Christmas eve and the whole family was getting ready. Jamie was not a bit excited about the party, but her parents had a devilish plan for her which could destroy her life or bring heaven to her but before that let me introduce you to the family. Jamie Jefferson was the adopted daughter of Cary and Dante Jefferson. She worked as a writer and at this time only her income was the whole family's income. Jefferson's had a vast and powerful business until last year because as this year began their profits started turning into loses and now it was almost over, but they still had their contacts with rich family's.

Jamie came out of the room in a beautiful black gown. She didn't like to wear makeup but at occasions like these, she used to put eyeliner and a light touch of lip gloss which was enough to enhance her already beautiful face. She was 22 and an elegant lady, she was a pleasure to look at with the finest physical features, a perfect body shape, thin legs, and a perfect height. She had a black belt in Judo which was very helpful to her as she has been chased by eve-teasers many times, but she knew how to protect herself. She had always been loved by the Jefferson's and she was always treated as their real daughter until now. Jamie entered her parent's room when they suddenly stopped talking.

"I am ready to do you need any help, or should I wait downstairs," she asked in a very sweet and gentle voice.

Cary looked upcoming to her senses which she lost as Jamie entered with a fear that she must have heard something "No you must wait downstairs we will be there in 5 minutes and then we'll leave" she replied softly.

Jamie nodded and went down she had been to parties before but today she had a feeling that something bad might happen her stomach felt some strange sensations, but she ignored them and switched on the TV as she knew their 5 minutes meant half an hour. As she went through the channels she stopped at a news channel which aired the news of a famous actor who ditched a girl after making her pregnant. She was not shocked because in this rich world it was common to buy anyone with money and turn away from your responsibility. He was a playboy and it was natural for him to turn away, so this made the top news of the time and she knew they would find a way out of it.

Soon her parents came down, so she quickly turned off the TV and got up from the sofa to move outside without saying a word. She was not a quiet child since beginning in fact as a kid she was the most talkative but since her parents died she eventually started speaking less not because Jefferson’s didn't treat her nicely but because she didn't feel like speaking much. 

Her father stopped her and in a very serious tone he said "Wait for a second we have something important to talk to you, please sit down for some time" he paused for a few minutes making Jamie nervous and impatient so she finally gave in and asked "What is it Dad, is something bad going to happen, why are you so sad."

"Sweetheart we have decided something which can help us in bringing our company back to profits and it might concern your future, will it be fine for you if we decide something without asking you."

She didn't mind saying yes because Jefferson's had done a lot for her and she knew from the beginning that she would have to pay them back but what she didn't know was that it could be really bad as what was coming in her life, so she casually said "You scared me I thought something bad was going to happen. Off course I will do anything because you have done so much for me all these years, it's my time to pay you back." saying this she moved out of the house towards the car leaving her parents shocked by her words. After a few minutes they came back to their senses knowing that this would not be easy they moved out to close the door behind. 

Jamie was waiting for them in the car, their words sure had made her sad not knowing what it could be she wanted to avoid all the conversations so before they could sit in the car she put the music on loud and then they silently went to the party.

Jamie dropped them at the front door and went to park her car. Before she got out of the car she faked a smile on her face and moved out and soon her smile vanished when she saw the same actor she saw in the news welcoming the guests. "Charles Cullen!" she exclaimed dumbstruck. Slowly she pulled herself together again faking a smile and moved forward. 

She reached to her parents who were waiting for her at the front door then they moved towards Charles. Jamie kept her calm on the outside with her heart beating on it fastest speed as she tried to avoid the conversation.

Charles was a very handsome man with his tall and muscular body and good looks he could win anybody's heart, but Jamie just hated him for the kind of person he was 'A player'. He greeted Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson and then Jamie but his eyes could not move away from her beauty. He was mesmerized as he had never seen an elegant lady like her. 

Mrs. Jefferson broke the tension "So Charles where are your parents let's meet them and you should also come with us." and then they went inside and greeted his parents. Mr. Jefferson asked Mr. Cullen if he had told his son about the contract having a no in his reply. Then they mutually decided to tell them the truth.

Jamie's heart pondered, she could feel that it was something bad. Mr. Cullen cleared his voice and begin to tell them about the contract.

He slowly begins "This is the contract signed by Mr. Jefferson and me, it says that Jamie Jefferson marries Charles Cullen for their mutual benefit in which the Cullen’s help Jefferson’s to expand their business to profits and Jefferson’s help clear the image of Charles from the resent vast spreading news." Jamie was dumbstruck and couldn't move from her place she could not believe her ears, she felt as though she had seen a horrible nightmare. As she came back to her senses she saw Charles giving her a villainous smile sending vibrations all through her body, but she gave him one rude look and turned towards her parents "We need to talk!" she moved to an empty corner holding her tears. Jefferson’s followed behind scared as they had never seen her this angry. 

"You brought me up so that you could sell me to such a disgusting person, this is how you want me to pay you back, how could you sell me for your business, if this is what you want then I will have to do it and I don't have any choice but remember after this I have nothing to do with you and you are not allowed to contact me or talk to me" as she finished all this in one sentence she painted and moved towards an empty room without listening to them before she could start crying she heard a voice from behind her "Already in your room future wife. “freezing her on the spot near the wall. 

Jamie turned around and looked towards him "Shut up and stay away from me." but he moved closer pinning her to the wall her heart throbbing inside, she could not move for a minute so Charles slowly moved his lips towards her to kiss her but she pushed her away so hard that he fell on the bed and this time she moved closer to him and bending a little she pulled him by his collar "I have some conditions before we get married 

No. 1 You can't touch me.

No. 2 You can't come close to me unless it is necessary for public and 

No.3 Don't you dare try to mess with me and after this, you have the liberty to sleep with anyone but without being caught or I won't take any responsibilities." after saying this she pushed him back to the bed and moved out.

Soon after his best friend James Clavin entered the room " Why are you lying over here your parents are finding you and by the way, was this the girl whom you are getting married to me mean she is so beautiful."

"Yes, she is and a fierce lady, but this is the first time I feel like getting married and do not want to run away from it. She is the first one who rejected my kiss and pushed me away, she is really a different person," he said getting up from the bed. 

"Is this player falling for someone already."

"No, she hates me, all this is of no use, but I will surely marry her." he grinned and then both headed down.

As they came down they could see Mr. Cullen standing in front ready to make an announcement "Here comes my boy and on this occasion of Christmas I would like to tell you that my son is getting married to Miss Jefferson, so I would request both of them to come up on the stage."

Jamie was shocked with this announcement and so were the guests, but you could not have seen Charles much happier than he was at this time knowing that his happiness was only one-sided, but he was happy that she would be with him. For the first time in his whole life, he felt this happy as he fell in love for the first time at first sight. Her looks did capture his heart at first but then her fierce nature totally captivated it. He went on the stage happily with large strides. 

On the contrary, Jamie hated him to the amount that only one look of his face would set her heart on fire so with a fear she took small steps towards the stage. When both were standing on each side of Mr. Cullen, he continued to speak "On this wonderful occasion I would like to give you all a surprise news but before that let us have a dance with this adorable couple."

Jamie could not move a step forward so Charles moved closer to her placing one hand on her waist sending currents through her body when she came to realize that this was not a dream she came back to reality and placed one hand on his shoulder and the other one in his free hand. It seemed as if that was the most loving couple but only they knew the truth. Jamie had a smile on her face but if one had looked closely one could tell that the look in her eyes suggested that they wanted to kill the man in front of her, she maintained her distance, but Charles took this opportunity to pull her closer her eyes getting harsh with each pull. She wanted to push him away, but they had to pretend in public, so she softly danced to the music. 

This was the happiest moment for Charles knowing that it would be impossible to get a hold of her alone, so he pulled her as close as he could in the public. After they had danced enough he gave a notorious smile with a plan in his mind he instantly pressed his lips against hers not giving her a moment to think. She rolled her hands into fists because she could not push him when the crowd was watching.

Soon there was hooting and whistling all over the place as the crowd enjoyed their intimacy. Slowly Jamie took a few steps away from him giving him a death stare, he was totally moved by it recounting his actions.

As soon as Mr. Cullen saw this stare he moved to the stage decreasing the tension between them clearing his voice he said, "I would like to make this Christmas Eve more beautiful and best for our families." he pulled both forward, held their hands and paused for a little while.

He cleared his throat once again to speak "I am very happy to announce this that the engaged will be held today itself."

Jamie's world turned upside down in just one night not giving her a chance to prepare herself for the worst part of her life. Jamie thought 'Why it had to be me, any other girl would have agreed to marry him, why it had to be me.' She prevented her tears faking a smile on her face. After the engagement, she waited silently in one corner hiding for the party to end. Mr. Cullen announced the date of their wedding too and it was to be held on 2nd January after the new year celebrations were over.

Soon the party was over and before anyone could notice Jamie ran towards the car waiting for the Jefferson's to come out so that they could go home. As her parents sat in the car she put the Music on the highest volume to avoid talking to them because they had turned her life into a nightmare.

Cary lowered the volume to begin the conversation but before she could say anything Jamie spoke in a very cold voice "I don't want to hear anything, I had enough for today. I did everything I could for you but the reward that I received today was just not acceptable. A person leaves her home for enjoying the Christmas eve and returns home engaged to the world's biggest player. Do you still have something to say.”?

"Sweetie we would never have done anything to harm you, but they were the once to approach us because they think that you are the only one who can change their son's life. We are sorry, and we were blackmailed that if we don't agree they would use all the wrong means to get you married to him. You know these people don't fear the police and can stoop down to any level to get whatever they want. Please forgive us." Cary spoke apologetically. 

Jamie nodded her head without any intention of speaking she turned up the volume of music and the rest of the journey was silent.

When they reached home, Jamie rushed to her room lost in her thoughts, she subconsciously changed her clothes removed her makeup and made a bun of her long and straight hair and lied down on the bed trying to sleep already knowing that she will never be able to fall asleep. after a while, she opened her laptop inserted the earphones and started listening to music along with writing a story. This was the only way she used to cheer herself up whenever she was sad but today her only best way failed, and she was so distracted that she could not write anything but kept of thinking the ways out of her problem. After some time, her phone rang startling her out of her thoughts. It was as unknown number and hesitated before picking it up but when she heard a voice she spoke in a very rude tone which she used for the first time in her life "How did you get my number and moreover how dare you call me" but before she could cut the call he said something which made her vanish into her thoughts once again.

It was a call from Charles "I just want to take your 5 minutes, please. "

"You just have 3 hurry up I don't have time."

"Will you please have lunch with me tomorrow I just want to tell you that all the rumors about me are not true."

"What makes you think that I will believe you."

"Please give me a chance, just once I won't mess it up." 

"You will have half an hour over coffee, pick me up at 6 in the evening and at 7 I should be back half an hour extra is for traveling."

Before he could say OK she cut the phone. He felt his heart skip a beat, he was badly falling for her. 

He didn't sleep that night thinking about her. Her picture of holding him by his collar had mesmerized him and it was stuck in his mind which he could not eliminate how hard he tried.

Jamie could not sleep as well thinking of him if really what he said was true or he just wanted to meet her. She was shocked at her own cold and rude voice which she had recently used for the first time.

Next morning both got ready to go to their work as usual. Later when they returned in the evening they got ready Charles wore an elegant back suit, but Jamie didn't bother to get ready and wore her regular jeans and waited for him, she was punctual and couldn't tolerate people who were late even by a minute. Charles reached to pick her up at 6:05

"You are 5 minutes late, this gives you only 25 minutes to talk."

"it's just 5 minutes... "

she cut him off on his words "5 minutes mean a lot to me you should better learn to be punctual."

"I'm sorry, "he said coming out of the car pulling the door for her to sit in "please get inside. "

She replied with hmm and got in but before he got back in the driver's seat she put the music on loud as usual to avoid any sort of conversation. He lowered the volume to begin talking "Why did you put it so loud."

"because I don't want to talk right now."

"Okay, I promise not to disturb you until we reach."

He pulled over to the nearest coffee shop and then booked a private cabin to avoid any disturbance from his fans. They went in and soon after a waiter followed. They placed their orders and sat in silence for some time and when Charles made sure she didn't intend to say a word he begins speaking "I had to tell you about the recent news on-air is not true, that lady just wanted money she was not pregnant. I have indeed slept with many girls but never forced anyone to it and I had always used protection. Had she been pregnant I would have taken the responsibility. I don't run away from them."

"This won't change anything you will remain the same we are getting married just for the contract, so I intend not to interfere in your life and I don't mind you sleeping with someone else. This is not my problem and you too should not interfere in my life. Do you have anything else to say."

"Why do you hate me so much?" he asked with a deep sense of sadness.

"Maybe because back then when you entered the industry I was the one to love you the most so now I hate you the most."

"Why did this love change into hate?"

"When I loved you, you were a very sweet polite and the innocent man than with fame you turned into a hostile, rude and disrespectful man and this was never the person I loved."

"You were the only one I loved... "

Before he could complete Jamie interrupted him "So that was the reason you started cheating on me after saying that you won't ever look at any other woman." tears started rolling down her eyes as she spoke and she continued crying "You cheated on me Charles when I loved you, do you blame me for that."

She paused for a bit and continued speaking "As if this was not enough the next day you made it to the headlines sleeping with someone as though I meant nothing to you."

"Honestly I was so drunk that I mistook her to be you and slept with her, I tried so hard to contact you, but I was unable to reach, I have always loved you."

"Cut it down, I don't believe you anymore neither am I your girlfriend anymore nor your lover, I just hate you, so it would be better if we live our lives our own way," she spoke coldly cleaning her eyes and then the waiter entered with their coffees. Jamie swallowed it as fast as she could then looked at her watch, it was 6:43.

Charles took the courage to speak again "Please try to understand and listen to me...." but he was interrupted by Jamie "Mr. Cullen your time is over, you better hurry up, I will wait outside." saying this she headed out and when she reached the door she turned back to say something "and you don't keep sleeping with others when you love someone." saying this she took large strides outside he hurriedly followed her and they both went home silently.

He was speaking the truth, but he knew Jamie would never believe him, but it was worth a try. Back then in college, they used to study together, and he was a very innocent man who never used to talk too many people but only a few male friends. He was as handsome then as he was now and as usual, all the girls in the college just wanted to have a chance to talk to him, but he never interacted with any of them. He was very good at sports and in his studies, so he was very famous. Jamie was an exceptionally good student too, but she was only focused on her career and never cared about the boys in the college following her or secretly proposing her. Charles had seen her on the first day of the college and was mesmerized but he could never gather the courage to talk to her even though they were in the same class but once she herself approached him for his notes which made his heart skip a beat and throb faster, this was the time they became friends and after some time Charles took the courage to propose her fully prepared for a no but her eyes made his heartthrob faster. He asked her out and then took her to beautiful lake found an empty place, took her hand and went down on his knees proposing her "Jamie ever since the first day I fell in love with you and I have never talked to any other girl and I will always love you even if I get a no but yet I ask Jamie would you like to be my girlfriend."

Jamie pulled him up by his shoulders saying, "I would love to be your girlfriend I have always enjoyed your company and you can talk to other girls too that would not harm." she let out a light teasing laugh after saying the last sentence. 

They used to spend a lot of time together and they lived happily until Jenifer came as a transfer student to ruin their relationship. He was honest to Jamie how hard she tried to ruin their relation then on the night of his first award-winning celebration she succeeded by giving Charles a drugged drink and when he felt dizzy she took her to a room and removed his clothes and then her own clothes. He mistook her to be Jamie and spend a lot of time until Jamie caught them red-handed and without listening she left the party, Charles being drugged fell to the ground. Next morning the news spread and became the highlight news, Jamie was completely broken and so was he as Jamie was not ready to listen to him. He never slept with any other girl but if he was spotted talking to someone it was exaggerated in the news which Jamie believed to be true and this is how they grew apart, but he really was innocent.

All the days after that went by in a blurry until it was the New Year's celebration. Jamie dressed up elegantly in a turquoise dress which was covered by net on the neck and the arms. She put on her liner and a little amount of lip gloss went downstairs, her parents were waiting for her. She smiled at them and then they went outside to the car and with a little talk during the drive they reached the Cullen house. Jamie hesitated a moment before she went inside, she greeted The Cullens, and they had a little chat because now Jamie was a lot more comfortable with her situation thought Charles called her a few times to apologize and explain himself, but she was never ready to listen to him. At the party he was totally ignored by her luckily, she met her old friends from school and they enjoyed a lot, drinking and dancing and then they played a lot of games. She enjoyed the party this time knowing that her happiness was ending tomorrow. When her friends left the party, she had to use the restroom as she came out her way was blocked by Charles and she was pushed forcefully to an empty room which was soon locked by him then pinning her to the wall he spoke angrily "If you couldn't trust me how could you say that you loved me. I was drugged when I thought that it was you and after that, I never slept with anyone all of them were rumors. I know you won't trust me, but you were always the one I never had anyone in my life. I don't want you to trust me but at least don't hate me that kills me inside. I am not a player." to avoid crying he left the room without giving her a chance to speak leaving her dumbstruck. Jamie stood there for a long time trying to process his words. Those simple words were so difficult for her to understand. She only came back to her senses when Cary called her. She put herself together and moved down, they sat for dinner with The Cullen family where they discussed about the wedding next day and throughout the dinner Jamie could not prevent herself from staring at him, but he did not pick up his head for even once to look at her or maybe to avoid showing her the tears that covered his eyes. 

When Jamie could not take it anymore she excused herself "Can I have a word with you, Charles. ALONE"

He did not say anything but got up to move with her. They went to his room, but he didn't intend to say anything, so she spoke "I can't understand what is wrong or right or whom should trust. I will need time to trust you how can I not trust what I saw you said 'I love you' to her in front of me. You need to give me one reason to trust you. You cannot prove everything, but you need to give some time to find the wrong and right."

"hmm" when she was about to leave the room Charles held her arm "I never saw her again and fought with her to tell you the truth, but she said that she wanted this, and she succeeded and would never tell you. Seeing our situation, I feel that we were destined to be together."

Jamie gave a little 'mm' and went out then they peacefully had dinner and went home. When they entered the house, Cary called Jamie "Don't stay up late or you will get dark circles and tomorrow is your wedding I hope you want to look good." Jamie blushed leaving a mm and went to sleep.

Shopping was already done by the mothers and now it was the time for the wedding. Last night Jamie kept thinking about him or more like his words and decided to give him a chance by not having him, but she could not love or trust him so easily once again. She woke up and messaged him a 'good morning' he was not awake yet when his phone buzzed he could not believe what he saw a text from Jamie, before he could reply he froze and then thought of teasing her 'Already missing me babe' then he felt that this was real when a 'shut up' came from Jamie. He got up to get ready, he took bath and wore a royal blue suit, did his hair and went out of his room to his parents who were already ready waiting for him and after a few minutes James entered as he was the almost the part of the family he was not used to the greetings. 

Jamie was dressed in a beautiful white gown which had pleats and it was a shoulder less gown and she was the most beautiful bride standing there. 

Their parents wanted to get them married for their own benefits, but no one knew their history. They were happy that their kids were getting along well.

Jamie was not quite excited about the wedding, but she was not against it as she was earlier because she also wanted to know the truth. She had been broken all these years, so she wanted a chance. On the contrary, you could never have seen a happier groom than Charles. He was so excited that he covered a distance of 45 minutes in just 15 minutes.

When all the guests were there they waited for the bride and Charles could not stop peaking at the door waiting for his bride. Soon the bride entered the hall, she looked awfully beautiful and all the eyes in the hall were just fixed on her. All this made Jamie blush, her cheeks grew dark red as she walked over to the front with her hand holding her father's suit clenching it more tightly with every step.

As Jamie reached the stage, Charles took her hand from her father as she climbed the stage. The priest begins with the ceremony. As the ceremony ended Charles kissed Jamie even before the priest could finish saying "You may kiss the bride." he had been eagerly waiting for this moment since the beginning of the ceremony. 

Jamie could not help blushing and she kissed him back and quickly drew herself back. At the post-wedding party Charles called Jamie up on the stage and the announced to everyone "Now as this party is over I have a surprise for my wife, but I would like to give her a part of it right now." he said this handing her the keys of an apartment. Jamie was surprised by all this and did not know how to respond so she just said a "thank you" which was enough for him.

After the party, Jamie and Charles went to their apartment. It was a very beautiful and big apartment. It had a swimming pool and a garden. Jamie was fascinated by its beauty, it was the same kind of apartment Jamie had described to him when they were together she turned towards him in surprise "Did you remember this."

"I remember each, and every word said by you how could I forget your dream house." Jamie smiled and said, "I am tired, I will take a shower and head to bed."

"Hmm," she said nodding. 

When she went to take the shower. Charles change the clothes and went to bed soon Jamie came out of the washroom and saw Charlie lying on the bed. 

"Where am I going to sleep.," she asked in an authoritative voice. 

" You are my wife we can share the bed I promise not to do anything, you can sleep here," he said teasingly.

Jamie understood his motive and quietly took out the blanket and went to the couch giving him a death stare. She lay down on the couch, curled into a ball and went to sleep. After some time, Charles came out picked her up and put her to bed covered her with a blanket and then went outside to sleep on the couch.

Next morning Jamie was impressed by his gentleness but did not mention it. Charles came out of the bathroom and he was fully dressed up on a Sunday morning. Jamie was not surprised as he used to have movie scenes on Sunday too, so she casually got up from the bed thanking him for last night and as she turned to walk to the bathroom for a bath Charles spoke: "Hurry up and get ready I have a surprise for you."

"I don't need any more surprises it is Sunday and I want to rest at home."

"We have to go I have booked the tickets."

"You should have asked me before doing that remember we have to live our own lives, no interference."

"If this is what you have to say then listen to me." he moved closer to her pinning her to the door behind her he continued "either you get ready or I will pick you up and take you there, the choice is yours."

Jamie hesitated then said in a low voice pushing him to the bed "Alright I will get ready, but you better don't come too close to me. I am warning you." she got ready within half an hour and Charles finished his work until then. After getting ready she went to him and said, "I am ready where are we going."

"It is a surprise, get in the car, we will leave in a minute." they went outside, Charles opened the door for Jamie closing it when she sat in the car then moved towards the driver's seat. he started the car the place was two hours away, they put the music on loud as they didn't have much to talk about. Jamie was feeling lazy, so she turned her head to one side leaning on the back of the seat she went to sleep. Seeing her sleep Charles put off the music and moved towards her to fasten her seat belt. While driving he peaked to look at her face which looked even more beautiful in the natural light.

When they reached the place, Charles woke Jamie up and showed her the place, it was Jamie's favorite amusement park. She was amazed at the thought that he remembered everything about her. Her lips curled into a smile, she was so excited that she hugged him and gave him a kiss on his lips and without many realizations, she moved out of the car, opened her arms wide and took a deep breath. Charles grinned, he was excited to be here with her but seeing her happy he felt like the happiest man on the earth. He moved towards her "Did you like it, or do you want to go back and sleep."

"I love it, thank you but don't expect that I have forgiven you."

"I don't want you to forgive me I just want to see you happy and the wonderful part being I am the reason behind it."

"Making me happy is your responsibility because I have been devastated for 6 years and the reason behind that was you."

He pulled his hand out in front of her asking for her hand and smiled "Let me fulfill my responsibilities, Ma'am." 

Jamie smiled back giving her hand in his "Sure."

"When they went inside they were surrounded by his fans, he had a little interaction with them and then they started complimenting Jamie. At this moment Charles signaled the guards to clear their way so that they could get inside. In a few minutes the crowd was cleared, and they went inside for the rides.

They enjoyed there for 2 hours reminiscing just as they did in the past. Later Jamie asked him for the water rides "Let's go for the water rides" then realizing something she said, "but I didn't bring my swimsuit."

 Then she turned towards him to fight " This is your mistake, had you told me where we were...."

before she could finish Charles put his hand on her mouth and then took out his phone called someone "bring the swimsuits" and he cut the call turned towards Jamie removing his hand "You speak a lot, I have already arranged everything."

As he finished speaking a tall man came in handed him the swimsuits and headed out. 

Jamie quickly took her swimsuit and went to change. Charles ran behind her, both changed and then headed towards the water rides. Jamie looked super sexy in her dress so he Charles could not stop glancing at her "You look sexy."

"You better keep your tongue in your mouth or I'll cut it."

"I am ready," he said opening his mouth.

"ewe, getaway “she pushed him and ran towards the water park.

"After having almost all the rides the manager spotted Charles and pointing towards him he announced, "Here we are joined by Mr. and Mrs. Cullen, we would appreciate if you lead the dance at our rain dance hour."

After a little hesitation they agreed and lead the dance after the dance they went out took a shower and changed back to their own clothes. As they were heading out, they were stopped by someone when they turned, they could not believe their eyes.

"JENNIFER" they both shouted.

She hesitated before replying "Hi! It's been a long time, how are you guys doing?" 

Before Jamie could say anything, Charles shouted, "What do you want now you already ruined our relationship, she does not trust me anymore, what else do you want, please leave us alone."

"I know that I have always tried to set you apart but you were destined to be together and so you are, Charles I loved you and I know that has wronged you but I feel guilty for that so I want to tell you the truth Jamie, I drugged him that night but instead of coming near me he pushed me away so I decided to ruin his character by sending rumors of him being a player. I know that I cannot mend my doings but at least this can help, you to live together happily and I am sorry for whatever I have done. I hope you forgive me someday until then enjoy your married life." saying this she went away leaving Jamie frozen and dumbstruck. She stood there for five minutes when Charles moved her a little bringing her back to reality.

She turned towards Charles and quickly apologize for not trusting him. They went home and started their relation afresh with more trust, respect, and love. Now that their relationship was much stronger, so nothing could draw them apart and they lived the life as they had imagined 6 years back.

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