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We welcome you to write a short hostel story and win prizes of up to Rs 41,000. Click here!



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Club is now one of the most common hang out places of city’s youth. Though clubs are mostly dominated by youth’s population, other people of different age groups also come here for refreshment and recreation. They normally come into life during nights and Friday is the night when it is most populated due to the upcoming consecutive two days' holiday.

Rock Feather Club is one of the most famous clubs of Kolkata, and it was on a Friday night when this anecdote happened.

The ambience of the club was rocking as usual; music was being played at full volume sufficient to burst anyone’s ears out, people dancing (some with partners while some alone) madly in their tune on the dance floor with sparkling disco lights dazzling them blind in their eyes, the bars were filled with bottles of alcoholic drinks and few dangerously muscular people known as bouncers roaming around to look if the situation is in control.

On one of the round bar chairs, a girl was sitting alone with a glass half filled with mocktail in her right hand. She was wearing skinny tight blue jeans and a decent white top. Her hair were open and were coming up to her waist. Her complexion was fair, and her eyes were big and beautiful. She was not more than 26 years of age.

She was occasionally looking at her watch and then towards the bar entrance. It appeared as if she was waiting for someone to come. She had barely finished her mocktail, when the bartender gave her another glass of the drink. She looks at the bartender and says confusingly, “I did not order that.”

“It’s from him,” said the bartender and pointed his finger towards the right side of the bar where she saw a man sitting alone and smiling towards her.

The man was looking almost 35 years of age and was wearing an expensive suit with equally expensive footwear. He was wearing a Fossils watch in his hand, and the fingers of the same hand had been wearing three polished diamond rings.

The girl smiled at him holding up the glass, and this might have given the man some motivation. Because after that, the man stood up from his seat and came straight walking towards the lady. Luckily the adjacent rounded chair was empty, and the man came and took his seat beside her.


Man: - Hi! (With a smile)


Girl: - Hey! (With a smile) Thanks for the drink. (After saying that, she took a sip out of it).


Man: - Oh! You are most welcome. It was my pleasure serving a beautiful lady like you.

[The girl smiles and looks down and then again takes a sip]


Girl: - Thanks for the compliment! But I just want to tell you that I already have a boyfriend, and he will be arriving here anytime. So, I am not available.

[After saying this, she smiles and looks at the man ]


Man: - Oh! No! Don’t misunderstand me. I have not come here to hit on you. I was just feeling alone sitting there, and I have come here just to talk. Believe me. No flirting. In fact, I am married.

[After this, the man shows his diamond studded engagement ring to her]


Girl: - That’s great! (With a smile)

[The man and the girl kept looking at each other, and there was a moment’s pause]  


Man: - Though my wife is out of town and I am all alone tonight.


Girl: - What’s that supposed to mean? (The girl said this in a bit serious tone)


Man: - Well, it is just information. Now it is for you to decide as to whether you want to use it or not.


Girl: - Hold on your confidence, dude! I think that now you are crossing a line.


Man: - Am I?


Girl: - Of course. I have already told you that I have a boyfriend, and I love him. Understand?


Man: - Crystal clear.

[Again there was a momentary silence and during this time, the girl and the man did not look at each other. She finished her drink and kept the glass on the bar table]


Man: - Ok! Can I, at least, take you for a long drive in my Audi?


Girl: - (With a sarcastic smile) What makes you think that I am going to ditch my boyfriend, whom I love so much, for going on a long drive with you in your car?


Man: - Well, primarily because of the fact that I can afford an Audi. Then I can afford to take you to my 10 storied bungalow with Italian marble quoted floors and then after having a romantic candle light dinner at my place; I can give you a night of absolute passion and erotica and then even a blank cheque if you want.


Girl: - What the hell? What the hell do you think of yourself and me? Do you think of me as some slut or whore who would sell herself for money?


Man: - Look lady! I don’t want to waste my time. I just want to come straight to the point. I am rich, and I am looking someone to spend the night with, and I ready to give any amount of money for that. There are many girls in the bar who would accept my offer, but you are the first one to get that. So, be grateful.


Girl: - Just get the hell out of here. I am not a girl like that. And as for gratefulness, better you be grateful that my boyfriend is not here. Because if he had been here, then, he would have taken your jaw out of your filthy mouth.


Man: - How about 50 lakhs?


Girl: - What?


Man: - Yes. You heard it correct. How about I give you Rs. 50 lakhs and that too in cash and you spent one night with me and no one, even your boyfriend, comes to know of it.


Girl: - You are crazy and an absolute bastard.


Man: - How about 60 lakhs?


Girl: - Get lost.


Man: - Last and final offer. 1 crore for one night and then we never meet, and no one knows of that. How does that sound?

[There was a moment’s silence, and no one talked to each other, but both of them kept looking at each other’s eyes. The bartender listened to everything, but he pretended not to have heard anything but kept on filling drinks in the glasses and serving other customers]


Girl: - Let’s go before my boyfriend comes. (The girl said this with a shrewd smile on her face)


After that, the girl and the man set off from the bar holding hands like an old couple who knows each other for at least ten years.


While they were heading off to their car, the man asked, “Well, what are you going to tell your boyfriend the next day when he will ask you why you weren’t at the bar last night?”


The girl smiled and answered, “I won’t answer him anything. I would just break up with him.”


After a moment, the girl says, “Well, who needs a boyfriend, when you have one crore in your bank account.”


The man kept on driving with a little smile in his face thinking, “I was right. We all are products in this world. Only our prices are different.”


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