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Loving Tone

Loving Tone

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I wondered all around,

For the sake of heartily sound,

I was left over all alone,

Searching for a loving tone.


I tried to keep myself surmised,

And many at times to everyone, I lied,

Perhaps, I tried,

But a million times cried.


After so long, you came,

I grew strong and wasn’t the same,

As time passed on,

My loneliness was gone.


You were in a black attire,

The saccharine bullet you fired,

Holding sandals in hands, my eyes flickered,

Reminded me of Cinderella’s Slippers.


Cuddling my entropy,

Disturbed my heat,

For all it was skipped my beat.


I started roaming by,

Wanted to say hi,

Was staring you for a while,

And saw your beautiful smile,

I was sort of perplexed,

‘Was it for me?’ I thought like a kid,

And made myself relaxed,

It was for me, indeed.


Over the time we talked,

We came closer.

On one great day, to her, I rose,

With some nervousness, I proposed,

And and and I found,

She was eager to listen this sound.


The days passed, time spent,

We both were now imminent,

This was my heaven,

By my princess given,

I pledged over for her,

To be the perfect mister.


But came a day,

For my dreams to slay,

I wasn’t so bright,

And we had a fight,

She was leaving the town,

I lost the crown.


I wished if I could dilate time,

And let again with her, rhyme.

I waited for her to come back,

But concluded I was in black,

Still I held on and on,

But I realized my life was gone.


Sitting underneath a tree, I was witnessing the sunset,

A cool soft breeze touched my skin,

Making me flow in those talks,

And saw somebody taking a walk,

Came a girl in the same black attire,

Holding her slippers.

A fire rushed through my nerves,

She smiled and came closer,

My troubles turned into pleasure,

‘Don’t you ever leave me again!’ I said

‘I know you were in vain.’ She responded.

We hugged each other and in that moment, lost forever.


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